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If you have a version of Twiki running or not working on Windows, please add to the table below.

Installer's WikiName TWiki Version Windows Version Perl Type & Version Web Server & Version Comments Entry Date
MartinCleaver 2000/12 NT 4.0 sp6 CygWin - unknown Apache 3.12 Hacked the mail to use Net::Smtp 2001/08
MartinCleaver 2000/12 NT 4.0 sp6 ActiveState - unknown Windows IIS 4.0 fgrep and grep don't work for search 2001/08
MarceloMassuda 2000/12 95/98/ME ActiveState Omni HTTPd ls/fgrep/egrep from cygwin,
hacked search.pl and upload.pl
JohnTalintyre 2001/08 2000 SP 1 ActiveState build 628 Apache 1.3.19 use cygwin for fgrep, egrep, ls. RCS working fine once diff in safeEnvPath. Had to take c: off front of grep commands for them to work. No .pl suffixes required. 2001/08
HansDonner 2001/09 NT 4.0 sp6 ActiveState Apache 1.3 same comments as JohnTalintyre 2001/09
MartinCleaver 2001/09 2000 Advanced Server ActiveState - unknown Windows IIS 5.0 as JohnTalintyre except retained .pl suffixes. Authentication with SiteMinder completed. Problem that AttachmentsUnderRevisionControl don't work - see FailedToCreateHistoryFileForBinaryAttachments and RCSConfigWindows2000 2001/11
JoachimDurchholz 2001/09 NT 4.0 Workstation SP6 CygWin - 5.6.1 Apache 1.3.22 (Win32) Works. War stories in TWikiOnCygwin. 2001/11
SimonGibbon 2001/09 2000 SP1 ActiveState Xitami v2.4d9 I have not implemented email alerts as our internal mail in Lotus Notes and I don't know how to link into this and security is via direct log onto server, would prefer to use Windows security but don't know how 2001/11
MattWilkie 2003/01/01 Windows2k server CygWin 5.8.0 Apache 2.0.47 On an intranet with TransparentAuthentication. Config details at WindowsInstallModNTLM 2003/07
MaryDeMarco 2001/12 2000 SP1 ActiveState IIS 5.0 Cygwin for utils. Had to hard-code the twiki/lib path, couldn't get RCS to work. I use this TWiki only for testing. 2002/01
MaryDeMarco 2001/12 2000 SP1 Cygwin Perl Apache 1.3.24 I also have the standard Cookbook installation running with NTLM for our intranet - see WindowsInstallModNTLM. I still haven't tried the mailnotify job. 2002/05
RichardDonkin 2002/02 2000 SP2 Cygwin
ActiveState (both working)
Apache 1.3.20/22 (Win32 & Cygwin) On a laptop - CygWin for utils, Perl and RCS. Binmode filesystem setting to avoid RCS file corruption. Everything working including RCS and email. See WindowsInstallCookbook for the recipe! 2002/04
WolframJahn 2001/12 98SE Cygwin Apache 1.3.23 Win32 Cygwin for utils, Perl and RCS. Binmode filesystem setting to avoid RCS file corruption. Auth & Email not yet configured. Thanks to WindowsInstallCookbook 2002/03
SergeiPushnof 2002/03 Windows NT Workstation 4.0 sp 6 CygWin 5.6.1 Apache 1.3.23 Win32 Works. Thanks to WindowsInstallCookbook & TWikiOnWindows. Components are located at different drives, done minor changes to support that. Authentication is not implemented yet. 2002/03
VictorGoh 2001/12 2000 SP2 ActiveState IIS 5.0 Works. WebChanges did not work initially because of missing cygpcre.dll. After adding the pcre package in CygWin, everything works fine. 2002/04
PeterSteiner 2001/12 NT Server 4.0 SP6 cygwin 5.6.1 Apache 1.3.24 Win32 Newer cygwin greps just symlink egrep and fgrep to grep.exe which doesn't work for cmd.exe (had the problem with ActiveState Perl, then changed to cygwin Perl) 2002/05
DavidKosa 2001/12 XP cygwin 5.6.1 Apache 1.3.24 Win32 Everything works fine, except authentication: after registration, no line is appended to .htpasswd; when trying manually, then doesn't accept the password. Any suggestons? -- Later: I installed the mod_auth_sspi.so module for Apache, which uses NT authentication info. It works fine, I stopped debugging the Basic authentication. 2002/05
PeterGassmannIIES 2001/12 Win2K cygwin 5.6.1 Apache 1.3.24 Win32 Everything works fine, including authentication! Tried it also with Apache 2.0.36, but the authentication does not work. It seems they have changed the encryption algorithm. Also tried it with iPlanet Web Server 4.1. It basically works, but no (file-based) authentication. Had to hack the perl scripts to make them work (BizarreIis5CurrentWorkingDirectoryProblem). 2002/05
TedRoche 2001/12 Win2000 CygWin Perl 5.6.1 IIS 5.0 Could not get ActivePerl to run CPAN - cl.exe missing and make failed with "bad separator." Bailed and installed cygwin perl, but sure would like ISAPI scalability and speed. Like Mary, hard-coded the twiki/lib path. Also deleted shebang lines and added -T to .pl association in IIS. RCS and email working. Still looking for optimal, open-to-public but easy voluntary registration - cookie? 2002/05
ThomasWeigert Athens, Beijing W2K CygWin 5.6.1 CygWin Apache 1.3.24-4 Works in this configuration. However, could not get Apache to run as a service (i.e., need to use apachectl to start up httpd). Could not get Apache to work with ActiveState. Could not get Apache Win32 to work 2004/05
MarkusKling 2002/07 Win2000 DLL 1.3.12-2 CygWin IIS Patched different things. See CookbookWindowsIISSetup 2002/07
KevinMeinert 2002/12 Win2000 CygWin 5.6.1 CygWin Apache 1.3.24-4 Works with apachectl or httpd from the unix prompt. Cygwin apache will run as a service when installed with this command: cygrunsrv -I "httpd" -p /cygdrive/c/cygwin/usr/sbin/httpd.exe -t auto -a '-k'. In addition, make sure to set the User and Group attributes in the httpd.conf (the httpd service died immediately when these were not set). I set these to apache and bugs (the group all my users are), where apache is a registered win2k user and in /etc/passwd. The -k keeps httpd from exiting immediately. With these settings, Cygwin apache functions as a "normal" win2k service. smile 2002/12
DougRansom 2003/ 01 Win2000 Server on VmWare ActiveState 5.8.0 IIS Patched different things. See CookbookWindowsIISSetup. See DougsInstallOnIIS for config files and other settings. Binary attachments aren't working. Expect to spend days debugging a twiki installation on IIS. 2002/12
SvenDowideit CVS live Win2003 UnixServicesForWindows IIS 6.0 using RcsLite as the Interix rcs uses RCS dirs q1 2004
JimNewbold 2004/09 XP CygWin Perl 5.8 Apache 1.3.31 I just installed last night on small scale test machine. WindowsInstallCookbook was very helpful. Perl 5.6 was not available via CygWin. I have never before used Apache, Unix-like OS, Perl, etc. Everything went quite well, but, like DavidKosa, I am having problems with the registration script. I will try his suggestion to install mod_auth_sspi.so. I am looking for the file now... 2004/10
CharlesLord 2004/09 XP CygWin Perl 5.8 Apache 1.3.31 Could not get to work with Apache 2.0 and re-installed with 1.3.31; installed TWiki without problem, once I figured out to get "system" ownership on all TWiki directories. This solved .htpasswd write problems. Easiest way to establish first account is set yourself up manually with no password, then use the forgot password page to create your encrypted password and paste in the password file. From then on acct management was smooth. Still trying to figure out how to make Net::SMTP access my ISP for sending mail. 2004/10
AlexanderNicolovius 2004/09 XP Professional CygWin Perl 5.8.6 Apache 1.3.33 Worked with WindowsInstallCookbook, everything but email worked right from the start! 2005/07
MartinCleaver DevelopBranch XP Professional IndigoPerl IndigoPerl Used GnuWin32. See IndigoPerlCookbook 2005/08
BrentTokarchuk 2004/09 Windows Server 2003 ActiveState 5.6.1 IIS 6.0 Where do i begin. We have TWiki running on our Intranet as the base platform for some custom applications for about 6 months now. Everything is working fine now with using the standard CGI extension (perl.exe). Had absolutely zero success getting it to work with the IASPI hooks so that we could use the DLL for faster execution. For the most part just followed the instructions in the windows install guide. This got the basic functionality going. Using cygwin for the RCS and such, I had to make some changes to RCSWrap.pm as there was some strange behaviour between file dates as seen by IIS vs. that seen by the cygwin RCS. I wouldn't have installed it on IIS6 but it will get better support from IT when it finally goes live. On a side note, I had it up and running with apache in about 1.5 hours on windows. 2005/08
HaraldJoerg DakarRelease XP Professional Cygwin Perl 5.8 Cygwin Apache 1.3 with mod_perl Only try to get Cygwin's Apache running with mod_perl if you are at least as stubborn as I am. 2005/10
TodorCholakov 2005/10 2000 Professional ActiveState Perl 5.8 IIS 5.0 Works fine, but has several minor problems. I wrote small TWikiInstallerWindows and tested on several machines. 2005/10
RomainPelissier CairoRelease Windows2003 ActiveState Perl 5.8 IIS 6.0 Based on the WindowsInstallCookbook and the help of BrentTokarchuk I finally have one twiki running ! I use Cygwin also with few adjustements about the security and the installation on IIS6. I had to create two virtual directories to make it work : on is for the ../bin part and the other is for twiki directory (the only way I can make testenv.pl to work. Working actually on the bugzilla integration and LDAP search. I want to contribute to the documentation and create a step by step guide with my own story 2006/01
RalfLimmer DakarRelease XP Home SP2 ActiveState Perl 5.8.7 Apache 2.2.0 (XAMPP) Works without any problem, grep utility from http://unxutils.sourceforge.net/ 2006/02
RenatoSerodio DakarRelease Windows 2003 SE SP1 ActiveState Perl 5.8.7 Apache 2.2.0 (apachelounge.com) Grep and such from Gnuwin32.sf.net, though RCS doesn't work, not even on the command line. Using RCSLite then. It is faster than no mod_perl, but a little slower than RCSWrap (I had it working with apache2.0, but somehow couldn't call any web other than Main) 2006/03
TaoKlerks DakarRelease Windows 2000 SP4 ActiveState Perl 5.8.8 IIS 5 Using RCSLite for the moment, as it works. Install was a mess, had to edit all pl scripts in bin. Will update a known windows config topic with tales of adventure when I get the chance. Some things don't work yet, namely a few topics in the TWiki web return blank (not even headers - nothing at all!), and I can't get the RedirectPlugin to work at all... 2006/07
JustinLove DakarRelease Windows 2003 (in a VM) ActiveState Perl 5.8 Apache 2.2.3 (Windows) RCSLite (Haven't made a serious attempt at wrap yet), GNUWin32 grep. Started with the Debian VM and then moved to windows for a windows-only ODBC driver. Had to hack Sandbox.pm for a path handling change in 4.0.5 that broke windows paths 2006/10

"Entry Date" means: Date when this entry was last updated. (You do update your entries when upgrading your installation, don't you? <grin>)

-- JoachimDurchholz - 04 Nov 2001
-- MaryDeMarco - 24 Jan 2002

Victor - thanks for the info about Cygwin's cygpcre.dll, this is part of the pcre package (I assume you were using the setup program?). Since WebChanges was complaining, I assume the latest version of grep requires pcre. I've added this info and your name to WindowsInstallCookbook.

-- RichardDonkin - 02 Apr 2002

Re PeterSteiner's entry - the latest WindowsInstallCookbook has been fixed to avoid the symlinks for fgrep and egrep, you just need to tweak TWiki.cfg to always use grep.exe. So you can still use ActivePerl if you prefer.

-- RichardDonkin - 02 May 2002

To DavidKosa - interesting to see you are trying XP, please log a separate BugReport with all the details, including any Apache error log output, and I'll try to help.

-- RichardDonkin - 04 May 2002

RichardDonkin -- as I've written above, I stuck with the working SSPI authenticaton; for me it is just fine. Thank you for your quick reply and willingness to help!

-- DavidKosa - 04 May 2002

To Mary - presumably you are no longer using IIS and ActivePerl since you reinstalled using the WindowsInstallCookbook, so perhaps you could update that column of your entry? ActivePerl does work OK with the cookbook, btw.

I have the old setup still running on another machine. -- MaryDeMarco - 07 Jun 2002

-- RichardDonkin - 07 May 2002

To ThomasWeigert - I had some problems with Apache as a service under Cygwin, so see TWikiOnCygwinApacheScripts for some scripts that may help. If my laptop's LAN interface is up when I reboot, Apache does seem to start as a service, otherwise it fails, which is not too surprising. I did get Apache for Cygwin working OK with ActivePerl and also had Apache for Win32 working OK when I used that, see WindowsInstallCookbook. Please raise a separate Support question if you want to follow this up.

-- RichardDonkin - 05 Jun 2002

To RichardDonkin - you should use the -a "-k" option in your TWikiOnCygwinApacheScripts. That way httpd doesn't background immediately. This lets you stop it from the service control panel.

-- KevinMeinert - 03 Dec 2002

Hmmm. I followed WindowsInstallCookbook to the letter first, but could not get any of the other configurations working except cygwin apache and cygwin perl (this was frustrating, as I had been using ActivePerl for everything else). But this combination worked without any problems, short of not getting it to boot as a service (with my LAN connection up also).

-- ThomasWeigert - 05 Jun 2002

I updated my entry above.

VaciKoblizek: see if Support.MailNotifyBasicHelp fixes your mailnotify problem.

-- MattWilkie - 30 Jul 2003

Matt - could you comment about the Apache 2.0 issues in particular, and perhaps Perl 5.8 as well, since there have been some issues with these on Windows? See the part of WindowsInstallCookbook where it discourages these releases. If you could add comments to IssuesWithApache2dot0 and IssuesWithPerl5dot8 that would be great, particularly if you had to upgrade CGI.pm - there's a testenv check in TWikiAlphaRelease (CVSget:bin/testenv) to recommend a CGI.pm upgrade if needed when using CygWin Perl.

-- RichardDonkin - 31 Jul 2003

I was going to add two columns RCS type (i.e. are you using RcsLite or RcsWrap, and support file type (i.e. TWikiUnixSupport files or CygwinBin). I stopped because of the hassle of adding columns.

Before anyone goes to the effort, is this needed and are there any other columns that would be useful?

-- MartinCleaver - 31 Jul 2003

For those using Apache on Cygwin: the key is to use -F instead of -k as the option passed to Apache to keep it running (as per the comment above re Cygrunsrv). Apache is now working nicely as a service. See TWikiOnCygwinApacheScripts for details

-- RichardDonkin - 08 May 2005

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