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Keith Helfrich

City: Atlanta
Country: USA
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My TWiki Links

  • ATasteOfTWiki - view a short introductory presentation on TWiki for beginners
  • WelcomeGuest - starting points on TWiki
  • TWikiUsersGuide - complete TWiki documentation, Quick Start to Reference
  • Sandbox - try out TWiki on your own
  • Sandbox.Sandbox - just for me

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My activity at TWiki.org

web Topic Summary Date Last editor
TWiki SimultaneousEdits FAQ: What happens if two of us try to edit the same topic simultaneously? Answer: TWiki allows multiple simultaneous edits of the same topic, and then merges the... 2007-03-08 - 04:22 KeithHelfrich
Number of topics: 1

Plugins UpdateInfoPluginDev Feedback on UpdateInfoPlugin ChrisHuebsch 15 Apr 2002 Updated plugin to be Dakar Cairo compatible, released new version from SVN. Old discussion moved to UpdateInfoPluginDevArchi... 2007-07-18 - 14:49 KeithHelfrich
Plugins AgeBasedVisuals Render Page with Age information I`m trying to come up with a way to indicate the amount of time that`s passed since a page was edited, preferably in a more immediately... 2007-03-17 - 23:35 KeithHelfrich
Plugins AsynchronousConversationPlugin Asynchronous Conversation Plugin My idea of a great TWikiApplication is one that does a mash up of existing code to produce radically useful collaboration. Concept... 2007-02-22 - 04:18 KeithHelfrich
Plugins SessionPluginDev Feedback on SessionPlugin I`ve replaced Sessionplugin with the implementation of SmartSessionPlugin soon I`ll delete that topic and merge the Devs. MartinCleaver... 2007-02-06 - 19:55 KeithHelfrich
Plugins RevisionLinkPluginDev Development discussion for RevisionLinkPlugin RichardBaar 05 Aug 2003 This is a good idea Richard. I`ve wished for something like this from time to time. One for... 2006-12-26 - 05:42 KeithHelfrich
Number of topics: 5

Codev SimplePasswordMechanism SimplePasswordMechanism Hello all, While reading TWikiPasswordStrength, I do agree with that (would be helpful). But at the same time it prompts me to raise this discussion... 2008-10-25 - 13:03 KeithHelfrich
Codev MashUp Mashup From Wikipedia:Mashup %28web application hybrid%29 A mashup is a website or web application that seamlessly combines content from more than one source into... 2008-05-10 - 02:10 KeithHelfrich
Codev GoogleAjaxSearchDevelopment Google Ajax Search Development Development topic for the experimental search service currently described in TWiki.GoogleAjaxSearch See also GoogleYourTWiki I... 2007-08-14 - 05:03 KeithHelfrich
Codev QuickCheckListApp Quick Checklist App This is an example TableWidgkit. The point is more about the fact that it is a TableWidgkit, than what the widgkit actually does. But the quick... 2007-07-15 - 18:23 KeithHelfrich
Codev CollaborationIntegration Collaboration Integration With this topic I`m more coining the term than I am defining it. To me, competition is a problem often because it creates invisible walls... 2007-05-06 - 00:17 KeithHelfrich
Codev Codev.Fastmetrics Fastmetrics Fastmetrics, http://fastmetrics.com/, is a managed IT services company in San Francisco, offering high speed internet connectivity, web and email hosting... 2007-03-21 - 00:46 KeithHelfrich
Codev FastServersNet FastServers.net FastServers.net, http://www.fastservers.net/, offers managed dedicated and co located servers. Since March 2006, FastServers.net is providing a managed... 2007-03-21 - 00:45 KeithHelfrich
Codev PuppyOS Puppy OS A tiny OS that can be used for TWikiOnMemoryStick. Resources http://www.puppyos.com/ site Puppy:PuppyLinuxMainPage wiki Linux Discussion... 2006-12-22 - 06:33 KeithHelfrich
Codev SkinComparison Skin comparison Skin comments lifted from NiceSite ArthurClemens 22 Apr 2005 There are many nice skins available for Twiki (see TWiki:Plugins/SkinPackage), I... 2006-12-14 - 03:06 KeithHelfrich
Codev EncouragingUpgrading How do we encourage/enable sites to upgrade. Sites using Cairo are presumably doing so for one of the following reasons: 1. It`s working fine and they`re happy... 2006-11-10 - 04:44 KeithHelfrich
Codev MailNotifyTmplUsesWrongMIMEType Bug: mailnotify.tmpl uses an incorrect multipart/ mime type Currently, mailnotify.tmpl uses a content type of multipart/mixed. This causes all subparts of the messages... 2005-05-03 - 20:10 KeithHelfrich
Codev HistoryFlow history flow is a research project at IBM to visualise the change history of wiki pages: Motivation `Most documents are the product of continual evolution. An essay... 2005-04-16 - 00:25 KeithHelfrich
Codev ExtraneousLineInHttpHeader Bug: Extra empty line added to empty headers When headers computed by writeHeaderFull (file lib/TWiki.pm, line 519) are the empty string, the line 595: $finalHeaders... 2005-02-28 - 07:07 KeithHelfrich
Codev GetRidOfMetaFileAttachment As Crawford said in TWikiWhatWillYouBeWhenYouGrowUpDiscussion, I propose that the Meta file attachment stuff needs review: CC said: META:FILEATTACHMENT why... 2005-02-15 - 22:49 KeithHelfrich
Number of topics: 14

Support HowToWgetFromTWikiDotOrg Question Is there a quick easy way to grab TWikiDotOrg FileAttachments from the command line on my server? I often try to WGET a new plugin using the link location... 2008-09-24 - 00:21 KeithHelfrich
Support IfAccessThenImagePluginWithHref Question Hey guys, I can`t figure out how to escape the ImagePlugin inside of IfStatements. Ideally, the IfStatements would work something like this : IF joe has... 2008-05-10 - 02:24 KeithHelfrich
Support RecursivelyChangeAllRevisions Question Instead of answering whether or not this should be done, can someone tell me how this can be done ? I understand the ability should used very infrequently... 2007-07-13 - 01:08 KeithHelfrich
Support HowToRestrictWebView Question Hi, I Installed Twiki and it creates the following default Webs: 1)TWiki 2)Main 3)SandBox I just want the users to access only the Main Web and not the TWiki... 2006-12-19 - 01:04 KeithHelfrich
Support VariablesAndNewLinesWithinVariables Question Is there a way to consolidate multiple lines which contain their own TWikiVariables into a single variable ? wouldn`t it be nice if I could set % CHECKLIST... 2006-12-18 - 14:53 KeithHelfrich
Support VerbatimHorizontalScrollBar Question Hello, I`ve noticed a tweak was made on twiki.org that I`d like to make on my own TWikiSite. Can someone tell me how to accomplish the horizontal scrollbar... 2006-07-30 - 16:37 KeithHelfrich
Support InstallingEditTablePlugin Question Hey guys, I admit I haven`t spent hours reading through EditTablePluginDev. It`s such a complicated read, I`m hoping one of the gurus might be able to spot... 2006-07-25 - 22:14 KeithHelfrich
Support TWikiOrgLeftBarWithFirefox Question Not sure what has happened in the past few days, but in my FireFox browser the left menu bar on twiki.org does not begin until the bottom of the page. In... 2006-07-19 - 22:52 KeithHelfrich
Support JailMail Question Does anyone know where can I find more information about why Net:Smtp can`t connect ? Is there a perl output file ? An additional log or messages file... 2006-06-25 - 19:13 KeithHelfrich
Support HowToHostSeveralTWikis Question Hi, I know of a few communities who could benefit from a TWiki, and I`m thinking about offering this to them from my home PC. As they are different communities... 2006-06-22 - 03:29 KeithHelfrich
Support NoDiffsInJail Question I`m finally putting my TwikiSite back together after the server was hacked root kitted. Yikes! It`s been a year since the machine went down because I... 2006-06-18 - 04:40 KeithHelfrich
Support DoubleViewInWebNotifyURL Question Using MailNotificationEnhanced, I find that WebNotify emails contain an incorrect URL. Contrary to the situation described in WebNotifyEmailURLsAreIncorrect... 2005-02-18 - 21:33 KeithHelfrich
Support DateVariableAlwaysJan12InAllNewTopics Question My WebTopicEditTemplate has a standard signature at the bottom, which looks like this : % WIKIUSERNAME% % DATE% I can`t tell exactly when this problem... 2005-02-02 - 23:20 KeithHelfrich
Support DiffsVariable Question Looking for a TWikiVariable that will display links to the RCS diffs between current and previous revision. For our weekly meeting, we edit the same MeetingMinutes... 2005-01-23 - 04:45 KeithHelfrich
Number of topics: 14

My Personal Preferences

  • Show tool-tip topic info on mouse-over of WikiWord links, on or off:

  • Preference for the editor, default is the WYSIWYG editor. The options are raw, wysiwyg:
    • Set EDITMETHOD = wysiwyg

  • More preferences TWiki has system wide preferences settings defined in TWikiPreferences. You can customize preferences settings to your needs: To overload a system setting, (1) do a "raw view" on TWikiPreferences, (2) copy a Set VARIABLE = value bullet, (3) do a "raw edit" of your user profile page, (4) add the bullet to the bullet list above, and (5) customize the value as needed. Make sure the settings render as real bullets (in "raw edit", a bullet requires 3 or 6 spaces before the asterisk).

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