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Outstanding Issues

A field on ChangeProposalForm. List any outstanding issues for the proposal. The list should be comma separated to facilitate counting on the release topics. Example: fails Test:TestCaseFooBar, doc not merged.

-- SamHasler - 04 Dec 2004

All Proposals with outstanding issues by Priority:

Priority Proposal Status Oustanding Issues Contributors Proposed For
  SimpleFieldQueriesInMETASEARCH RejectedProposal Consensus to SearchWithTWikiQueryLanguage, e.g. extend SEARCH, not METASEARCH   FreetownRelease
  SearchWithTWikiQueryLanguage MergedToCore Test syntax with beta testers + performance issue   FreetownRelease
  ActiveContext MergedToCore No one has commented    
  AllowDynamicTopicNameCreation MergedToCore Needs to be documented NathanNeulinger, SvenDowideit DakarRelease
  CopyPreviousRevisionTopicContentInt... MergedToCore Bugs:Item1966   EdinburghRelease
  DynamicFormOptionDefinitionsUsingIn... ParkedProposal No committed developer. 14-day rule will apply if someone puts his name in CommittedDeveloper.   GeorgetownRelease
  TWikiPerformanceEnhancements UnderInvestigation there is likely a significant amount of code drift since this patch was developed. PeterNixon  
  CaseInsensitiveUserMapping ParkedProposal AddTWikiAdminUser and other related work AndrewBanks GeorgetownRelease
  ObfuscateEmailAddresses UnderInvestigation Quoted email addresses are not obfuscated.    
  AddCommentWhenEditing RejectedProposal This is a duplicate of AddCheckInComment    
  AutomaticAttachments UnderInvestigation Further Testing MartinCleaver DakarRelease
  CreateHomeWebVariable ParkedProposal Decide if we go for TWikiPreferences or configure solution.   GeorgetownRelease
  DeprecateExpensiveHandlers ReadyForMerge Feedback required from developers - both core and plugins CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
  TWikiFns ParkedProposal Need a developer MeredithLesly  
  RegexSearchWithEmbeddedKeywordSearc... UnderInvestigation Waiting for idea on intuitive syntax to combine regex and keyword search PeterThoeny IstanbulRelease
  UserContributions UnderInvestigation Everyone agrees it's a great idea. We need contributors (programmers), though!    
  SetTimezoneInTWikiDotCfg UnderInvestigation getting correct syntax for your TZ is problematic   EdinburghRelease
  FindGrepsUsingSearchPath NeedsARethink uses expensive -X call, need to integrate with UpgradeTWiki script WillNorris  
  ControlOverVariableExpansion MergedToCore Confirmation that altered spec is agreed. PeterThoeny, SopanShewale GeorgetownRelease
  MegaTWiki UnderInvestigation too big to easily digest; significant code drift since last release PeterNixon  
  KeywordSearch MergedToCore Many raised concern in 2006. New proposal resolved the concern.   FreetownRelease
  DatabaseStore ParkedProposal Proposed as release theme. Needs more spec and concept code to be decided on.    
  TWikiRcsUser ConsensusReached Not yet merged into Dakar. Place for solution not specified for Cairo.   DakarRelease
  ProcessAddToHeadAdds MergedToCore more discussion of possible simplifications   GeorgetownRelease
  DiffsFunctionDoesNotAuthenticatePro... ReadyForMerge Incomplete implementation and DocsToDo CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
  CacheControlHeaders ImplementedAsExtension Not suitable for Dakar at present ColasNahaboo DakarRelease
  PrecalculateSearchResultCount UnderInvestigation No justification    
  GetRidOfPseudoHTML UnderInvestigation Awfully many!    
  SidebarNavigationWithParent UnderInvestigation Someone is supposed to "look" at it.    
  ProvideAccessToWebMetaData RejectedProposal Implementation is totally different from proposed spec on this topic. Please document the TWikiFuncEachChangeSince feature.   EdinburghRelease
  TopicDisplayName ParkedProposal Needs a driver to resolve the concerns raised with respect to performance.   KampalaRelease
  MoveAttachmentsOutOfPub UnderInvestigation Define requires for various grades of corporate and non corporate security AntonAylward EdinburghRelease
  DiffAttachments ParkedProposal binaries: The diff twiki uses tries to diff the binaries and garbage is printed to the screen. AlexChiang KampalaRelease
  EasyUrlQueryHandling ParkedProposal Feature is agreed. But the spec is not agreed and the discussion seems to have died.   GeorgetownRelease
  MailNotificationEnhanced UnderInvestigation compare/consolidate/refactor with ConsolidateNotification and MailerContrib (?) PatrickNomblot  
  PreInstallSmartEditAddOn RejectedProposal Proposal retracted by proposer in favour of PreInstallNatEditContrib   FreetownRelease
  RemovePasswdAndResetpasswdScripts MergedToCore Reset password is broken with ApacheLogin   GeorgetownRelease
  CantRenameLockedTopic MergedToCore Needs to be verified/ignored CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
  LetICONCalculateImageSize ClosedProposal are all icons that need to be 16x16 actually that size?   EdinburghRelease
  RefactorTimeHandling ReadyForMerge Should we use a proper time parser module? CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
  TocUniqueName UnderConstruction unique number generator needs to account for both types of anchors which twiki generates RuudGrosmann  
  UpdatePluginsPlugin ParkedProposal Already implemented in configure    
  AddAjaxContribsToDistribution RejectedProposal Address concerns in refined proposal   FreetownRelease
  ProposedUTF8SupportForI18N UnderInvestigation No commitment to implement.    
  BrokenPluginKillsTWiki UnderInvestigation needs benchmarking, there is potential for really expensive operations here MartinCleaver  
  MoreAttractiveForm AcceptedProposal Only the original proposal accepted. Additional proposal requires it own proposal topic.   IstanbulRelease
  ReplaceKupuWithTinyMCE MergedToCore Separate edit button, Testing WysiwygPlugin, KupuContrib, TinyMCEContrib FreetownRelease
  AddAttachmentsParamToFormat RejectedProposal proposal moved to AddAttachmentsVarToFormattedSearch   GeorgetownRelease
  AcknowledgingTWikiContributors MergedToCore Need Peter's agreement on the move to standard AUTHORS etc files; the text of the files; and the text of the source file header.   DakarRelease
  AddIconToTitle MergedToCore update TWikiVariables (?) docs for FAVICON WillNorris, PeterMasiar, RichardDonkin, CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
  AddSessionPluginToKernel MergedToCore Needs review and testing   DakarRelease
  ChangeProposalFormDefect UnderInvestigation Underlying issue with EditTablePlugin    
  GraceFullFallbackForPluginTWikiVari... ParkedProposal Spec is not yet clear. Needs more work before being ready for release meeting   GeorgetownRelease
  MultipleAnchors ParkedProposal Duplicate to TocFailsForIdenticalHeadingNames - Bugs:Item1607    
  PreInstallNatEditContrib ParkedProposal Some bug fixes   GeorgetownRelease
  CancellingANewPage MergedToCore Waiting for ArthurClemens   DakarRelease
  TerserSignature UnderConstruction can be hard to notice changes because the sig is so small; uses valuable screen real estate ColasNahaboo  
001 WhereAreDocsMasters ReadyForMerge Waiting for PeterThoeny to agree how we are going to do this CrawfordCurrie, WillNorris DakarRelease
003 UpgradeTWiki ReadyForMerge Testing   DakarRelease
003 UpgradeTWikiDoesNotCopyAllPubFiles ReadyForMerge Waiting for SvenDowideit SvenDowideit DakarRelease
004 TWikiDistribution ImplementedAsExtension define terminology   DakarRelease
005 TWikiNonRootInstaller ReadyForMerge Integration, Improvements UweWahser, CrawfordCurrie, LynnwoodBrown, ArthurClemens DakarRelease
006 PerformanceImprovementsInDakar UnderConstruction Waiting for CrawfordCurrie CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
007 SingleEntryPointForSystemCalls ReadyForMerge Waiting for RichardDonkin FlorianWeimer, RichardDonkin, CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
008 RcsLiteDoesNotWorkCorrectly ReadyForMerge Needs opinions from the community to decide what to do CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
008 MakeRcsLiteTheDefault NeedsARethink need unit tests, bug fix    
010 TWikiTestInfrastructure ReadyForMerge Not enough testcases! Get generating! CrawfordCurrie, SvenDowideit DakarRelease
020 MultiLevelWikiWebs ReadyForMerge Waiting for PeterNixon AndreaSterbini, StanleyKnutson, PeterNixon DakarRelease
025 EditLosesSkin ReadyForMerge Waiting for CrawfordCurrie CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
030 RobotsBlackList ConsensusReached Waiting for PeterThoeny   DakarRelease
037 PluginConfigFiles ReadyForMerge need to implement better in BuildContrib CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
080 BetterMore ConsensusReached Waiting for ArthurClemens   EdinburghRelease
095 AwfulWebHomes ReadyForMerge need similiar updates to the _default web MichaelDaum DakarRelease
100 DiffsShouldShowEntireTableRow ConsensusReached Waiting for SvenDowideit SvenDowideit EdinburghRelease
100 ModPerlize ReadyForMerge Plugins CrawfordCurrie, from a concept by MarziaMastrogiacomo DakarRelease
100 TopicSaveErrorWithTopicsContainingS... NeedsARethink No one is fixing this    
100 RefreshEditPage MergedToCore DocsToDo?   BeijingRelease
100 SplitUpTWikiDotPm ReadyForMerge Needs someone to try it out and give feedback CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
100 ViewScriptPartiallyIgnoresTopicPerm... ReadyForMerge Must be re-verified in DEVELOP SvenDowideit, CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
100 AttachLinkNotStruckOutInPatternSkin ReadyForMerge Deal with the many other ways of changing a topic other than edit link and attach link ThomasWeigert, CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
100 IncludeAttachmentWithHttps MergedToCore ProposedFor blank PeterThoeny  
100 WikiNameHighlighting UnderConstruction Unchecked for performance and compatibility   EdinburghRelease
100 PatternSkinWithConditionals UnderInvestigation There is no point in assigning this to a release until it has a CoreTeam priority and someone is working on it.    
100 CompleteUnfinishedDocsForDakar UnderInvestigation Prioritising unfinished documentation    
100 FileSystemNameClash UnderInvestigation No consensus on whether this needs to be fixed. CoreTeam please set a priority.    
100 ViewPrevRevShowsIncorrectMetaData ReadyForMerge Must be re-verified on DEVELOP head PeterThoeny, CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
100 EndlessLoopIncludingPageInWebTopicL... ReadyForMerge Really need a testcase, in case this vulnerability is really something different to recursive includes (which are tested) CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
100 TWikiDotCfgNeedsGardening ReadyForMerge Should we move LocalLib.cfg and LocalSite.cfg to a "conf" directory? CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
100 ForceNewRevisionCheckBox ReadyForMerge Waiting for WillNorris: need test cases WillNorris, CrawfordCurrie, JeffreyLaughlin, MattWilkie, SamHasler DakarRelease
100 RegisterFailureInsecureDependencyCy... ReadyForMerge Not yet tested on Windows PeterThoeny, CrawfordCurrie DakarRelease
100 HttpOneDotOneSupport ReadyForMerge Could really do with a full audit of HTTP1.0 compliance. CrawfordCurrie, MichaelSparks, SvenDowideit DakarRelease
100 RegisterCgiScriptRewrite UnderConstruction Volunteer needed to fix Develop:Bugs.Item593 MartinCleaver DakarRelease
100 BrowserCacheFixes UnderInvestigation There is no point in assigning this to a release until it has a CoreTeam priority and someone is working on it.    
100 ShowLinksToWebHomeAsWebName MergedToCore This topic should be removed, but only the admins can do this.    
100 DocumentedDefaultParameterValuesFor... UnderInvestigation
  1. Agree on feature
  2. Agree on spec for syntax
  3. Apply patch
  4. review code
  5. test
  6. Put documentation into place.
NielsKoldso EdinburghRelease
100 PublishCodeUsingPdoc ReadyForMerge install CPAN::Pdoc on ntwiki WillNorris DakarRelease
100 LogDirectory MergedToCore DocsToDo in TWiki web   BeijingRelease
100 RenameBinToCgiBin UnderInvestigation No concensus    
100 IntranetRegistrationMustTellUserToC... UnderInvestigation Waiting for MartinCleaver    
100 HtpasswordRaceCondition UnderInvestigation Consensus not reached on whether this is worth fixing or not.    
100 TWikiVersion ReadyForMerge How to combine with TWiki release string standard   DakarRelease
100 UploadMungesFilenames ConsensusReached No consensus on whether this needs to be fixed. CoreTeam please set a priority.    
100 SplitTheTWikiWeb NeedsARethink Waiting for SvenDowideit    
100 WebStatisticsShouldBeAPlugin UnderInvestigation No-one is working on this.    
100 WeNeedAHowtoWeb UnderInvestigation Someone with ThePower needs to make the web   DakarRelease
100 FormValuesPassedInURLRequireText ReadyForMerge REQUIRE TESTCASE(S)   DakarRelease
100 FormattedSearchSummaryWithExpandVar ReadyForMerge DocsToDo PeterThoeny DakarRelease
100 NoWarningWhenEnteringNonStdChars UnderInvestigation No consensus on whether this needs to be fixed. CoreTeam please set a priority.    
100 DoubleRegistration ReadyForMerge none   DakarRelease
100 ExtractDateFromMETA MergedToCore None.    
100 RawParamLeaksEmailAddresses ImplementedAsExtension extension doesn't actually stop harvesting, just slows it down PeterThoeny  
Number of topics: 112


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