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TWiki Documentation To Do

Current TWiki feature documentation projects, including basic docs, technical details, examples, tips & tricks, FAQs.

Search for DocRequests that have a ConsensusReached are UnderConstruction or ReadyForMerge:

Priority Doc Request Outstanding Issues No. of Issues
100 Codev.WikiLogoUrlShouldDefaultToLocalInstallation   0
Total: 9 Proposals   4 Issues
  Codev.ExpandVariablesInEditTemplateTopic   0
  Codev.ExportMoreRegexes   0
001 Codev.WhereAreDocsMasters Waiting for Main.PeterThoeny to agree how we are going to do this 1
002 Codev.DakarReleaseNotes   0
030 Codev.RobotsBlackList Waiting for Main.PeterThoeny 1
095 Codev.AwfulWebHomes need similiar updates to the _default web 1
100 Codev.PublishCodeUsingPdoc install CPAN::Pdoc on ntwiki 1
100 Codev.InstallHtmlTWiki04x00x00   0

Search for other ChangeProposals that have OutstandingIssues of DocsToDo:

Priority Type Proposal Status Outstanding Issues No. of Issues
100 BugReport   Codev.RefreshEditPage DocsToDo? 1
Total: 4 Proposals   0 Issues
  BugReport   Codev.DiffsFunctionDoesNotAuthenticateProperly Incomplete implementation and DocsToDo 1
100 FeatureRequest   Codev.LogDirectory DocsToDo in TWiki web 1
100 FeatureRequest   Codev.FormattedSearchSummaryWithExpandVar DocsToDo 1

Old WebForm Features

OLD WORKFLOW: The following is using the old WebForm workflow. We are now using ChangeProposals. Forms for creating new topics should have been removed. See WebCreateNewTopic for alternate forms.

Any topics listed here in dynamic tables will need to be converted from WebForm to the new ChangeProposalForm if you want to propose them for a release. Please read the preferred method to use for conversion.

Could not perform search. Error was: Undefined subroutine &main:: called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/Store/SearchAlgorithms/PurePerl.pm line 57, line 1. at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/Store/SearchAlgorithms/PurePerl.pm line 57 TWiki::Store::SearchAlgorithms::PurePerl::search('[T]opicClassification.*(
<\/td>|value\=).*[D]ocsToDo', 'ARRAY(0xac8a9c4)', 'HASH(0xae103f4)', '/var/www/twiki/data/Codev/', 'TWiki::Sandbox=HASH(0x85577cc)', 'Codev') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/Store/RcsFile.pm line 450 TWiki::Store::RcsFile::searchInWebContent('TWiki::Store::RcsWrap=HASH(0xade7890)', '[T]opicClassification.*(
<\/td>|value\=).*[D]ocsToDo', 'ARRAY(0xac8a9c4)', 'HASH(0xae103f4)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/Store.pm line 2082 TWiki::Store::searchInWebContent('TWiki::Store=HASH(0x8549bac)', '[T]opicClassification.*(
<\/td>|value\=).*[D]ocsToDo', 'Codev', 'ARRAY(0xac8a9c4)', 'HASH(0xae103f4)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/Search.pm line 270 TWiki::Search::_searchTopics('TWiki::Search=HASH(0xac86ed4)', 'Codev', '', 'regex', 'HASH(0xac86d24)', 'ARRAY(0xac92e44)', 'ABeautifulDesign', 'AC', 'ACzWikiNameEncodingIsCryptic', ...) called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/Search.pm line 695 TWiki::Search::searchWeb('TWiki::Search=HASH(0xac86ed4)', 'inline', 1, 'casesensitive', 'on', 'search', '[T]opicClassification.*(
<\/td>|value\=).*[D]ocsToDo', 'basetopic', 'DocsToDo', ...) called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki.pm line 4550 TWiki::__ANON__() called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Error.pm line 421 eval {...} called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Error.pm line 413 Error::subs::try('CODE(0xac8718c)', 'HASH(0xac8715c)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki.pm line 4560 TWiki::SEARCH('TWiki=HASH(0x8557778)', 'TWiki::Attrs=HASH(0xac87210)', 'DocsToDo', 'Codev', 'TWiki::Meta=HASH(0xb7ee5514)', 'SCALAR(0x843da50)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki.pm line 3445 TWiki::_expandTagOnTopicRendering('TWiki=HASH(0x8557778)', 'SEARCH', ' "[T]opicClassification.*(
<\/td>|value\=).*[D]ocsToDo" ca...', 'DocsToDo', 'Codev', 'TWiki::Meta=HASH(0xb7ee5514)', 'SCALAR(0x843da50)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki.pm line 3341 TWiki::_processTags('TWiki=HASH(0x8557778)', '---+!! TWiki Documentation To Do\x{a}\x{a}%TOC%\x{a}\x{a}Current TWiki featur...', 'CODE(0x843d150)', 16, 'DocsToDo', 'Codev', 'TWiki::Meta=HASH(0xb7ee5514)', 'SCALAR(0x843da50)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki.pm line 3258 TWiki::expandAllTags('TWiki=HASH(0x8557778)', 'SCALAR(0x843da50)', 'DocsToDo', 'Codev', 'TWiki::Meta=HASH(0xb7ee5514)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki.pm line 3634 TWiki::handleCommonTags('TWiki=HASH(0x8557778)', '---+!! TWiki Documentation To Do\x{a}\x{a}%TOC%\x{a}\x{a}Current TWiki featur...', 'Codev', 'DocsToDo', 'TWiki::Meta=HASH(0xb7ee5514)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/UI/View.pm line 485 TWiki::UI::View::_prepare('---+!! TWiki Documentation To Do\x{a}\x{a}%TOC%\x{a}\x{a}Current TWiki featur...', 'TWiki=HASH(0x8557778)', 'Codev', 'DocsToDo', 'TWiki::Meta=HASH(0xb7ee5514)', 0) called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/UI/View.pm line 466 TWiki::UI::View::view('TWiki=HASH(0x8557778)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/UI.pm line 204 TWiki::UI::__ANON__() called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Error.pm line 421 eval {...} called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Error.pm line 413 Error::subs::try('CODE(0x8557730)', 'HASH(0xb7ee52bc)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/UI.pm line 279 TWiki::UI::execute('TWiki::Request=HASH(0x8557ae4)', 'CODE(0x853af50)', 'view', 1) called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/UI.pm line 180 TWiki::UI::handleRequest('TWiki::Request=HASH(0x8557ae4)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/Engine/CGI.pm line 48 TWiki::Engine::CGI::run('TWiki::Engine::CGI=HASH(0x83774a8)') called at /var/www/twiki/lib6x0/TWiki/UI.pm line 506 TWiki::UI::run('CODE(0x853af50)', 'view', 1) called at ./view line 271 main::_uncachedTWikiView() called

Related topics: TWiki Documentation, DocRequest, FeatureDocumented

-- MikeMannix - 01 Dec 2001

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