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Coffee Break

Note: This topic is for casual conversation among developers and contributors. Bring any topic you'd like, off-topic discussions are welcome too. After some iterations of a technical or deployment discussion it is best to refactor the discussion into a separate topic. -- PeterThoeny - 23 Nov 2001

From the beginning...

First I would like to thank everyone who is contributing with brainstorming ideas, enhancement requests and actual code. The TWiki.Codev web got quiet busy recently, certainly a good sign. And also good news for all of us using TWiki, because we have new features that are needed in the real deployment of TWiki.

I try to keep up with the collaboration on the TWiki.Codev web as time permits. Where I did not find enough time recently was to incorporate some of your contributions into the TWiki core. I will look for ways of improving that, so stay tuned.

Also I would like to mention that we have many major companies hooked on TWiki. This is a sign that we are on the right track with the mission as stated in ReadmeFirst. It looks like TWiki has become the major Wiki system for the corporate world. Opinions, ideas, suggestions?

-- PeterThoeny - 17 Sep 2000

Why don't we allow these "corporate" users to donate money/hardware to help us having more time for TWiki hacking/development?

-- AndreaSterbini - 25 Oct 2000

Yes, I would like to see some support from the corporate users. Question is how this will work out, e.g. how to distribute monetary contributions. Certainly it would be nice to have a responsive web service and a responsive customer support when needed. (Though I am happy with SourceForge's web service, CVS repository and security, I can't say that from the standpoint of server reliablility and responsiveness of support. For example today is the fourth time I contacted customer support to ask to restore the directory permissions, the previous three support requests got closed without resolution. Or, the second time I asked support to restore sendmail so that we have our email notifications back; the first request got closed without resolution, and still waiting. Well, I can't really complain since this is a free service...)

-- PeterThoeny - 26 Oct 2000

Hey! How can you have a December release in November?

-- MikeWilkinson - 22 Nov 2000

(I moved Mike's comment from the KnownIssuesOfTWiki01Dec2000 to here.)

Hey! Sometimes software is released ahead of schedule wink (I am waiting with public announcement until SourceForge figured out the intermittent 404 error when accessing TWiki.org - all docs in the 01 Dec 2000 release refer to TWiki.org.)

-- PeterThoeny - 26 Oct 2000

Today a person deliberately replaced the WebHome topic of TWiki.Codev with a one-liner text. Fortunately it is very easy to undo a revision of persons who deliberately delete some text (using an undocumented command reserved for TWikiAdminGroup members).

The IP address of the person's machine is, in the address range of an ISP in India. I could track down his email address. I sent him an e-mail asking for the reason of his malicious act. My guess is that the person is too shy to speak up...

It would be possible to restrict write access, but I prefer to keep TWiki as open as it is, because this is the essence of the WikiCulture. In a way I am positively surprized that there are only very few bad net-citicens around (at least around the Wiki webs), and they can't disrupt our Wiki collaboration.

-- PeterThoeny - 28 Nov 2000

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