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CVSBackendProgress I have been told that TWiki (either stable release or latest development release, I assume) doesn`t have support for using CVS as a storage backend for revisions and... 2008-09-04 - 04:23
RevisionDateJan1970 Bug: Revision Date set to Jan 1970 Editing within lock timout period sets revision date to 01 Jan 1970 00:02 GMT while file system date is correct. I`m using RcsLite... 2004-08-16 - 07:02
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WebStatistics Statistics for Codev Web See also: TWikiOrgStatistics, TWikiDownloadStatistics Month: Topic Views: Topic Saves: Attachment Uploads: Most... 2018-05-10 - 07:01 Main.unknown
TWikiOrgStatistics Monthly TWiki.org Statistics These are overall statistics across all webs. The latest numbers are also shown on the TWiki.org home page. See also SiteStatistics, OneYearSiteStatistic... 2018-05-02 - 22:47 PeterThoeny
AccountLedgerApp Account Ledger Application A TWikiApplication providing a useful MashUp of the CommentPlugin, SpreadSheetPlugin and the EditTablePlugin. Useful for keeping a checkbook... 2016-07-22 - 14:32 JohnBelbute
DevelopersNews Note: Interested in participating in a growing open source community? Please read how to get started. TWiki Development News 2015 2015 11 29: TWiki 6.0.2 has... 2015-11-30 - 07:49 PeterThoeny
SecureCookiesForLoginManager Motivation TWiki::Request supports the `secure` option for cookies when the connection is over HTTPS but TWiki::LoginManager does not. As a result, the only... 2015-06-18 - 23:22 PeterThoeny
TWikiForWindowsPersonal TWiki for Windows Personal (TWiki WP 4.0.5 2006 12 27) NOTE: This distribution hasn`t been updated for a very long time. An up to date approach to run TWiki... 2015-06-06 - 19:31 HaraldJoerg
KampalaReleaseMeeting2013x11x07 Minutes of TWiki Kampala Release Meeting, 2013 11 07 Logistics, Participants, IRC log Date: Thursday, 2013 11 07 23:00 GMT (to your time zone) Location... 2013-11-16 - 02:47 PeterThoeny
TWikiOnDebian TWiki on Debian Installing TWiki 2013 06 02: TWiki is no longer available as a Debian package. Installation is as easy as apt get install twiki apache2 . The default... 2013-06-03 - 06:53 PeterThoeny
AddUserToGroupsOnRegistration Feature Proposal: Add User To Groups On Registration Motivation Add the a ability for TWiki to be configured such that on User registration, the new user is added... 2013-05-06 - 22:53 PeterThoeny
JerusalemReleaseMeeting2013x03x01 Minutes of TWiki Jerusalem Release Meeting, 2013 03 01 Logistics, Participants, IRC log Date: Friday, 2013 03 01 05:00 GMT (to your time zone) Location... 2013-03-01 - 06:50 PeterThoeny
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-- PatrickNomblot - 19 Jun 2003

I had to take out the ALLOWTOPICVIEW because it forced an authentication on the WebChanges and WebRss, rendering the RSS feed invalid.

I added a conditional text to log in in case needed, and I limited the number to 50.

-- PeterThoeny - 20 Jun 2003

I revised the descriptive title, hopefully making it more clear what is actually displayed. I was confused when I looked at this page because I thought it displayed topics in order of my most recent edits but did not see some topics that I remembered editing recently. Looking at the search syntax, I figured out that it actually does a search for topics for which %USERNAME% is listed as having make the most recent revision.

-- LynnwoodBrown - 20 Jun 2003

That's true, it was difficult for me to find a good Topic name and in fact, this topic search is more usefull in Sandbox or Main Webs, were less people collaborate on the same Topic. To make it doing what we expect it to do, we could add an option to Search.pm to tell it to find also in RCS files (%FILES% --> *\.(txt|txt,v) ). This is easy to do but :

  • we may also find RCS structure words,
  • $summary returned will still the one of the last revision, not the good (?) one
  • search would have to list Topics + revision(s) (hard to find a nice way to list)

A real RCSGREP would be wonderfull but in my opinion, it would be too much work for the real need.

Another similar need is to search in a named TOPIC but in all webs (or one web, why not?) So, I can do such things (I'm sure that you will appreciate wink :

TWiki webs in which, you, TWikiGuest, are registered for mail notification :

Number of topics: 1

Number of topics: 1

To do that, I had to use a part of text which only exist in Topic WebNotify. This is not really a nice solution, a better one would be to specify topic name(s) in which I want to search : $topic="WebNotify".

In conclusion, I could change Search.pm to initialize %FILES% with $topic, plus some security check on given text, adding "*\.txt$" or "*\.(txt|txt,v)$" if $RCS="on" option is given.

How do you feel about this ? It could be a nice enhancement of Search.pm without noticeable speed impact. In fact, I do not know how long I will be able to wait before doing it, it's really exiting ;-).

As I recently worked on Search.pm for SearchWithNoPipe, I would be happy to add also these two little features, taking care about the actual high level of code quality and speed of TWiki, as much as I can.

-- PatrickNomblot - 21 Jun 2003


Good work!

I presume you've seen Wikilearn.MyRecentChanges and know that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". wink

One suggestion, if you do any of the functions listed above, please consider displaying the results as a definition list as MattWilkie has done over on MyRecentChanges.

IIRC, you have changed the table formatting so the text in the table is left justified (instead of centered) which seems to reduce the overall need for horizontal scrolling, but I still need to scroll horizontally on my 800x600 display.

The text in a defintiion list wraps to the width of the screen as opposed to a table which requires (lots of) horizontal scrolling on my 800x600 display. (And the definition list does look better than the bullets which I tried at first.)

I also:

  • put a <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"> at the top of MyRecentChanges page (and took the liberty of adding it here) in an effort to keep it from being indexed by Internet search engines (like Google) — as the content of this page is almost solely a dynamic search, I see no point in indexing it, it just adds "noise" to Google search results
  • copied Peter's (thanks!) login reminder to the MyRecentChanges page

-- RandyKramer - 22 Jun 2003

Added last editing author to the "topics you are involved in" search.

-- MattWilkie - 23 Jun 2003

It would be nice if you could search for previous authors. I'm sure a comment of mine has been refactored out of a topic but I can't remember the name of the topic. I use a search on my home page which looks for my signature but since it's been removed I have no way of finding where it was.

-- SamHasler - 23 Jun 2003

NEW IDEA! Whaoooo ! It works fine now, with history TWiki search added on TWiki smile

You are right, the missing feature of TWiki search was search in history files... I have done it while working on SearchWithNoPipe. So, just upgrade Search.pm and you'll get what we all (I suppose wink ) really wanted to have with : MyEditedTopics

I made the Search.pm available in SearchWithNoPipe, it makes TWiki able to find in RCS files without need of extra power. Just use option scope=history (which stay compatible with previous Search.pm) and, at last, topic MyEditedTopics gives you what we all wanted !

-- PatrickNomblot - 24 Jun 2003

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Topic revision: r14 - 2004-07-29 - WillNorris
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