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New official TWiki logo Note to TWiki site administrators

TWiki has now a new logo, a big "T" in a speech bubble convenying "working together", with a "collaborate with TWiki" tag line.

A consistent branding is important for the TWiki project. People will recognize a TWiki site immediately if the new logo is used consistently. Therefore, older TWiki brand logos such as teamwork tools logos and logos based on Twiki robot should no longer be used. Of corse, TWiki is open source, so site owners can use the logos at their descretion.

This is a friendly request to increase the exposure and name recognition of TWiki:

If you run a TWiki site and are using older TWiki logos (not your own) we would be very pleased if you change the logo to the new "T" logo. MOVED TO... DiscontinueUseOfOldTWikiLogos describes the how-to.

Legacy content:


This has been raised before once or twice, but can we please adopt the Teamwork logos before the Cairo release? To reiterate, there are a number of good reasons for this, objective and subjective:
  1. The current logo (the robot) is a copyright image, owned by MCA-Universal TV I believe. Whether permission for its use has been granted or not, it is an image for a different brand.
  2. While it is fun, it gives a rather unprofessional impression; it's very 1980s, and it tends to be the focus of rather ribald comments from TWiki critics, who enjoy drawing the parallels between TWiki and childrens television.
  3. A lot of effort went into a high quality set of logos that look and feel professional. Acknowledgement of that effort would be great.
  4. At least two of the new skins (Pattern and Dragon) both look far superior with the new logos. The colour schemes are modern and sympathetic

By adopt I mean (1) make it the logo on twiki.org and (2) ship it in the release.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 01 Aug 2004


I happen to dislike that robot, partly for the copyright reasons that have been conveniently forgotton and partly because that not using the new icons that were so carefully contributed is symbolic of how we tend to ignore people's contributions.

-- MartinCleaver - 16 May 2004

Martin, to react on your points:

  1. I believe that this icon is a better communicator than the logo in HighResolutionLogos. It brings together 2 separate things: technology and feeling. It has a friendly tone. Regarding the copyright, the Dille Family Trust will have the last word on this, and is still pending.
    • that's good news, i suppose. are you saying that the DilleFamilyTrust have been contacted and that TWiki is awaiting a decision from them? How long ago were they contacted? -- WillNorris - 03 Aug 2004
      • i suppose at this point i can assume that either the DilleFamilyTrust was never contacted, or that they didn't approve. either way, it looks like a moot point as TWikiLogoDevelopment has moved the design in a different direction. -- WillNorris - 07 Sep 2005
  2. TWiki as a tool and twiki.org the site are 2 things. A lot of people have contributed ideas and code to bring TWiki where it is now, and continue to do so to improve. You are free to grab the latest alpha or beta release and stick your own logos onto it. I reckon that not a lot of people will use the TWiki logo on their own installation, any TWiki logo.
  3. Now there is also twiki.org that is a platform for development, support and advocacy. Especially the latter two are sometimes overlooked, and it is here that Peter is the greatest contributor by and large. From an aesthetic point of view the HighResolutionLogos is nicer; from a communication point of view the twiki logo is better.

Actual steps:

  • I have been working on a visual update of the twiki logo. It is not final, but to get an idea I have set it to the WebTopBar.
  • This logo should be used on twiki.org only. Other installations will put their company logo or personal name/project type logo in the top left.
  • A very small PoweredByTWikiLogo can be used in installations. Look at "powered by MovableType" kind of small rectangle.
  • The copyright issue is a real one. I asked Peter some time ago to ask for permission.

-- ArthurClemens - 16 May 2004, 01 Aug 2004

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Dille Family Trust / Universal-MCA waited until there was a chance of making some money out of TWiki's use of the logo before making a response. By making money I mean either imposing a charge for use of the logo, or sueing for wrongful use.

That aside, I happen to disagree with your assessment. I've seen enough of the recent plague of property programmes on TV to appreciate that the best way to sell your house is to paint everything in pastel shades. I am certain that if I hung a 10x8 portrait of the Twiki golem in my living room it would make it difficult to sell the house, in much the same way as I believe it impacts TWiki adoption. Aesthetics are very important, even if the effect is subliminal.

Perhaps we can compromise; retain the robot on twiki.org, but ship with the HighResolutionLogos? As you say, most people will swap them out. Peter, what is your opinion?

-- CrawfordCurrie - 02 Aug 2004

i'm surprised again - I'd like to see a change, and i do think that the HighResolutionLogos are nice.

-- SvenDowideit - 02 Aug 2004

I think there is no question about which logo has more visual appealing -> HighResolutionLogos

Regarding the robot-logo, I canīt see any good reasons to give it a further spin. Neither does it fit to the fresh design of the PatternSkin nor does it transport a good feeling to the TWiki-System or community.

-- AndreUlrich - 03 Aug 2004

  • an updated twiki mascot image:
    an updated twiki mascot image


I know this isn't a democracy, and I know that whatever is said Peter will do whatever he wants to do, but it doesn't hurt to pretend we have a vote (good for the soul). So I added a voting table.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 03 Aug

I think people who are saying "Change it in the distro but its OK to leave it on twiki.org" are missing the point. twiki.org is where the brand image is created. If the first thing you see on http://twiki.org is not the Teamwork Logo, but rather the robot, then you're not changing your brand image.

It's time.

-- MartinGregory - 06 Aug 2004


Who Robot on Twiki.org Robot in release HighResolutionLogos on Twiki.org HighResolutionLogos in release Why
CrawfordCurrie No No Preferred Yes Aesthetics, concern about ©, and recognition of the effort that went in
ArthurClemens Yes No No Yes From a communication point of view the twiki logo is better
SvenDowideit No No Yes Yes I do think that the HighResolutionLogos are nice
AndreUlrich No No Yes Yes Robot doesn't it fit to the fresh design of the PatternSkin nor does it transport a good feeling to the TWiki-System or community.
WillNorris No NO ? Yes My primary concern is that of copyright (but isn't the new default skin going to be PatternSkin? it's so nice)
MartinCleaver No No Yes Preferred Aesthetics, concern about ©, and recognition of the effort that went in
HarriVartiainen No No Yes Yes Default skin could be better too..
LynnwoodBrown No No Yes Yes Let's just make the switch and make it across the board. Cairo being is major release is appropriate event for new face.
MattWilkie - Yes Yes Yes The release should have multiple logos to choose from. I don't care what twiki.org uses, though if it keeps the robot it should be updated to fit aesthetically (my adaptation is only an example).
MartinGregory No No Yes Yes Having your own brand is really important. Having a high-quality logo like the HighResolutionLogos can be a real boost.
SteffenPoulsen No No Yes Yes Of course, somewhere we're all gonna miss the old 'bot a bit, but I agree that now would be a good time to let it go.
SamHasler Yes Yes No Yes Put both in the distribution and list alternative values for %WIKILOGOIMG% in the install guide. As far as this website goes I think the decision should remain with Peter / the CoreTeam. Although anyone who doesn't like the robot can always set %WIKILOGOIMG% in their home topic to %PUBURL%/Codev/HighResolutionLogos/twiki_logo.gif or teamwork.gif
JohnRouillard No No Yes Yes I faced a lot of resistance when trying to get TWiki
adopted. I had the early nay-sayers browse twiki.org to see how it was used and received more negative feedback on the use of the robot logo. It just "isn't professional". To make adoption easier I think twiki.org needs to
provide a more professional look, and adopting the teamwork logos is a good start. Besides we can always have a TWikiMascot page paying homage to our good robot friend, but he should not be the default logo.
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