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The Compaqs that I looked at (not that many) (are they all DeskPro 2000's?) have:
  • 24 MB RAM (not adequate)
  • 1.19 GB hard drive (adequate, but on the light side)
  • 3Com NIC (not required)
  • no sound card
  • some problems with video (not sure I can describe 100% accurately -- Jesse might add to this -- in general, we are getting low resolution -- on some monitors even what appears (to me) as 640x480 resolution leaves a desktop that is bigger than the monitor so you have the "virtual desktop" situation -- when you bounce the mouse against the side of the screen, the desktop scrolls) -- that particular problem might be more the monitor than the video card, but the low resolution issue is, I think, the video card)

I wonder if the computers stacked next to the window with Windows installed have sound cards and at least two 72 pin memory modules of at least 8 MB each? (And maybe a better video card?)

If so, we could consider taking one of those computers and one of the Compaqs and combining parts to make one better computer (in either the Compaq or the other computer's case) with at least 32 MB Ram, a sound card, better video, more hard drive space (and maybe salvage the NIC cards for other uses).

BTW: If we don't do this or something like it (combine 2 Compaqs into one, or find a pair of 8 MB modules for each Compaq, I think we will be out of (Linux) computer boxes at StLukesChurch after this coming Saturday's (22 Feb 2003) distribution (in other words, we won't have 20 available for the following week).

I know we can't make a decision until we really investigate the situation, presumably at the Tuesday (18 Feb 2003) WorkParty, but I thought I'd mention it now so we can be thinking along those lines.

Aside: I need to get straight on the jumpers for the Compaq hard drive -- it was set for either CS or DS, and Jesse changed it to the other when we temporarily installed the CD-Rom for installation (as slave, IIRC) -- will the same setting work when we try to clone a drive?




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