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See also Mozilla098.

This page is for notes about my experiences with Mozilla 1.1 on Mandrake 9.0. (I named the page Mozilla110 to be somewhat "consistent" with the naming of page Mozilla098.

Some things about Mozilla 1.1 are significantly better than 0.98 (at least that's my impression, without today going back to read all the problems I mentioned in Mozilla098 -- in particular, cut and paste works significantly better in that the cursor doesn't jump to random locations anymore (although I'm not 100% sure of that -- I may have to watch over the next few days)).

However, my biggest problem / complaint remains (it is the last one on the list on Mozilla098. Occasionally (and I can't pin down things any better than that so far) Mozilla "crashes" and all open Mozilla windows (and tabs) close.

This shouldn't happen. But, since it does happen, there need to be some workarounds / improvements:

  • We (I?) should keep observing and trying to understand what causes it -- is it when Mozilla uses more than a specific amount of memory, or has more than a given number of windows open, or what? (I keep a lot of windows open -- I made an estimat once, but here's another estimate -- on a fairly regular basis, I have a total of 15 Mozilla windows open, with up to (I'm guessing) 15 tabs on each (I use two criteria for starting to close tabs -- when the tabs are so narrow I can't read the first letter of the tab, or when I get worried and start to close tabs and save the links (on WikiLearn or as bookmarks.) "Plain" RAM memory doesn't seem to be the problem -- I had 256 MB with 512 MB swap -- I upgraded to 512 MB (same swap) with no improvement to the problem AFAICT.

  • There should be a(n easy) means to "force" another "instance" of Mozilla -- I assume that part of the problem is that no matter how I start subsequent Mozilla windows (<ctrl>N from a Mozilla window or Mozilla from the command line, apparently only one instance exists (if there was more than one instance, presumably when one instance crashed only it and all it's child windows and tabs would close.

  • Once we get any clues about what causes the crash, an early warning system of some sort should be developed -- if we knew the limit was x windows plus y tabs, or X% of RAM used, or whatever, a monitor could be provided to allow the user to watch for the problem (or better, the monitor and one or more warnings).

  • There should be a means to completely save and restore the state of Mozilla including a list of all open sites and the scroll and cursor location on each as well as things like saving any data entered into, for example, a text box. (Since I use Mozilla to edit TWiki pages, there can be a lot of text on those windows.) If there is no means to automatically restore the state, saving the state would still be useful -- I could manually go back and open the windows that still interested me. (BTW, if anybody "from" Mozilla is reading this, I'd sure like to be able to specify an external editor for the purpose of editing a text box. (I have a vague recollection that might already be possible and may have a note somewhere on TWiki -- but, since I haven't implemented it, I suspect it's in a later release of Mozilla.)

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