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ALERT! NOTE: This is no longer the latest production release -- please download.gif download the latest TWiki release.
TWiki is open source software.
The Perl CGI source code, default templates and documentation are available for free and can be redisributed under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License). The identical .zip and .tgz packages can be used on all platforms; an installation guide is included in the package; supplemental documentation contain platform specific instructions.

TWiki Production Release 4.0.3

Download the latest stable TWiki Release from this page.

TWiki is a flexible, powerful, and easy to use enterprise collaboration platform. It is a Structured Wiki which can be used to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet or on the internet.

Release 4.0 is the first major release in a year, adding simplicity in installation, integrated security features, and much more.

Major New Features

  • WYSIWYG editor (beta)
  • Revamped PatternSkin with a modern look and lots of customization options
  • Much simpler install and configuration
  • Integrated session support
  • Webserver-independent login/logout
  • Security sandbox blocks all possible routes for remote command execution on the server
  • New editing model with conflict resolution allows freer collaboration, without fear of overwriting other people's changes
  • Multilingual UI: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Swedish
  • E-mail confirmations for registration to prevent spamming
  • Hierarchical sub-webs (beta)

TWiki Patch Release 4.0.3

TWiki Release 4.0.3 supercedes TWiki Release 4.0.2, and addresses many important bugs and only few minor enhancements. For full details see the patch log below.

If you have TWiki Release 4.0.2 installed, you can download and install just the newer files contained in changed files.
Pay attention to not overwriting important pages which have been modified locally, like Main.TWikiAdminGroup or Main.TWikiUsers for instance. Also, note that users may have visualization problems on certain pages, due to CSS changes, which can be solved by force-reloading the pages.-- OlivierBerger - 02 Apr 2006

Release Download Information

Date Stable? Download Version Type Code Name
2006-06-26 smile download.gif zip, tgz, changed files 4.0.3 (r10706) Production DakarRelease

Release complements and fixes

Date File Comment
26 Jun 2006 Download style.css Update to PatternSkin's CSS file to remove the underline with twisty links (such as "Show attachments" link). Replaces old file in directory /pub/TWiki/PatternSkin/

Read also the known issues topic.


  • This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
  • This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
  • See the GNU General Public License for more details, published at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
  • Please note that TWiki is not distributed under the LGPL (Lesser General Public Licence), which implies TWiki can only be distributed with software that is licensed under conditions compliant with the GPL. Embedding in proprietary software requires an alternative license. Contact the author for details.

Patch Log of 4.0.3

The following fixes and minor enhancements have been addressed in this release:


Item668 _default web gives include error for WebLeftBar but the topic does exist
Item444 oops upload message with empty file is not intelligent
Item2530 Prevent infinite recursion in TMPL:INCLUDE when including generic templates
Item2528 Support for shortest view URLs
Item2524 Make templates independent on TablePlugin
Item2509 Render::getRenderedVersion converts translation token
Item2487 Re-introducing attachment table list count
Item2481 Need a configure data type to select a pluggable class (like TWiki::Store::*)
Item2476 Topic action buttons shown with search result
Item2472 Get user web name from config and not from registration form
Item2469 TWikiAdminGroup definition topic must be called TWikiAdminGroup (not configurable)
Item2467 Non-existing abbreviations in other than current web have web part stripped (AAA.BBB.FFF renders as FFF)
Item2464 Definition of a group always requires "Group" in the group name
Item2463 rdiff should show HTML comments
Item2441 Func::getWikiToolName documentation is incorrect
Item2439 Rename TWikiRelease04x00x00.html to TWikiRelease04x00.html
Item2436 PatternSkin does not support PAGEBGCOLOR
Item2427 viewfile delivers .tgz files as text (wrong mime type)
Item2426 ICONTOPIC variable: Incorrect value deadlocks topic (no edit possible)
Item2422 Inconsistent LocalSite.cfg.txt settings
Item2421 Rename: Referrer topics need to be linked explicit
Item2409 Form field checkbox option lost on topic edit
Item2402 Sandbox not aware of I18N for user names
Item2399 statistics does not like date variable sent to it because its tainted
Item2395 Always show e-mail addresses to admins (USERINFO / HideUserDetails setting)
Item2394 Allow registration without a running e-mail service (error during registration using TWiki::Net::_sendEmailBySendmail)
Item2390 beforeAttachmentSaveHandler is broken on Solaris and RedHat
Item2380 Logins / logouts with template login does not work with I18N topic names
Item2379 Inconsistent meta data in registration
Item2369 WIKIUSERNAME incorrectly expanded
Item2365 Email address handling for registration and in users homepage is confusing and not working
Item2356 in sequential rdiff a changed region is classified as twikiDiffAdd*
Item2353 Cannot lock out re-registration by using htpasswd file anymore
Item2352 Support secret values in configure (display stars for passwords)
Item2347 Statistics without params updates only Main web
Item2339 Unable to cleanly turn off WEBHEADERART completely causing unexpected major problems
Item2338 Improve doc on session vars to preclude override of perms
Item2336 Using htpasswd on the command line wipes out email address in .htpasswd file
Item2333 TWiki::Func::readAttachment my line shows wrong parameters
Item2332 GoodStyle talks about "Initials"; obsolete
Item2331 Calling a speedy-fied view cgi from the commandline breaks template login
Item2327 TWiki on Apache 2.0 hangs (Diab's TWikiOnApache2dot0Hangs patch)
Item2324 PatternSkin menu layout issue with MS Internet Explorer 7
Item2322 Comment box should have ability to be disabled by skin template
Item2321 Performance improvements to Users.pm implementation (large user bases)
Item2318 Links in square brackets breaks if there is a space in front of chars like - and (
Item2317 ChangePassword confirms change without password-handler
Item2315 Template file permissions more restrictive in tgz dist
Item2309 Prevent change password to empty string (add MinPasswordLength configuration option)
Item2302 Restore Using Forms for Settings Feature
Item2298 TWiki::Data::DelimitedFile is not as robust as it could be
Item2297 Lock down TWiki.TWikiPreferences to admin group
Item2293 Registration fails if no mail available
Item2292 SMTP mail fails if the server requires auth
Item2287 When printing a view page, the print style is not called
Item2286 When you move an attachment the rename screen shows all topics that refers to the topic name
Item2278 userToWikiName broken
Item2274 I18N: Non US-ASCII chars in usernames breaks groups
Item2271 Cannot "put back" a moved non-wikiword topic
Item2261 Error in Apache log due to TWikiWebPreferences (File does not exist / ATTACHEDFILELINKFORMAT preference)
Item2259 TWiki::UI::Save::buildNewTopic does not treat onlywikiname as a Boolean
Item2247 Unclosed DIV in viewprint.pattern.tmpl
Item2244 Documented METASEARCH parameter defaults are not the actual defaults
Item2234 natlogon broken due to recent changes in Client.pm
Item2227 PatternSkin CSS updates for IE 7
Item2226 When you delete an attachment the rename screen shows all topics that refers to the topic name
Item2225 Attachments are being named the full path name instead of the filename only
Item2223 Empty textarea generated in raw mode (VIEW_TEMPLATE issue)
Item2214 WebTopicCreator not stripping some disallowed characters
Item2186 TWiki.SiteChanges shows oldest (not latest) changes
Item2163 Groups should be defined in UsersWebName only (performance improvement)
Item2158 TWiki leaks memory - mod_perl processes continually grow
Item2157 Rendering of links containing periods does not work properly
Item2151 Delete usecase broken in PatternSkin
Item2142 Add option to write email into user topic
Item2141 Error.pm not in sync with CPAN state
Item2140 AUTHORS missing translators' credits
Item2133 Editform templates are missing some save parameters (templatetopic and text)
Item2126 Bulk register shouldn't change passwords of existing users
Item2116 I18N: updated translations for TWiki 4.0.3
Item2109 Add css classes to PreferencesPlugin buttons
Item2105 A form field defined as name assumes that the topic is in the same web as the form
Item2102 Clicking Upload without choosing a file gives error
Item2097 Plugin API / Store.pm: beforeAttachmentSaveHandler broken
Item2096 New topic missing from notification when renamed
Item2090 Default values for fields not picked up in new form (TWIKI4 only)
Item2088 PatternSkin MANIFEST is missing PatternSkin.pm
Item2057 TMPL:P parameters broken
Item2054 JSCalendarContrib only works with IE in PatternSkin
Item2050 Easier overriding of PatternSkin
Item2048 Mailto links written as mailto:address causes flooding with warning messages about uninitialized value
Item2032 Some UTF8 characters in form values broken (CGI.pm interaction)
Item2029 Build script: New topics added to distribution are not versioned correctly
Item2019 Add tracing to Client.pm (login scenarios)
Item2012 Break RCS locks on topics automatically when saving (Cairo upgrade issue)
Item2010 Email address in the email field for the user is not turned into a link
Item2009 Email addresses are not fully padded with the NOSPAM
Item2003 lib/CPAN/lib/Error.pm has debugging print enabled
Item1989 Latest CGI::Session is broken
Item1982 Sequence of form fields in topics do not follow form definition
Item1980 Login text remains untranslated
Item1941 If REPEATs are munged in templates, RDiff bombs out
Item1939 Inconsistent handling of non-wikiword topic names when creating new topic
Item1890 Wysiwyg plugin in infinite loop
Item1869 Clarify security docs in configure
Item1843 A 1.2 version of a topic cannot be deleted (spam) with cmd=delRev
Item1613 Renaming the Main web breaks several links to users
Item1602 link to TWikiUpgradeGuide needed from TWiki Installation Guide
Item1560 Non-existing favicon.ico is referenced in upgraded Cairo webs


Item2452 mime.types lacks some widely used file types
Item2301 Put {linkProtocolPattern} into configure
Item2282 SpreadSheetPlugin with SETIFEMPTY
Item2155 Remove hardcoded fonts from twiki's default content
Item2125 Add format parameter to META{"parent"}
Item1651 Extract UserMapping and GroupMapping code out of User.pm and Users.pm (enable non-TWikiTopic based User and Groups definititions)

This release was built from SVN http://svn.twiki.org/svn/twiki/branches/TWikiRelease04x00 revision 10706.

List of Changed & Removed Files


ALERT! Note: Please use Bugs:WebHome to report bugs

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