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TWiki for Windows Personal (TWiki-WP-4.0.5 - 2006-12-27)

ALERT! NOTE: This distribution hasn't been updated for a very long time. An up-to-date approach to run TWiki on Windows for personal purposes is available at TWikiPersonal.

Download TWiki 4.0

Download TWiki-WP-4.0.5.zip (14MB)

This is a ready to use TWiki installation for personal use on Windows. Everything you need is included: TWiki, TinyWeb webserver, Perl and GNU grep. There is no installation and no registry change; the unzipped package is ready to use by running run.bat. Copy TWikiOnMemoryStick and take it wherever you go. The unzipped package is 41 MB.

How to start TWiki for Windows Personal

  • One time installation:
    1. Download TWiki-WP-4.0.5.zip
    2. Unzip in the root of a hard drive or a memory stick
    3. In the start menu, create a shortcut to \twiki\run.bat (optional)
  • To launch TWiki:
    1. Execute the run.bat batch file located in the twiki root directory. This will start the webserver on port 8765 using local IP address, and will launch the welcome page.
    2. Click on the "Start TWiki" link.

See also:

-- Contributors: PeterThoeny - 26 Dec 2006


This is an early Alpha version of TWiki for Windows Personal. There is a severe bug where a topic save hangs the server. Anyone inclined in helping debug this? (this has been fixed)

-- PeterThoeny - 27 Dec 2006

It hangs in the line 78 of lib/TWiki/UI.pm:

read(STDIN, my $buf, $content_length, 0 ) if $content_length;

I tried to comment out this line, it it worked fine. But probably a more correct fix should be applied.

-- DmitryDiskin - 27 Dec 2006

Thanks Dmitry! I created a new version, is attached.

-- PeterThoeny - 27 Dec 2006

As far as I can tell this works just excellent. Nice to finally have a "TWiki-to-go"-solution!

- Thanks for the effort that went into this smile

-- SteffenPoulsen - 28 Dec 2006

Your very welcome, this is for the TWikiCommunity. Fun little projects like this make up for the many hours a day I work on the open source TWiki project (TWiki.org maintenance/cleanup etc). I also had a chance to do some Pascal programming after 20+ years...

-- PeterThoeny - 28 Dec 2006

I moved the zip package from this topic to the Release topic in order to protect it and to include the downloads in the TWikiDownloadStatistics.

-- PeterThoeny - 28 Dec 2006

First of all: Great idea!

Just "installed" this on my Windows laptop. First time around, I got a runtime error in view.pl. Then I followed the instructions (silly me) and installed the whole package into the root directory of a drive (instead of my home directory), and now things work as they should, with one minor exception: When starting the local TWiki via run.bat, I have to re-load a couple of times in the browser until the page finally appears.

-- ClausBrod - 29 Dec 2006

On re-loading a few times: It looks like the webserver takes some time to startup. It happens immediately on the two systems I tested (both Win XP.) Possible solution: Add a delay in the batch file before launching index.html. Is there a "sleep" command on Windows?

-- PeterThoeny - 29 Dec 2006

In run.bat, add this just before the print BATCH "start $cwd\\tools\\start.url\n"; line:

print BATCH "ping -n 5 -w 1000 >nul\n";

Let me know if this fixes the issue. You can tweak the -n 5 parameter (number of seconds to wait.)

-- PeterThoeny - 30 Dec 2006

Yup, this seems to work better (for me).

I'm guessing it also makes a difference whether a browser is already running before executing run.bat. In my case, the browser was already running, and so the start URL was opened almost immediately, without having to run the browser app first.

Thanks again!

-- ClausBrod - 30 Dec 2006

Excellent effort, thanks Peter! I regard this as a major step forward, especially when used in conjunction with the forthcoming ReadWriteOfflinePlugin, which allows two TWiki installs to be synched with eachother.

I don't see any checkins related to this effort. Am I right in thinking that none of this is checked in under subversion? It would be excellent to have a build.pl that generated the release packages, if that is possible....

-- CrawfordCurrie - 30 Dec 2006

Peter, this is great, the basic server was cake to get started. Two comments:

1) How hard might it be to make the scripts and batch files work in a non-root directory? For testing purposes, some people may not have a memory key available, and many don't like to dump things in the root if at all possible. Modifications would just be to make things easier on the end user, who of course can follow instructions in #2 below...

2) For those who want to run this off the hdd in a non-root directory you can use the archaic but still functional subst command to map a new drive letter to a folder (at least up through Windows XP). The subst command does not require the network layer, networking sharing and network folder mapping to be enabled for the same functionality. In a dos prompt navigate to the folder that should be the root and then type subst n: . where n: can be any drive letter you want to use.

-- JoshuaJohnston - 30 Dec 2006

On ReadWriteOfflineWiki: Yes, that is the whole point of this package. Someone needs to build an open source solution available to all users on twiki.org (subscribed or not)

On svn & build: This is a logical step. Although I think the current build system needs to be enhanced a bit:

  • Do not duplicate TWiki itself:
    • Ability to link in standard TWiki distro (currently 4.0.5)
    • Ability to patch standard TWiki distro
  • Src.zip archive with Pascal source files in zip:
    • Ability to build a zip from a directory, and include the zip in the zip distribution (not the directory itself)

On non-root directory: Needs some work, not too difficult for path that do not contain spaces.

-- PeterThoeny - 30 Dec 2006

I would imagine the best way to build it would be to use svn links to the tagged release. That way you can build a full release tree for TWikiForWindowsPersonal, linking to the content of your preferred TWiki release within svn without having to duplicate it. Patching is probably also feasible in that scheme. It has the attraction that you could svn co the whole package onto a PC for testing.

I'm pretty sure the build system is already capable of building zips within zips. This is how the unit tests used to be included in distributions, before I stopped distributing them. If not, then that is a sensible enhancement.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 31 Dec 2006

I have successfully ported a working TWikiVMDebianStable install over to TWikiForWindowsPersonal for testing. I have posted the initial process I used to do the port at TWikiVMtoTWikiWP.

-- JoshuaJohnston - 31 Dec 2006

Does anyone have time to tackle the svn and build stuff?

-- PeterThoeny - 01 Jan 2007

Peter, after looking through the batch file and perl script (in the same file!) you generated, I am impressed. I have two suggestions that I would like to try and help implement if possible.

1) Potentially move the .BAT file to a WSH file since batch files are obsolete and WSH is more potent (starting out with something that already works though, there is nothing to complain about or functionally mandating this, just that it would be nice).

2) This system would be nice to be able to burn to a CD or DVD as a quick (and read-only) reference source that could easily be distributed. Initially I thought it would be able to do that already, but there are some obvious things that disallow that, not to mention anything two layers deep that I haven't run into yet.

Edited: See Comment Below

-- JoshuaJohnston - 01 Jan 2007

Nix most of my comments above... I am halfway through porting the batch file functionality to WSH which will allow for custom run-time path generation, ability to operate in a read-only environment, no need to generate batch files on the fly, and no need to operate from the root directory. I also have a script that will allow you to stop the web server from the command line instead of having to use task manager to kill it.

Since I am not a regular contributer, what is the typical place/process/[link with more info] for uploading files and collaborating. Hopefully I will have something usable I can upload shortly... I know I could make a new topic and upload the scripts but I'm guessing there might be a better or previously established way to do so... just let me know... Thanks...


  • Done with the batch file replacement script as well as the Stop script
  • Scripts run on all versions of Windows
    • Actual run-time requirements are WSH v5.6 and WMI Core v1.5
    • Only older machines (an old Win95/98 box for example) would need updated with these components, which now come standard
  • Scripts allow for starting as well as stopping the webserver, and cleanup if necessary
  • Detection of read-only media on startup allows for a reference CD or DVD to run (tested this and it works)
  • Issues with running in a folder other than root can now be tracked down to TWiki source using relative/absolute paths

Update #2:

  • I am posting all further comments related to this effort here: TWikiWPstuff

-- JoshuaJohnston - 01 Jan 2007

That sounds great work from both Peter and Joshua!!!

I would love to test the alpha/beta version asap for early feedback if you like.

-- MartinRaabe - 02 Jan 2007

Re WSH vs BAT - some people like myself have disabled WSH scripting entirely since at one point it created security holes. Keeping the installation in Perl is nicer for us Perl programmers, though for an installation script it's best to use whatever works and doesn't create new dependencies.

-- RichardDonkin - 02 Jan 2007

Joshua, it really would be best to get checkin rights and do this work in the subversion repository. That way you get to leverage all the existing TWiki packaging technology, as well as being able to collaborate with those who would help you.

If I was you I'd package it as a TWiki Contrib.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 02 Jan 2007

Just installed this to hard disk and it works fine (you do need to tolerate the AutoRun.inf file being installed to the root directory, but you can delete that file for non-removable disk usage). I found that using Cygwin unzip to unzip the file is doesn't work well (doesn't set Windows exec permissions, so you get Access denied messages) - WinZip worked fine.

The performance is reasonably good, though it still has to spawn a perl process for every execution (Google:processexplorer+windows is a great way to investigate processes, better than Windows Task Manager).

Also, rewriting run.bat into WSH would make this less widely usable - the BAT file works fine on my system even though WSH is disabled, and most of the work is done by the Perl script anyway. Since Perl's included in the TWiki WP package and TWiki developers know Perl, let's just use BAT (or perhaps CMD files) - not sure if BAT still spawns a 16-bit DOS VM, but it must be somewhat optimised now. The WSH-based features sound nice, but the WSH script should be an option not the default.

To simplify future upgrades using UpgradeTWiki, it would be nice to include GnuWin32 patch. Wouldn't add much to the download.

-- RichardDonkin - 03 Jan 2007

Richard: No problem leaving the old batch file in place certainly... it works fine for starting the webserver. I still am interested in sharing the scripts though if possible, potentially refining them for certain end-user scenarios (such as speed improvements for reference material on a cd).

I also added a label statement to my AutoRun.inf file which I like (label=TWiki), which shows up as the cd title.

Crawford: I am working on understanding the process to do what you said (slightly confusing and complicated at ground zero but I think I'll get there eventually)

Also I have a bug to report which I haven't had time to look into yet. When I rename a topic it appears to rename the topic and change links correctly, but then I get served a "Forbidden" page and have to back-track out of it not knowing what happened or if the rename/move was successful. So far it appears to be successful and just serving up the Forbidden page when it's done.

-- JoshuaJohnston - 05 Jan 2007

Thanks Joshua for the continued support. Yes, please get engaged.

See Plugins.ReadmeFirst on how to get started with extensions.

I am not sure though if TWikiFor* releases should be put into the ContribPackages bucket. They are standalone releases and should be made available in the Codev web, not in the Plugins web. The Debian stuff is at SVN:tools/pkg/debian, so this would be SVN:tools/pkg/wp ? This means you would need to get core developer privileges.

Richard has a good point on not relying on WSH. Perl inside bat is pretty flexible, but not sure if everything what Joshua does can be done in WSH.

The generated batch file is unfortunately needed because the TinyWeb webserver expects full path names, starting from the drive letter. We can remove the generated batch file if the webserver is enhanced to groc also path names without drive letter, such as \twiki\htdocs.

-- PeterThoeny - 05 Jan 2007

For Joshua and all the other developers willing to contribute:

ALERT! Create FranzJosefSilliWouldLikeToCheckIn to ask for SVN access; give a short introduction of yourself.

-- FranzJosefSilli - 05 Jan 2007

Great idea - adding dinamicaly free port selection in run.bat

-- AndreyTkachenko - 11 Jan 2007

Free port selection is actually quite easy given Perl and a system call to the Windows netstat command. I've written this at least once smile

-- RichardDonkin - 16 Jan 2007

As a newbee, maybe I'm off-topic, so sorry... The standalone runs OK form my WinXP. But is it possible to install plugin onto it? I've tried, but I am getting problems installing CPAN dependencies. Any clues? Thanks

-- PauloGoes - 23 Jan 2007

You can install additional plugins. If they depend on additional CPAN modules you need to install the CPAN modules into the \twiki\perl\lib path.

-- PeterThoeny - 24 Jan 2007

Another newbie question: After installing TWiki 4 on my C:\ drive the browser tries to open the following url: The server is responding with the message "Forbidden". Using only I can view the start page.

Then I try to use the link called "Start TWiki" ( In this case the server is responding with the message "Internal server error: The system could not find the file specified". Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

-- MichaelMlynarski - 24 Jan 2007

Not sure. What Windows version do you use?

-- PeterThoeny - 24 Jan 2007

Thanks. Can you give me any pointers to install the CPAN modules? I try to run the CPAN script in this configuration, but I get nothing but errors.

-- PauloGoes - 24 Jan 2007

I am not that familiar with CPAN on Windows, see if you find more info at IndigoPerl, http://www.indigostar.com/indigoperl.htm

-- PeterThoeny - 24 Jan 2007

I use MS Windows XP Prof (Version 5.1, SP2).

-- MichaelMlynarski - 25 Jan 2007

Sorry for my english. I am completely ignorant of Perl and of anything is programming language. I am trying the personal computer version and I overcame problems mentioned in this page by MichaelMlynarski in the 24th of Jan. I got the starting page and I tried to create a new user, I supposed it would replicate locally the web account creation page. It doesn't work but it recognizes if I do not fill in the password field. I use WinXP SP2, IE 7.0. Should it work completely on a local pc? Thank you a lot.

-- MaurizioOlmo - 26 Jan 2007

No problem, English is just another language. This distribution is intended for single use only, if you need multiple users use one of the other distributions. If you wnt your name to show up instead of TWikiGuest you can that in /twiki/twiki/lib/LocalSite.cfg as described in the Notes and limitations section of the index.html file.

Could you share with us what you did to solve the problem Michael had?

-- PeterThoeny - 26 Jan 2007

I am getting an error when I try to unzip the download. When trying to recover files like the run.bat are missing.

-- LeeCarpenter - 05 Feb 2007

Looks like a corrupt zip file. Please clear your browser cache and try again.Try from a different network/computer if needed.

-- PeterThoeny - 05 Feb 2007

I have tried 4 different machines two in chicago and two in Atlanta and they all receive a corrupted download. Is there another site for the download?

-- LeeCarpenter - 06 Feb 2007

The zip contains a .exe. Is your employer filtering out exe files? Please try from a personal account. This distribution gets downloaded over 700 times a month.

-- PeterThoeny - 06 Feb 2007

Problem with WYSIWIG edit mode: (LMK if I'm posting to the correct place). I love this app. My org. has really embraced TWiki for internal documentation and collaboration projects so an offline editing tool is invaluable.

When I click on the WYSIWIG editing button I get an error message that seems to be path related (it starts "Internal Server Error: Can't locate HTML/Entities.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /twiki/twiki/lib/CPAN/lib//arch/..."). I read in the above thread that some applications require CPAN installation (modification), but it's not clear to me if that applies to this plugin problem. I thought it wise to check with you all before i burned too many cycles troubleshooting: is the WYSIWIG plug-in supposed to work "out of the box" in the TWiki-WP-4.0.5 release? The install went smooth and I don't recall having to make any major configuration changes to allow the Personal TWiki to function.

The WYSYIWIG plugin is enabled and (if it's at all relevant) the cgi::session module is not installed.

Thanks for the help!!!

-- AdiCohen - 13 Feb 2007

You need to install the prerequisite CPAN modules for the WYSIWYG editor.

-- PeterThoeny - 13 Feb 2007

I also had the problem Michael had (HTTP 403 Forbidden). Solved it the same way he did (just

-- PaulOpitz - 18 Feb 2007

I had no problems on an Windows install of the Twiki-WP-4.0.5 package. However, I did want to use the WYSIWYG and Calendar Plugins. Needing the CPAN functions, I found the easiest way to get them was to install ActivePerl to the twiki/perl directory, and then run the "install Bundle::X" commands within the perl shell. I guessing this is a poor workaround, but my linux/shell/tool skills are more than a little rusty.

I would like to customize Twiki for my own personal notebook, and I have found that the WP edition supplied here limits my use in terms of Admin page edit permissions (or perhaps I'm still learning). Even though WP is only for a single user, I see the main point being that its primarily a single user "program" without the concerns of network vulnerability and without the install burden. Providing such a simple Twiki+Tinyweb+Perl+CGI setup to give full Twiki cababilities (perhaps with a single user out-the-box setup) seems your goal here, and I like it!

-- SteveBadelt - 24 Feb 2007

I am not able to download from this link. I have tried from many computers and multiple browsers but with no success. I just get the hourglass... Is there another place to get this software?

-- RoddyHibbard - 28 Feb 2007

I got it to work from home this morning. Very strange as I have downloaded other TWiki versions from twiki.org at work with no problems. Thanks for the help!

-- RoddyHibbard - 28 Feb 2007

It might be a virus scanner at work that prevents downloads of zip files that contain .exe files.

-- PeterThoeny - 28 Feb 2007

I am running XP SP2 and get the following error when I go to step 2, Start Twiki. Any ideas?

Internal Server Error: ../lib: No such file or directory at setlib.cfg line 29 Compilation failed in require at G:\TWiki-WP-4.0.5\twiki\htdocs\cgi-bin\view.pl line 27. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at G:\TWiki-WP-4.0.5\twiki\htdocs\cgi-bin\view.pl line 28.

-- RoddyHibbard - 28 Feb 2007

You need to unpack it into the root of a drive, such as G:\twiki

-- PeterThoeny - 01 Mar 2007

I should look more closely at boldfaced words like root smile Thanks for being patient. TWiki now works like a champ. Is it possible to import data I have from another older version of TWiki that I had running on a Linux box that had a disk failure? I have the data and thought this would be an easy way to look at some of the files. When I insert a directory into the tree, Twiki sees it but I cannot access the data. Am I being obtuse to think this would work?

-- RoddyHibbard - 01 Mar 2007

Copy all twiki/data excepts twiki/data/TWiki and twiki/data/Main, and twiki/pub excepts twiki/pub/TWiki and twiki/pub/Main. Copy selected topics from Main if needed.

-- PeterThoeny - 01 Mar 2007

Hm, will the download package be updated to 4.1 (now 4.1.2) someday or does one have to unfold the newer official zip/tgz over the files to get the latest TWiki version?

-- FranzJosefSilli - 06 Mar 2007

If you install the SectionalEditPlugin, install files manually, use cgi-bin instead of bin, rename addsection, savesection and editsection to end in .pl and in SectionalEditPlugin.pm change line 179 from editsecion to editsection.pl. There might be a nicer way to do this, but I do not speak perl and the path adaption mechanism seemed to be broken and this procedure helped for me. I suggest that one of the more perl savy guys here have a look at the problem. Otherwise, the personal edition is just great. It's what if have waited for for years ! smile

-- ClemensCap - 24 Mar 2007

Just a comment on the WYSIWYG editor. If I disable the WYSIWWYG plugin using configure.pl, the go back and edit a apge using the option http:aurl_of_the_page_to_edit?cover=kupu&t=random_time it works just fine. If I go back to the connfigure.pl script, enalbe the WYSIWYG plugin and then using the WYSIWYG edit link I get a nasty perl error in my text area. Anyway I modified the skin so It show the WYSIWYG link no matter what, but it still a bit weird.

-- MarcBoivin - 23 Apr 2007

How can i add new webs? when i try to add a new web, twiki tells me that i don´t have permissions. as there is no existing account with admin-rights i dont know how to add additionial webs.

thanks in advance for the help

  • Add TWikiGuest (or whatever user you have defined in $cfg{DefaultUserLogin} located in twiki/twiki/lib/LocalSite.cfg) to the Main.TWikiAdminGroup topic. -- PeterThoeny - 10 May 2007

-- UweFranke - 10 May 2007

For any of you that get a nasty perl error (e.g. "wrong perl version") after following the installation as suggested. It might be that you've got a local installation of perl on you computer and an environment variable set that points to that installation.

Modifying your "run.bat" to unset that variable might help. See below example:

@rem = '--*-Perl-*--
@echo off


if exist .\perl\bin\perl.exe goto perlexefound

-- DominikBusinger - 10 May 2007

i got my TWiki for window personal, i have a problem of configuring access control, 1st< how do i make my self an Admin? because it keeps me as a guest 2nd< the user registration fails, gives error with e-mailing......

-- TemesghenBzuayehu - 18 May 2007

On admin: See my note above of 10 May 2007.

On registration: This is not supported/tested on this version. You can however manually create a TemesghenBzuayehu topic in the Main web and set this name the $cfg{DefaultUserLogin}.

-- PeterThoeny - 18 May 2007

Grrrr. I installed the latest Twiki for windows personal on my windows XP computer. Now, my C: drive has a Twiki icon instead of the normal windows icon. I don't want this and I don't know how to fix it. If this is normal, then it shouldn't be. If this is abnormal, then please give me a way to fix it.

-- EricShain - 21 May 2007

I should probably add that for reasons known only to my corporate IT folks, the "customize" tab is not available when I view the folder properties.

-- EricShain - 21 May 2007

On file icon: This is controlled by the icon setting in Autorun.inf. See http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/article02-031

-- PeterThoeny - 21 May 2007

I cannot install this windows version. I am on a corporate network and my IP is not When I run twiki I get a '(61) connection Refused error'. I can get it to work a little by changing the URL from to localhost, but as soon as I click a link (e.g. 'start wiki') it takes me to and I get another (61) error. Is there some way I can run this windows version from my already installed wamp server, or get it to work in tinyweb?

-- ZacCraven - 18 Jun 2007

From Wikipedia:localhost: "localhost always translates to the loopback IP address in IPv4, or ::1 in IPv6." Not sure why does not work in your environment, unless you are on IPc6.

-- PeterThoeny - 18 Jun 2007

i am getting a internal server error on runiin the batch file

"Internal Server Error: ../lib: No such file or directory at setlib.cfg line 29 Compilation failed in require at D:\Twikii\twiki\htdocs\cgi-bin\view.pl line 27. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at D:\Twikii\twiki\htdocs\cgi-bin\view.pl line 28."



-- AshishBelsarkar - 25 Jun 2007

You have two levels of twiki. Remove that to one level and you should be OK. That is, make sure to unzip the package in the root of your D drive.

-- PeterThoeny - 25 Jun 2007


Check if your hosts-file contains this line:       localhost

If it doesn't try adding it and see if it works.

-- JosKunnekes - 03 Jul 2007

non-root directory solved?

Hi all, Great software, except I found the root folder placement to be truly irritating. Tried TWikiWPstuff vbs script from these comments, as it says "no need to operate from the root directory", but that is not entirely true - since other twiki files need to be edited besides the starter script. So this is briefly what I did:

With proper root install, I should have the files in c:\twiki. Now, I want to put them in a folder, let's call it myfolder - this puts the installation into c:\myfolder\twiki.

1. Change the run.bat script - simply add one more "copy $cwd =~ s/\//\\/;" after the already existing one; this will help that you get proper C:\myfolder\twiki paths, instead of C:\myfolder/twiki with wrong backslash

note: after this step, you should be able to run the bat script, and run the bat file proper - however, you will only display the index.html file, the cgi-bin will fail with 500 Internal Server Error

2. Change LocalLib.cfg in C:\myfolder\twiki\twiki\lib\ : line $twikiLibPath = "/twiki/twiki/lib" into $twikiLibPath = "/myfolder/twiki/twiki/lib";

note: after this step, cgi-bin will be recognized, but you will get TWiki Installation Error - Template "oopsaccessdenied" not found.

3. Change LocalSite.cfg in C:\myfolder\twiki\htdocs\cgi-bin : search/replace all '/twiki to '/myfolder/twiki

It should work now ! smile

-- TWikiGuest - 23 Jul 2007

Thanks for sharing this. I fixed the multiple replies. (Please register with your real FirstnameLastname on twiki.org as indicated in the registration page.)

-- PeterThoeny - 24 Jul 2007

Installed in minutes, seems to be working great. This is exactly what I wanted to have to begin organizing my life. It's a bit slow, but what do you expect for something running off a thumbdrive? Thank you!

-- JeffWinkler - 15 Aug 2007

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that I made an initial attempt of integrating Twiki engine with WikidPad, it is documented here: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/wikidPad/message/3451 Still primitive at the time being, but it works somewhat.. Maybe will be useful to someone, or motivate someone to join smile

(sorry to use an anonymous nick, but I'd rather stay anonymous smile just wanted to post the message, you're welcome to reset it back to guest smile )

-- TWikiGuest - 21 Aug 2007

Thanks for the pointer. How does that relate to the TWiki for Windows Personal distribution?

(I removed your screen name account, thank you for your understanding.)

-- PeterThoeny - 22 Aug 2007

The install simply could not be easier. This is a wonderful idea elegantly executed. It may be worth either making TWikiGuest an admin by default (in the download) or adding to index.html the instructions to make TWikiGuest admin (see 10 May 2007, above), just to ensure the user has the power they need.

-- JaredFreeman - 25 Aug 2007

Installing CPAN modules for TWikiForWindowsPersonal is so difficult as to make the WYSIWYG editor practically unusable for basic needs.

To wit: if I try to install CPAN modules manually with the Perl distro that installs with TWikiPersonal, with 'perl -MCPAN -e "install HTML::Parser"', I'm told that I need gzip and tar. Fine, so I install a gzip and a tar. I edit CPAN.pm so that it works with the aforementioned utilities. Then, I get an error telling me:

Error: Unable to locate installed Perl libraries or Perl source code.

It is recommended that you install perl in a standard location before building extensions. Some precompiled versions of perl do not contain these header files, so you cannot build extensions. In such a case, please build and install your perl from a fresh perl distribution. It usually solves this kind of problem.

So, now I have to upgrade my Perl? If I try to upgrade the Perl (using ActiveState), then TWiki ceases to work properly. To my left is Scylla, on my right Charibdis.

Ugh. In my humble opinion, everything that TWikiForWindowsPersonal needs should be included in the download TWikiForWindowsPersonal. That includes CPAN modules. I mean, there are only two modules (HTML::Parser and HTML::Entities) that the default editor needs, why not install them by default?

-- MattDubord - 27 Aug 2007

I have finally got it working. The problem was using the newest version of Perl from ActiveState with TWiki. If you use a similar version, it works with no problems (just install the 5.6.x versions into the \twiki\perl directory).

Still, it would be nice if the personal version just came with the required libs.

-- MattDubord - 28 Aug 2007


I am able to install the TwikiForWindowsPersonal, however i encountered following issue: 1. When i execute run.bat. The internet explorer page ( comes with message:

You are not authorized to view this page. 2. works fine and when i click on 'Start Twiki' link, it navigates me to the new page.

Please let me know if i missed anything during installation/setup.

-- ManvirSingh - 08 Sep 2007

Hi, What are the main functionality shortcomings of the personal version compared to the standard installation?

-- EyalTeutsch - 09 Sep 2007

Personal edition basically is not running all the time, and could be installed and run (on demand) from a usb key. The full version would run from a webserver whenever the computer is booted, and generally will be on port 80.

-- SvenDowideit - 09 Sep 2007

The personal edition can be run at all times if run.bat is placed in the startup folder. Key shortcoming of the personal version is that it is for single use only, e.g. no user registration.

-- PeterThoeny - 11 Sep 2007

Running cgi scripts: Not to be a complete newb about this but, just how does one write the link or expression in twiki for windows personal that will run C:\twiki\htdocs\cgi-bin\test.pl or another cgi when the user clicks the link on a twiki page?

-- JaredFreeman - 20 Sep 2007

...Just to continue: The following is a legal link but does not actually run: run me!

-- JaredFreeman - 20 Sep 2007

Should I be able to access this personal version from other computers? In other words, if on my LAN the IP address of the PC is, I'd think the TinyWeb server would let me access this wiki from another computer using It doesn't seem to work - is there any way to get this function? I was hoping to use the personal Twiki from multiple machines.

-- StephenDrone - 27 Sep 2007

TWikiForWindowsPersonal is really intended for use as, well, a personal wiki that is not network accessible. If you are just using it on a home network, and have a firewall and WPA-enabled WiFi, then it's probably find to use this TWiki distribution - probably there is a TinyWeb config file to edit that currently says listen on (localhost) only, which should give your LAN address instead or as well. To test this out, try doing telnet twiki-address 80 from another PC, and hit Enter once connected (you should see an HTTP response) - if you get connection rejected or dropped, perhaps there is a firewall on the TWiki PC that you need to open up. You will also need a static IP address on the PC of course.

One easy way to get TWiki on Windows for use as a server is TWikiVMDebianStable - requires a larger download and more RAM, but it is very easy to install and more suitable for use as a server. For example, there is a very detailed checklist of all the things needed to do to "go public" (network accessible) and remain secure, and because it's a Linux virtual machine on Windows it's much easier to keep up to date with security fixes.

Another reason to consider TWikiVMDebianStable is that it's very easy to install plugins for things like WYSIWYG - just type cpan -i NameOfPerlModule and you're done.

Or you could just run TWiki on an Ubuntu Live CD, or install Ubuntu with TWiki alongside Windows (which is now very easy), but that's a slightly larger change smile

-- RichardDonkin - 29 Sep 2007

I'm looking for this functionality - but with newest version (4.1.2), to be able to make a one-2-one copy of a web-site with a PC-personal version.

I've read all the comments and have found some good variants like TWikiOnMemoryStick but also a LiveCD with Ubuntu, with the disadvantage of running an environment where my PC-environment isn't accessible ...

My preference would be TWikiForWindowsPersonal in newest version with sync to web? But I haven't found this as a complete project / download ...

Can anyone help? Thanks, Norbert

-- NorbertKress - 07 Nov 2007

I've looked into Uniform Server and it seems to me a great platform for Portable TWiki. It's a "setup around XAMPP" also a Wiki - NOT TWiki - is available. Is anybody able, to describe, what to do to get TWiki running on that platform?

-- NorbertKress - 14 Nov 2007

I am trying this out as a way to introduce my company to Wiki's

I have unzipped the twiki and that is working great. I added the Wysiwyg plugin, but when I tried "perl install_script" I got an error regarding extender.pl. even after I downloaded extender.pl and put in in the tools subdirectory I got that error. I then grabbed activeperl 5.8 and although I still can't run the install script, wysiwyg is working (once I went into configure and enabled it). Not knowing when I'm ahead, I then dl'd the TinyMCE plugin and unzipped it. I still get an extnder error and the TinyMCE plugin does not show at all in config. any clues for a complete perl noob?

-- RichardWaters - 17 Nov 2007

I have Install the twiki on the windows XP sp2, It seems working well at the beginning, but soon I ran into a problem. When I tried to create a new user account though the registration page, after clicking the 'submit' button, it can't open the page. Can you help me to figure out why? Thanks!

-- JaneGreen - 18 Nov 2007

This TWiki distribution is intended for single use. If you want to use your own name, manually create a JaneGreen topic in the Main web and in twiki/lib/LocalSIte.cfg set this: $TWiki::cfg{DefaultUserWikiName} = 'JaneGreen';

If you want to register users it is better to use the TWikiVMDebianStable distribution.

-- PeterThoeny - 18 Nov 2007

Richard, if you are having trouble with TWikiForWindowsPersonal, and have about 100 MB RAM free, it is easier to just run TWikiVMDebianStable. It's not suited for running from a USB stick really, but it works very well from hard disk and is very easy to install. TWikiInstaller may be another way to go, it installs a native Windows TWiki but is currently still in beta.

On your specific problem, try opening extender.pl in a Unix-aware editor (not Notepad, try something like PFE or SciTE, as per the ancient WindowsInstallCookbook), and compare its first line with the view.pl script under the TWiki bin directory. The view.pl setting, something like c:/twiki/bin/perl -T is the correct one and may fix your problem if used with extender.pl. You will probably need to do this with other scripts in plugins that you install, though I haven't looked at the code.

Alternatively, use TWikiVMDebianStable and this should "just work" out of the box, since extender.pl has been tested on Linux as used by this VM.

-- RichardDonkin - 19 Nov 2007

I'm currently trying to use the WindowsInstallCookbook, I see in RichardDonkin last comment, he calls it ancient. Is there a different installation method I should use?

-- DanielDowlin - 11 Dec 2007

You can use IndigoPerlCookbook or others listed in the Windows section of the TWikiOn topic.

-- PeterThoeny - 12 Dec 2007

I tried using the Twiki:Codev.IndigoPerlCookbook, but I keep getting stuck at step 14 when it asks to put in the path to the interpreter. None of my files are read only and I am putting the path in correctly, but I keep getting the permission denied error #71. I am a newbie and trying to get my companies first Wiki up. I thought going through all the steps myself would help me have a better understanding of the system, so I was trying to avoid using a pre-packaged install. Does it matter?

-- DanielDowlin - 12 Dec 2007

Please ask support questions in the Support web.

-- PeterThoeny - 12 Dec 2007

I wonder how fundamentally different TWikiForWindowsPersonal is from the Windows TWikiInstaller. Maybe I should add a non server installer? I'm also going to look into StrawberryPerl - Adam is going to release the first full version when Perl 5.10 is released.

-- SvenDowideit - 15 Dec 2007


  • Unzip and start vs. installation program
  • Clean vs. changes to Windows registry and file tree
  • Unzipped package is 41 MB vs. ?? MB
  • Runs on any drive, even if moved; fits on a memory stick vs. fixed install on a drive
  • Singe user vs. multi user

-- PeterThoeny - 15 Dec 2007

So the download size is 14MB - the 4.2.0 rc2 installer including apache, perl, rcs and grep is 23MB. I'll go look at the installed size and update here. I definatly agree that there is value in the non-server based TWiki.

So if I make an installer, the only differece should be the first - run exe, vs unzip? I guess it'll be worth looking at at some stage soon.

-- SvenDowideit - 15 Dec 2007

This error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that the website you are visiting had a server problem which prevented the webpage from displaying.

For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.

Any help appreciated...

-- KaramYadav - 22 Dec 2007

I wonder if TWiki2Go address the same needs? (Though I guess the fact that its not free for commercial use is an issue)

-- SvenDowideit - 29 Dec 2007

I have unzipped TWiki-WP-4.0.5 in a folder on hard drive. It is not working(actually nothing happens) on clicking run.bat. Please advince. I am using Windows XP.

-- YogeshChugh - 20 Jan 2008

Check to see if you have extracted the contents of the zip file to a root drive. Please ask support questions in the Support web.

-- PrateekParekh - 29 Mar 2008

Dear all who has this "Forbidden" problem at very start while running run.bat I solved it simply extracting the zip file straight under the root drive ( C for me). Go to that extracted file, cut only the twiki folder and place it under your root drive so that you would get C:\twiki\run.bat ( not C:\TWiki-WP-4.0\twiki\run.bat) and it works perfectly. Well at least for me.

-- GiedrePauliukaityte - 31 Mar 2008

I had the crazy idea tonight of updating this Personal release to 4.2.0, but am having a bit of difficulty with it. configure runs fine, but I keep getting a 500 error and a "CGI script /cgi-bin/view.pl returned nothing" message in the browser.

So, trying to debug it, I added the line

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
to view.pl and then escaped the use TWiki commands to bypass any errors:
eval("use TWiki::UI;");
eval("use TWiki::UI::View;");
With these changes, the pages now render correctly, although with an annoying "Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1 Content-Length: 13653" at the very top of the page, which is obviously the html content header generated by TWiki---which shows up as text because I hard coded one for debugging.

So, now, a couple of questions:

  1. Has anyone else successfully tested 4.2.0 with tinyweb ?
  2. Given the low prices of high capacity disk-space/usb-thumb-drives these days, is there a compelling reason not to use a standalone version of Apache in place of tinyweb? The .zip file size would grow, but it would give a more satisfying TWiki experience, with authentication and all other bells and whistles.


(BTW. I had to disable the WYSIWYG plugin, too.)

-- ScottHoge - 26 Jun 2008

I tried to delete all the files in my C:\twiki folder after running it so I could start all over again from scratch, and it won't let me! ...well I'm left with the logs folder, the tinywebs folder, and the run.bat

As mentioned on the LaTexModePluginDev page, I got error pop-ups when double-clicking the run.bat: "C\twiki\tools\start.URL" (in the header) "There was a problem sending the command to the programme" (in the body) (and an "OK" button). ...yet it runs anyway. Could this be connected?

Seems like I'll probably have to reboot and delete to start from scratch.

Is it WYSIWYG-a-phobic then?

-- JackMacDaddy - 28 Jun 2008

...Well I just went to the task-manager to end process on the tinyweb server.exe; that cleared it up.

-- JackMacDaddy - 28 Jun 2008

right, moving the whole twiki files up one level so they're in C:\twiki makes it work... but the error message still happens... that can't be right to leave it like that!

-- JackMacDaddy - 28 Jun 2008


I still get this problem after installing TWiki 4 WP 4.05 on a USB memory stick:

I get error pop-ups when double-clicking the run.bat:

"C\twiki\tools\start.URL" (in the header) "There was a problem sending the command to the programme" (in the body) (and an "OK" button).

...yet it runs anyway.

Any remedies for this please?

-- JackMacDaddy - 05 Jul 2008

Hi, I have a problem with a localisation. Is it work in TWikiForWindowsPersonal? Or I have to try another version? Thanks!

-- IlyaASorokin - 10 Jul 2008

I18N doesn't work very well with TWiki on Windows, though translated UI messages should work - your best bet is TWikiVMDebianStable.

-- RichardDonkin - 11 Jul 2008

I'd love to use this as a tool to sell the concept of wikis for greater collaboration within product development teams. Some of my audience will be put off by markup - what's my best route to WYSIWYG? Do I try and bolt on a plugin (seems to be a few posts where this didn't work) or try and slap and tweak the 4.2 release?

-- GrahamCooke - 06 Oct 2008

In the mean time I moved from the dark side to the bright OS-X, Id be happy if you Graham or someone else takes over the maintenance of TWikiForWindowsPersonal.

-- PeterThoeny - 12 Oct 2008

I downloaded Twiki for Windows Personal and can't create a new topic on the Main Web, as the instructions say I should be able to. Also, TinyWeb requires a password. What am I doing wrong. I've tried on two computers, both running Windows XP.

-- TomPrefling - 24 Oct 2008

Anybody interested in updating this distribution with the latest TWiki-5.0.1 release?

-- PeterThoeny - 2010-12-09

how to make twiki personals run from c drive not on a flash drive?

-- KehindeAdeoya - 2012-04-27

Simply copy the X:\twiki\ folder to the C: drive.

-- PeterThoeny - 2012-04-27

I am not great with computers and am new to Twiki and would like to add the WYSIWYG editor plugin, but I need help on how to install it. Thanks for any help!

-- Nicholas Holmes - 2013-08-07

Also, will this ever be updated to the most recent TWiki?

-- Nicholas Holmes - 2013-08-07

Someone needs to step up to update this to the latest TWiki version. That is the right approach to add WYSIWYG capability.

Alternatively, install VMware on your Windows and then DownloadTWikiVM. That is probably the easiest to get started.

-- Peter Thoeny - 2013-08-07

I updated this to support WYSIWYG running TWiki 6.0 Indigo perl was changed to Active State as I was having problems installing HTML:Parser module to Indigo Thanks for this project it was really helpful.

You can download it from http://apx808.blogspot.com/p/int-db-portable-twiki.html

-- TWiki Guest - 2014-06-04

Thank you very much APX808 for creating a new version of TWikiForWindowsPersonal based on the latest TWiki version! When I find time I'll port it back.

It looks like you rebuild the TinyWeb webserver. Is the source included?

As for hiding referrer in logs, look into the ExitPlugin.

Also, the TWiki community prefers real first name and last name. It looks like you prefer to stay anonymous. I removed your TWiki.org account and change the permission of this page so that you can participate as user "TWikiGuest" with password "guest":

-- Peter Thoeny - 2014-06-04

Hi Peter

Thanks for the great work you did with TWikiForWindowsPersonal, and thanks to all the other guys who collaborated.

I didn't rebuild TinyWeb, I just used the one you provided. The only major change I did is to start using ActivePerl that already included the modules needed for the WYSIWYG editor, maybe someone more experienced with Perl could compile the HTML:Parser module and include it. Using ActivePerl the configure.pl script doesn't work as you get an "defined(@array) is deprecated at setlib.cfg line 53" error that I think is a known issue.

Thanks for the suggestion on using ExitPlugin, I'll take a look at it.

And sorry for my sloppiness with the changes, I never had done something on an Open Source project, I just did this on necessity and shared it with other that maybe find it useful like me, I truly hope you can polish it some more.


-- TWiki Guest - 2014-06-04

Work on open source is usually done based on necessity - welcome to the club!

On defined @array issue, see TWikibug:Item7487

-- Peter Thoeny - 2014-06-05

Hi friend i have getting error while starting twiki:

Internal Server Error: ../lib: No such file or directory at setlib.cfg line 29 Compilation failed in require at C:\Users\SHASHIKANT\Downloads\Compressed\TWiki-WP-4.0.5\twiki\htdocs\cgi-bin\view.pl line 27. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:\Users\SHASHIKANT\Downloads\Compressed\TWiki-WP-4.0.5\twiki\htdocs\cgi-bin\view.pl line 28.

Please any one give me some suggestion .....

-- Shashikant Borgavakar - 2014-06-06

Shashikant, please follow the instructions:

Unzip in the root of a hard drive or a memory stick.

-- Peter Thoeny - 2014-06-06

There's another alternative to using an actual root directory: If you happen to be short on hard drive letters and do not want to spend an extra USB device, then the windows subst command comes to the rescue.

  1. Create the directory where you want to store TWiki. In my case (my user name is haj) I chose C:\Users\haj\Documents\TWiki.
  2. Expand the TWiki-WP zip file into that directory.
    • With Windows explorer, "opening" a zip file will expand it into a temporary directory. Either copy the contents of this temporary directory to your target directory, or right-click the zip file to directly expand to the desired location.
  3. Open a Windows command prompt.
  4. Select a free letter for your drive (I chose T) and map it to the directory with the command: subst T: C:\Users\haj\Documents\TWiki
  5. Then, whenever you want, start T:\twiki\run.bat from the explorer - voila!
The thing to remember is that you can not start TWiki as C:\Users\haj\Documents\TWiki\twiki\run.bat, though it is "the same file".

-- Harald Jörg - 2014-06-15

Hey guys, I did an update of the INT DB TWiki

Here is the changelog:

  • Fixes configure script error.
  • Includes ExitPlugin to take care of the referrer problem.
  • Cleans up previous session log files on start up.
  • Includes security notes in regards to document attachment.
  • Includes POI, Enumeration and alphabetically sorted list templates.

The intelligence stuff maybe isn't of your interest, but just removing the INTDB wiki you'll end up with a TWiki for windows personal up to date with the WYSIWYG working. Thanks Peter for the suggestions, that I implemented in this release.

You can download it from here: http://apx808.blogspot.com.ar/p/int-db-portable-twiki.html

Cheerz, APX.808

-- TWiki Guest - 2014-06-25

Thank you APX808!

-- Peter Thoeny - 2014-06-26

Hey APX.808, I'm not sure if you still check this page but I have been using your version as a starting point to get a twiki online for my company and it is working wonderfully with one exception I cannot figure out. When I log into the twiki as any user, it returns a 403 forbidden page, but if you go back to the webhome it shows you as logged in. In fact you can refresh the page that says forbidden and it will come back no problems. While this is an annoyance, there are some people I work with that will not understand how to get around this. I have changed the LoginManager to TemplateLogin and the PasswordManager to HtPasswdUser as it is running TinyWeb, not Apache. If I cannot find the source of the forbidden errors, is it possible to create a custom 403 page that TinyWeb brings up that will auto-redirect to the webhome? Thanks to anyone that can help.

-- Bryan Byers - 2014-11-29

i have installed the TWki 6.0.1 + Perl + Apache 2.2.8 in windows 7 and i followed installation guide in this link http://www.twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/TWiki/TWiki04x02WindowsInstallationGuide#Downloads and when i get to TWiki configuration i cant open http://localhost/twiki/bin/configure Any Help please

-- Khaled Altarhuni - 2015-02-21

Khaled, please do not cross-post. This question is handled at Support.SID-02027.

-- Peter Thoeny - 2015-02-22

Soooo... yet another approach to personal TWiki is Coming Soon Now. Tonight I managed to get a TWiki executable up and running on windows... start it as a .exe file under your own user id, then point your browser to http://localhost:5000, and have the appropriate amount of fun. No more unpacking, no more installing either a webserver or a Vmware player (or both). This should also pass as a solution to TWiki On Memory Stick, as the executable has less than 10MB (correct, that's ten MB, but only for the executable, the data and pub directories come on top). Still plenty of space for your topics. Of course, a general windows installation without the usual OS hassle has been passed halfway during the work which should work fine with either Strawberry Perl or ActivePerl. I hesitate to push that because things like ApacheLogin or fending off greedy robots can't work if there's no Apache, but for personal use we can pretty well get away without registration and login.

I'd call this an early alpha state, based on SVN TWiki (6.0.1 plus one or two Contribs plus a few unavoidable changes). At some point in time this would call for interested adventurers to play with it. And before that, it needs people to think about cool Plugins you want to be included, and what freedom of configuration you'd need. I would expect that some plugins don't work, especially those I've never heard of.

Technically it is based on CPAN:pp (for building the executable), CPAN:Plack (for the web server stuff), and all-perl configuration (for RCS and grep). The build process is trivial as compared to setting up a VM. On the other hand, I have no idea how bad different versions of windows behave with the executable, Windows 7 should be fine (both 32- and 64-bit). We can always swap some convenience for platform independence by declaring prerequisites, e.g. a certain installation of Perl (currently: None required at all), ability to install stuff from CPAN, doing some configuration.

-- Harald Jörg - 2015-04-14

Thanks for working on this, Harald! This is cool stuff!

-- Peter Thoeny - 2015-04-16

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