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Peter through fish eyes

Feedback to Peter Thoeny

I am looking forward to any feedback you like to give me in public.

-- PeterThoeny - 30 Sep 2004

Hi Peter, can we have a picture of you smiling and without tie, please! You are not that stern a person, are you?
Cheers from Germany,

-- DanielKabs - 21 Feb 2001

With friends in Nagoya, Japan (click to enlarge)
With friends in Nagoya, Japan
With friends in Hong Kong (click to enlarge)
With friends & family in Hong Kong

-- PeterThoeny - 23 Jun 2001

The world is using TWiki! I'm From Brazil, take a look at my band website

-- JoaoNeto - 04 Dec 2003

TWiki realmente é um software muito interessante, gostária de ter tempo para participar neste projeto, como não tenho ainda, estou fazendo a tradução dos manuais conforme vou apredendo. Foi a forma que encontrei para agradecer por esta grande idéia.

Meu Wiki no Java.net

Outro Projeto que participo visite também

-- CarlosDelfino - 01 Jun 2004 17:40 - BRZ

Need more details for WebChanges, like, how it works? Frequency of updating and all that...

Need more details on WebNotify: How does it work? Exactly what data is emailed, in what format?

-- TWikiGuest - 21 Jan 2005

Each web's the WebChanges topic includes the topic in the TWiki web TWiki.WebChanges (so that it's only defined once and easily changed across all webs). That topic contains the following search:

%SEARCH{".*" web="%INCLUDINGWEB%" regex="on" nosearch="on" order="modified" reverse="on" limit="50"}%
which when you view a WebChanges topic will generate a table of the 50 most recently changed topics for that web. The search is done for each page view, so is completely dynamic.

WebNotify sends a text and HTML section and your email viewer should display whichever it is able/configured to display. The mail is sent out periodically via a cron job to everyone who has subscribed in the WebNotify topic for each web and contains a list of every topic that has changed in that web since the last mail.

I hope that answers your questions.

-- SamHasler - 21 Jan 2005

Hello Sir,
I am the same Kunal from India who is trying to built a final year engineering project which works like the twiki does. I am trying to built the complete frame in .NET and in sucessful in doing that.

I just wanted to know detail abt how twiki solves problem of simultneous editing of topic by multiple users. i.e want to know the versioning logic and also the topic locking logic.

It will be great help if u can plz give me some details.
Thank you

-- KunalShah - 26 Feb 2005

With the current spec one user at a time is supposed to edit topic, see UnlockTopic. There is no data loss if a user ignores the lock warning, but content needs to be merged manually. Technically, a simple lock file with a stime stamp is used to determine topic locks. We are changin the spec a bit, see ReleaseLocksOnSave.

Good luck with your Wiki.

-- PeterThoeny - 26 Feb 2005

Dear Kunal, I moved your follow-up question to the Support web for all to see, VersioningInfoPlease.

-- PeterThoeny - 26 Feb 2005

Twiki is a pretty cool project, and it doesn't hurt that it's in Perl(iirc)! However i'd like to extend its collaborative features to do some not-quite-standard things like generate simple reports and allow data from other applications to be merged and edited by users. I figure i'll need to write a plugin for this smile but I think I also saw that you were heading up a plugin I think is similar to mine; it was something about project planning or something.

I was wondering if I could get pointed in the right direction to learn more about any project management plugins for Twiki that may already exist, or perhaps a pointer to a FAQ or guide to get started on making plugins for Twiki? I'm very interested in encorporating Gantt charts and other plugins already made like the Draw plugin, Action Tracker plugin, etc.


-- PeterWillis - 03 Mar 2005

To some extent you can use TWikiForms based applications to store structured content and to generate reports, such as the ChangeRequest application or the TWikiInstallation directory. For project management see ProjectPlannerPlugin and XpTrackerPlugin.

If you want to create your own Plugin see TWikiPlugins. You can also create a Plugin brainstorming topic in the Plugins web to get feedback on your idea. Have fun with TWiki development smile

-- PeterThoeny - 04 Mar 2005

I just want to say what an amazing piece of software TWiki is. I've explored other wikis and some CMS packages, and I keep coming back to TWiki.

I'd love more CMS-like features in it, but mostly I just wanted to say "thanks" and "wow".

  • Your welcome Meredith, the thumbs up thumbs up can mainly be attributed to the TWikiCommunity. You can bring forward your suggestions for improvements in the Codev web. -- PTh - 16 Mar 2005

-- MeredithLesly - 12 Mar 2005

Just wanted you to know that "skull" is spelled incorrectly in the smilies plugin. It is currently spelled "scull" Not sure if this was done on purpose or not. Just thought it was confusing.

-- KyleTurpin - 14 Mar 2005

Thanks Kyle, new SmiliesPlugin version released, fixing this typo.

-- PeterThoeny - 16 Mar 2005

Hi Peter

Sorry about the attachment to your homepage... I assumed if had sufficient rights to add it I would be allowed to delete it as well... but when I try to move the attachement I get sent to


-- somewhat sheepish TWikiGuest

No problem, test attachment is removed.

-- PeterThoeny - 17 Mar 2005

Hi Peter,

THANK YOU for this amazing platform. This is the best Wiki ever, and I'm having fun each and every day I use it and develop with it.

I love this application, and it's very valuable for me and my company. Many many thanks for all of your work!

-- ErezZukerman - 31 Mar 2005

Hi Peter,

Thank you for TWiki. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. The group I work in has always had trouble keeping documentation up to date. Mainly because of the bottleneck of having only one person in charge of the web pages. With TWiki I have distributed that responsibility back where it belongs and we are starting to do a better job of keeping our customers happier.

-- TWikiGuest - 05 May 2005

Glad to see that TWiki helps your organization. Everyone can be a webmaster now.

-- PeterThoeny - 06 May 2005

Lieber Peter Thoeny, Twiki ist ein sehr umfangreiches Werk was eine ganze Menge kann. Ich würde es gerne in unserer Firma einsetzen. Auch gibt es offensichtlich tonnenweise Dokumentation dazu. Leider scheint diese für ausgesprochene Experten geschrieben worden zu sein. Man kann diese Feature haben und jenes und das auch noch aber die wirklich "einfachen" Fragen sind nicht so richtig abgedeckt. So finde ich z.B. nirgendwo einen Hinweis darauf wo man die Farbe des Textes der als verbatim gesetzt werden soll ändern kann. Also eine einfach strukturierte Hilfe für Menschen die nicht erst tagelang rumsuchen wollen (also Dummys wie ich in diesem Fall einer bin) wäre eine große Hilfe !!!! Vieleicht auch eine graphische Darstellung, wie die einzelnen Teile in Verbindung stehen. Auch wäre es schön wenn die Konfigurationsvariablen in eigenen Dateien (ohne Code dazwischen) zu finden wären. Es würde die Sache vermutlich übersichtlicher machen.

Norbert Zacharias

-- TWikiGuest - 15 Jun 2005

Norbert, thank you for the feedback, is always appreciated smile

I reply in English, the common language on TWiki.org. On simple docs: Good point. The WelcomeGuest topic should be the entry point for new users. It could have more focus on syntax.

We try to offer help to the users in stages. Mini-help in edit mode, with link to more help. WikiSyntax offers basic help, TextFormattingRules offers extensive help. But you are right, the "how to" on coloring text is hidden in the TWikiPreferences.

-- PeterThoeny - 16 Jun 2005

Dear Peter
Niche answer but missed the point. What i'm asking for was not how to color text in general. I'm asking esp. for the location where the color of the verbatim format is set for the standart configuration not how to define brown as green wink (probaly i'm not so clear on this point). And sorry to say that, but there ist a lot of inforamtion abaout special point and tricks, but i'm not able to find a descirption of the genaral structur like what file contains what (i.e. which file contains the the above mentioned variable(?) or strcture and whats her name) in a concentrated form. Focused on the basics withot mentioning the overwelming ammount (and therefor obscuring the basics) of features. It might be that my request is so simple but i have not a slightest clue where i can to things like "Set LINKTOOLTIPINFO" as mentioned in TWikiPreferences. (vielleicht sehe ich ja auch den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht ?)

schönes Wocheende

Norbert Zacharias

-- TWikiGuest - 17 Jun 2005

TWiki grew into a big system over time. With that it can be challenging for administrators to get a good understanding of the internals. If you want you can help out with the docs in the TWiki web.

The color of verbatim text is defined by the skin. By default TWiki uses the PatternSkin, so look in the style sheets of that skin.

-- PeterThoeny - 18 Jun 2005

Dear Peter, thanx for your patience. Norbert Zacharias

-- TWikiGuest - 27 Jun 2005

Hi Peter, I am trying to set up a standard format for a series of edittable tables so I put the table defininition and header into twiki variables

* Set STATUSREPORTTABLE = %EDITTABLE{ quietsave="off" header="| *Date* | *Project* | *Task* | *Description or Status* | " format="| text, 10, %DISPLAYTIME{"$mon-$day-$year"}% | select, 1, CMT, Compiler, Next Week, Planning, UBE | text, 20 | text, 500 |" }%
* Set STATUSREPORTHEADINGS = | *Date* | *Project* | *Task* | *Description or Status* | 
and this works great for viewing (can change the list of selectable items for all tables by just making a change to the definitions) but when I try to save changes to any table, nothing happens -- it just reverts to the original version. Is there any way to make this work? Thanks. -Diane
Cluster Owner Cumulative Status
A1 Owner1 A
A2 Owner2 B
A3 Owner3 B
TOTAL: 3   A: 1
B: 2 %EDITCELL{ "label" }%

-- DianeBoucher - 19 Oct 2005

I think it does not work if you put the whole %EDITTABLE% into a preferences variable. Try to define STATUSREPORTTABLE as just the part inside EDITTABle, e.g. use as %EDITTABLE( %STATUSREPORTTABLE% )%.

It is better to ask support questions in the Support web where more people are monitoring the content.

-- PeterThoeny - 21 Oct 2005

That worked perfectly, thanks. Obviously I'm new at this, so I appreciate the help and I'll use the Support web in the future.

-- DianeBoucher - 21 Oct 2005

I really thank you for the Twiki Presentation you provide us. It will be a great help for me.

-- YannNormand - 25 Oct 2005

Cool stuff Peter! I had a website setup, a collaboration site, a discussion group and much more at a single shot and that too within 2 days! Could not have been much easier than this. Have just a question for you which I will post on the support page. Kudoes once again

-- NavinSamuel - 01 Nov 2005

Sent you a Hyarge List of IP Address ranges that should be blocked by default to external list for banned addresses.

I should register here, but busy busy.

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkertPLEASENOSPAM.net

-- TWikiGuest - 28 Nov 2005

Is HostedSiteInstallationGuide obsolete? It says it was last modified 02 Apr 2004, and comments are all from 2002 or earlier. If it is obsolete, perhaps it could point to a current page on installing without root access (for hosted site installation). Incidently, I previously found another page with similar objectives (also old I think), but my browser crashed and now I cannot find it. frown

-- DavidBooth - 12 Mar 2006

That guide refers to an older TWiki version. TWiki is open source and is a wiki; anyone is invited to update documentation!

-- PeterThoeny - 12 Mar 2006

Thank you very much David Booth for the detailed feedback, this helps in improving the documentation. I moved it to DakarInstallationFeedback to give it some exposure.

-- PeterThoeny - 13 Mar 2006

Hi Peter, Thanks for the new release, but i get the following errors with mozilla:

Fehler: Das Stylesheet http://twiki.org/p/pub/TWiki/PatternSkin/layout.css wurde nicht geladen, weil sein MIME-Typ, "text/plain", nicht "text/css" ist. Quelldatei: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/TWiki04/TWikiReferenceManual Zeile: 0

and Fehler: ':' erwartet, aber '=' gefunden. Deklaration ignoriert. Quelldatei: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/TWiki04/TWikiReferenceManual Zeile: 0

The effect is no sidebar.

Have a good time Norbert Zacharias

-- TWikiGuest - 20 Apr 2006

Thanks, we are aware of the EerieWierdnessWithFirefox.

-- PeterThoeny - 20 Apr 2006

Peter, It seems that the TagMePlugin is a corrupted zip file on this site. I was wondering if an uncorrupted file could replace the file on this site.

-- TWikiGuest - 30 Jun 2006

Not sure what is going on, I can download and extract the zip file just fine. Could you try with a different browser?

Please do not register with bogus names, those registrations get removed very quickly.

-- PeterThoeny - 30 Jun 2006

Hi Peter
we have a problem with the mapping from authentication and TwikiUserNames.
TWiki maps the Serveruser norber.zacharias to Twikiuser zacharias.
This user did not appear in the User List ( no CamelCase ?)
Where can i specify the mapping from norbert.zacharias to NorbertZacharias ???

-- TWikiGuest - 09 Nov 2006

Please ask support questions in the Support web, thanks!

-- PeterThoeny - 10 Nov 2006

Hi Peter,
GlobalReplacePlugin: The zip file for download and install is not available, and the cvs link (CVSplugins:GlobalReplacePlugin) mentioned in GlobalReplacePluginDev does not work.

Under http://sourceforge.net/projects/twikiplugins/, no file for download can be found.

Is the plugin somewhere else available?

Merci vielmals, Bruno

-- BrunoHeufelder - 14 Dec 2006

Gruezi Bruno:

I just checked, I can download and unzip the file from GlobalReplacePlugin just fine. Possibly a caching issue on your side? All code is no longer at SourceForge, it is now in SVN. I fixed the Interwiki link rules, CVSplugins:GlobalReplacePlugin and SVN:twikiplugins/GlobalReplacePlugin work now properly.

-- PeterThoeny - 15 Dec 2006

For some reason we could not see the attached file. No it's OK and installed.
Thanks Peter for this and all the rest. Bruno

-- BrunoHeufelder - 19 Dec 2006

Hi Peter,

I'm completely new to website development and wikis but I don't know if it is me being confused and programming illiterate or just a small typo. In your A Taste of Wiki presentation, slide 13 you have it reading:

Slide 13: Formatting just makes pages prettier ... and easier to read

Actually it is perfectly and absolutely flat

appears as

Actually it is perfectly and absolutely flat (with "Actually" italicized, "perfectly" bolded, and "absolutely" bolded and italicized; does the formatting for 'absolutely' need asterisks as well to be bolded?)

Excited to learn more about your wiki product, Jacyln

-- JacylnGavino - 13 Mar 2007

Well I guess my copy paste got formatted. Slide 13 read:

_Actually_ it is perfectly and absolutely flat

Cheers, Jacyln

-- JacylnGavino - 13 Mar 2007

aargh, clearly I don't know how to stop the formatting but I hope you get the idea because I'm confused as a newbie. Thanks.

_Actually_it is *perfectly* and _absolutely_ flat

-- JacylnGavino - 13 Mar 2007

Now that I look at my formatting mistake my previous question resolved itself, but how do you stop the bolding from carrying on to the next formatted word (ie. bold from perfectly transferred to absolutely)? Sorry for the slew of comments.

-- JacylnGavino - 13 Mar 2007

Enclose multiple words in asterisks. Example: Write _Actually_ it is *perfectly and absolutely* flat to get: Actually it is perfectly and absolutely flat.

-- PeterThoeny - 17 Mar 2007

Peter, I love TWiki :-). I have just upgraded the Cairo in my organisation (my division in the organisation, actually) to 4.1.2. The only thing which is preventing the rollout is LoginNameAndNTLMProblem . I just need to remove the MYDOMAIN from Main.MYDOMAIN\mylogin. I am not sure if someone is looking into this. Can you please guide me as to what I can do ? Thanks!

-- ChengappaCB - 07 Jan 2008

Best to ask in the Support web.

-- PeterThoeny - 08 Jan 2008

Peter, I have alteady asked this in LoginNameAndNTLMProblem. It has not been answered since 27 Dec 07 frown and that is why I have asked you for help. MattWilkie had provided a patch which works for Cairo release (see LoginNameAndNtlm - I had implemented option B) but now he does not seem to be active, for me to ask him the question as to how to make it work in 4.1.2. I am desparate to get this working. Please help me.

-- ChengappaCB - 08 Jan 2008

Best to ask support questions in the Support wed. I will reply also to your e-mail.

-- PeterThoeny - 10 Jan 2008

Incidentally (as it happens always !), I continued my search for a solution for this an stumbled upon the lesser known LoginNameAliasesPlugin which solves my problem, without having to modify any codes.

I’ll mention this plugin in the WindowsInstallCookbook I had published recently.

Once again, thanks for your attention on this.

-- ChengappaCB - 10 Jan 2008

Glad it worked out!

-- PeterThoeny - 12 Jan 2008

Hi Peter, First of all: Well done for a good and amazing job. The reason for writing here is that I failed to add a new question in the support screen, so my aplogies. I have managed to get our admin people to install the TWIKI platform for me. I'm aiming to create a knowledge base. My main problem is to be able to download any kind of documentation to work with. I'd like to know if I can change the Logo and the menu on the left. My programming skills are limited, but I still want to feed the relevant people in my company since we outsource most of the IT issues and before I can outsource this work too, I must show something up and running first. For example, I have tried to find out how to add a new question, but failed to do so. This screen is the only one that allows me to write something. Can you help?

Thanks, Yoav Hirsch

-- YoavHirsch - 01 Aug 2008

I am not sure what kind of issues you have with the Support forum. You can read the documentation in the TWiki web on how to change the logo. You can also drop by in TWikiIRC to ask questions. Good luck with your TWiki deployment.

-- PeterThoeny - 02 Aug 2008

I am trying to work the SpreadsheetPlugin with EditTablePlugin. It seems that they are not working (I found your comment in wikimatrix that these two plugins work fine). My spreadsheet formulas are in the summary (last row) of the table. If I save the edited table then an additional row gets inserted.

Here is a sample table,

Cluster Owner Cumulative Status
A1 Owner1 A
A2 Owner2 B
A3 Owner3 C
TOTAL: 3   A: 1
B: 1
C: 1

-- AmitTendulkar - 25 Aug 2008

I am trying to work the SpreadsheetPlugin with EditTablePlugin. It seems that they are not working (I found your comment in wikimatrix that these two plugins work fine). My spreadsheet formulas are in the summary (last row) of the table. If I save the edited table then an additional row gets inserted.

Here is a sample table,

Cluster Owner Cumulative Status
A1 Owner1 A
A2 Owner2 B
A3 Owner3 C
TOTAL: 3   A: 1
B: 1
C: 1

-- AmitTendulkar - 25 Aug 2008

Please ignore as this table worked on my home page (AmitTendulkarRough). It looks like I need to talk with our server admin to upgrade the plugin version. Thanks. Amit

-- AmitTendulkar - 25 Aug 2008

Got the solution. If I put a \ character at the end of the line for continuation of the next table cell data, then "save table" is adding another row while saving the table (mostly nothing to do with SpreadsheetPlugin). Is this a known bug?

-- AmitTendulkar - 26 Aug 2008

Apologies for spamming this page. I have moved the future discussion at NotWorkingEditTableAndSpreadsheet


-- AmitTendulkar - 27 Aug 2008

Wikipedia Grant: I've enjoyed TWiki here at sfgate.com and whenever I use MediaWiki I really miss TWiki. I think TWiki makes a lot of common sense and I've felt comfortable introducing it to non-technical people. If I find Wikipedia as easy to talk to as yourself, I'll surely name-drop TWiki because they just received grant money to simplify Wikipedia!

-- PeterFagan - 05 Dec 2008

Thank you for using TWiki. The latest version ships with a solid WYSIWYG editor and we are making improvements on usability in other areas as well. Slowly but surely we move from a geek tool to a mainstream Web 2.0 platform.

You can get involved! The twiki.org community is looking for new contributors. As a contributor you can actively make a difference and help shape the product. To get started:

-- PeterThoeny - 06 Dec 2008

Been using TWiki for a while and although I think this is a really fantastic effort, one would think the installation and especially the documentation would have matured.

I consider myself pretty well versed in Apache stuff, but the mixing and matching you do with security settings is confusing and poorly documented.

While I get the idea of trying hard to make this fit into a wider variety of situations, make it work perfectly with 1.

Example: The default Apache configuration produce results in a Forbidden even if you are smart enough to look at the config file and realize you need to create a password and a .htpasswd file.

If you don't specify any Allow from hosts you're screwed. In that case you should default to Allow from all...that way when the Apache challenge comes up and the admin HAS NOT created a .htpasswd file - they will.

The gotcha for me was that I took your ApacheConfigGenerator route and got burned by the Deny from all.

BTW - most people will want to run this from a virtual host, so you probably want to account for that in the auto generating mojonator.

Add some log directives, sandwich it in between some VirtualHost directives and ask folks what their server name is.

Other than installing this beast and ALWAYS disabling the WYSIWG plugin...I like!!!!

-- RobLauer - 2010-11-21

Thanks Rob for the feedback, appreciated! We strive to make TWiki more approachable/friendly to end users, as well as admins. Although we have made lots of progress in the last two years, we have way to go on both goals.

Good point on supporting a VirtualHost configuration in the Apache generator. TWiki is open source, I invite you to enhance the ApacheConfigGenerator. You can also tweak the TWikiInstallationGuide to be more logical/intuitive.

-- PeterThoeny - 2010-11-21

Hello. I have been blocked, cause i added question to support, and inserted string redirecting to. Twiki recognized as url and blocked me. Who can fix that for me?

-- BostjanTovornik - 2011-02-14

Hi. I've been using the SpreadSheet plugin for several months,... but, unfortunately, I've recently found two cases in which it doesn't work. The INT function doesn't work with negative numbers. $INT(-25/2) gives as result -12, instead of -13. Also, the EVAL funcion ignores the zeroes after the decimal comma. For example, $EVAL(8.0068/2) returns 4.34 instead of 4.0034. Is there any way to fix (or avoid) it? Could you help me?

-- DaniMolina - 2011-07-22

Dani, could you please file a bug report at TWikibug:SpreadSheetPlugin stating details such as server OS and Perl version?

-- PeterThoeny - 2011-07-22

Done. Thanks, Peter.

-- DaniMolina - 2011-09-05

Good Morning Peter,

My TWiki implementation is rolling on.

I have cut-over to a Wiki on-line version of one of our main documents. TML is the basis and TWiki provides the document structure. GenPDFAddOn / HTMLDOC provides a PDF version.

However, one of my current issues is that internal links are not re-oriented to inside created PDFs. Those links seem to look for a URL that is inside the created PDF file location. While links that point to external TWiki topics (which are in the same web and the PDF topics, but are orphaned) continue to link to the available online topics.

I opened a question about it in the Support Forum. It seems to have moved, but I can't find out where.

Do you know what became of my issue?

Take care,


-- Patrick Townsend-Wells - 2013-10-07

Patrick, you opened SID-01804. Last week our provider moved the twiki.org virtual machine and had a backup failure at the same time. Due to this we lost 4 days worth of changes. Your support question was lost unfortunately. Please repost. My apologies for the inconvenience. All I have is the summary from the e-mail notification:

2013-10-03 - 20:58, PatrickTownsendWells: Folks, I've looked for this issue, but haven't seen it brought up. After installing and configuring HTMLDOC and GenPDFAddon, I can generate PDFs from single ...

-- Peter Thoeny - 2013-10-08

ALERT! NOTE: Do you have a support question? Please ask in the Support web, thanks!
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