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Default TWiki directory Debian directory
/home/httpd/twiki/bin /usr/lib/cgi-bin/twiki
/home/httpd/twiki/pub /var/www/twiki/pub
/home/httpd/twiki/templates /var/lib/twiki/templates
/home/httpd/twiki/data /var/lib/twiki/data
/home/httpd/twiki/lib/TWiki /usr/share/perl5/TWiki

-- FrankHorowitz - 23 Sep 2002

Who has experience with plugins they would like to share?

-- GrantBow - 17 Nov 2002

Some plugins need CPAN modules, and I believe plugins currently fail silently if they don't find the right TWiki modules on the Perl @INC path - SettingLibPath (setlib.cfg) is in the TWikiAlphaRelease and may help here.

Once BeijingRelease is out, that should help a bit with Debian packaging including plugins.

-- RichardDonkin - 17 Nov 2002

I am considering making a twiki-plugins deb package from the twikiplugins cvs, but it will require that we tag the plugins that are known to work with a particular release

-- SvenDowideit - 25 Jan 2003

The meta data you require already exists, but not in CVS. It's in the form data on each Plugin page. See WebForm and the TestedOnTWiki field. (i.e. CommentPlugin)

-- GrantBow - 26 Jan 2003

yeah, but mining twiki pages is going to be harder to automate. I want this to be extremely simple, so that whoever makes the packages mostly just has to test them.

-- SvenDowideit - 26 Jan 2003

Sounds like this could be a good TWikiPlugins or TWikiAddOns opportunity. At the very least you can make a topic that does a search and then use the output. Put that output into a file and use it as input for the packaging, perhaps. It's not elegant or end-to-end automated but I think it might be effective. I put this in a pretty table but it's easy enought to format the output as a straight text list and perhaps nest a search to only show the topics for a certain release. It would be very impressive to use a drop-down selection list for this table, but sorting by clicking on the column headers is enough for now.

%SEARCH{search="TopicClassification.*?value=\"PluginPackage\"" web="Plugins" scope="text" regex="on" nosearch="on" nototal="on" header="| Topic: | TestedOnTWiki: |" format="| $topic | $formfield(TestedOnTWiki) |"}%

CVS integration with TWiki is a fascinating topic since we use it to version control our own code anyway. I never understood why we don't use RCS and topics to control the code itself, but probably because these kinds of tools do not exist yet to make it easy to do.

-- GrantBow - 27 Jan 2003

So are plugins easy to install on a Debian hosted TWiki? Or is it so difficult that it's a custom job every time and hard to discuss here?

-- GrantBow - 02 May 2003

I am now at a stage that I can consider the issue of how best to support TWikiPlugins. there probably a number of ways to approach it

  1. like suggested in DebianBug:210898 (softlinks to fake the normal TWiki install directory structure)
  2. hand copying into each location (not a real option)
  3. a TWikiTopic install script (via an attach-like script)
  4. a debian package that i maintain
  5. Ideas?

I am leaning towards 3 as this would allow any TWikiAdmin to download a Plugin, and then use the TWiki web interface to configure it. I am thinking that after doing an apt-get install twiki, everything should be able to be configured via our Web interface (including the TWiki.cfg options). This would force us to be very careful about security.

it would also mean that I could move PluginTopics around, so if a PluginAuthor put the ConfigTopic into the TWikiWeb I could install it in the ConfigWeb, or the PluginsWeb.... thus enforcing the desired file Layout.

-- SvenDowideit - 15 Sep 2003

I tried using method 1 yesterday. It just resulted in the symlinks being clobbered, when I extracted the plugins.

-- JensMadsen - 18 Sep 2003

I'd like to know - how many of you would scream if the $twikiLibPath setting also contained a directory that was writeable by twiki (i'm considering something in twiki/data , thus allowing me to write a cgi based plugins installer...

-- SvenDowideit - 17 Oct 2004

I think a CgiBasedPluginInstaller would be nice, but you'll lose (or have to reinvent) the capabilities of a PackageManagementSystem like "What package does /this/file belong to?" "Has /it been modified since installation?" aso.

The approach I favored was to write a plugin debianizer script (first attempt). The plugins I'm currently interessted in mostly work without manual modification (Exceptions: CommentPlugin and SessionPlugin).

Please take a look and tell me what you think.

-- ChristopherHuhn - 02 Feb 2005

There is no specific proposal for documentation here, so I'm changing it from DocRequest to GeneralWaffle

-- CrawfordCurrie - 15 Feb 2005

One problem are the default plugins that are shipped with the twiki release as they belong to the twiki package on debian. They cannot be upgraded using dpkg and newly included plugins will conflict old ones that were seperately installed as deb's with a previous release.

Best approach would be to separate these plugins into their own packages and let twiki depend on or recommend them, I think.

-- ChristopherHuhn - 25 Feb 2005

Here's a suggested patch at attached twikiplugin2deb script... nothing much... but may help, maybe.

$ diff -u twikiplugin2deb twikiplugin2deb.new
--- twikiplugin2deb     2006-10-06 12:01:19.000000000 +0200
+++ twikiplugin2deb.new 2006-10-06 11:59:37.000000000 +0200
@@ -11,6 +11,13 @@
 # curl http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/WebTopicList?skin=rss | \
 #      grep "Plugin$" | cut -f 2 -d ' '

+if [ ! -x $CURL ]
+    echo "Error : $CURL not found" >&2
+    exit 1

@@ -21,14 +28,18 @@
 # TODO:
 #VERSION=$(date +%Y%m%d)
 LAST_MODIFIED="$(HEAD $PLUGINURL | grep Last-Modified: | cut -f 2- -d ' ')"
+echo "$PLUGINURL last modified : $LAST_MODIFIED"
 VERSION=$(date -d "$LAST_MODIFIED" +"%y%m%d")
+echo "Version : $VERSION"

 [ "$DEBEMAIL" ] || DEBEMAIL="$(whoami)@$(cat /etc/mailname)"
 # TODO: get the fullname
 [ "$DEBFULLNAME" ] || DEBFULLNAME="$(whoami)"

 if [ ! -e $PLUGIN-$VERSION.zip ]; then
-       curl $PLUGINURL -o $PLUGIN-$VERSION.zip
+        echo "$CURL $PLUGINURL -o $PLUGIN-$VERSION.zip"
        touch -d "$LAST_MODIFIED" $PLUGIN-$VERSION.zip
-- OlivierBerger - 06 Oct 2006

Now that I've played with the script a little, I think I'll have to re-write it to have proper changelogs etc (probly in Perl smile ) - there is however quite a bit of stuff that will need to be done to get dependancies happening properly etc.

add the following to your apt sources.list to to play, but do so at your own risk - I've not tested anything

deb http://distributedINFORMATION.com/experimental experimental main contrib
deb-src http://distributedINFORMATION.com/experimental experimental main contrib

you still need to run configure (or hand edit /etc/twiki/LocalSite.cfg ) to enable any plugins.

(hehe, for me, I can now apt-get install twiki twiki-moveabletypeskin twiki-bugscontrib )

ok, today's effort gets us 171 plugins that can be installed. many you will need to fill their dependancies yourself by hand, but this will improve over time as I automate the generation of dependencies.

-- SvenDowideit - 22 Apr 2007

There are now 226 twiki plugins in my repository - and now they have both twiki, and external dependancies making them super simple to install. There is a nightly script that packages up the latest uploads to twiki.org.

etch:~# apt-cache search twiki
ewiki - ErfurtWiki: an implementation of the WikiWikiWeb hypertext system
moveabletypeskin - TWiki Package: MoveableTypeSkin
twiki - A Web Based Collaboration Platform
twiki-accessstatsplugin - TWiki Package: AccessStatsPlugin
twiki-actiontrackerplugin - TWiki Package: ActionTrackerPlugin
twiki-aliasplugin - TWiki Package: AliasPlugin
twiki-antiwikispamplugin - TWiki Package: AntiWikiSpamPlugin
twiki-anywikidrawplugin - TWiki Package: AnyWikiDrawPlugin
twiki-approvalplugin - TWiki Package: ApprovalPlugin
twiki-attachcontentplugin - TWiki Package: AttachContentPlugin
twiki-attachmentlistplugin - TWiki Package: AttachmentListPlugin
twiki-authpageplugin - TWiki Package: AuthPagePlugin
twiki-autocompleteaddon - TWiki Package: AutoCompleteAddOn
twiki-autocompleteplugin - TWiki Package: AutoCompletePlugin
twiki-autoviewtemplateplugin - TWiki Package: AutoViewTemplatePlugin
twiki-batchuploadplugin - TWiki Package: BatchUploadPlugin
twiki-beautifierplugin - TWiki Package: BeautifierPlugin
twiki-behaviourcontrib - TWiki Package: BehaviourContrib
twiki-bibtexplugin - TWiki Package: BibtexPlugin
twiki-blogaddon - TWiki Package: BlogAddOn
twiki-blogplugin - TWiki Package: BlogPlugin
twiki-breadcrumbsplugin - TWiki Package: BreadCrumbsPlugin
twiki-browserboosterplugin - TWiki Package: BrowserBoosterPlugin
twiki-bugscontrib - TWiki Package: BugsContrib
twiki-buildcontrib - TWiki Package: BuildContrib
twiki-calendarplugin - TWiki Package: CalendarPlugin
twiki-caslogincontrib - TWiki Package: CasLoginContrib
twiki-chartplugin - TWiki Package: ChartPlugin
twiki-clamavplugin - TWiki Package: ClamAVPlugin
twiki-classicskin - TWiki Package: ClassicSkin
twiki-clirunnercontrib - TWiki Package: CliRunnerContrib
twiki-commentplugin - TWiki Package: CommentPlugin
twiki-comparerevisionsaddon - TWiki Package: CompareRevisionsAddOn
twiki-controlsplugin - TWiki Package: ControlsPlugin
twiki-cortadoplugin - TWiki Package: CortadoPlugin
twiki-counterplugin - TWiki Package: CounterPlugin
twiki-dakarcontrib - TWiki Package: DakarContrib
twiki-databaseplugin - TWiki Package: DatabasePlugin
twiki-datefieldplugin - TWiki Package: DateFieldPlugin
twiki-datetimeplugin - TWiki Package: DateTimePlugin
twiki-dbcachecontrib - TWiki Package: DBCacheContrib
twiki-dbcacheplugin - TWiki Package: DBCachePlugin
twiki-debuglogplugin - TWiki Package: DebugLogPlugin
twiki-directedgraphplugin - TWiki Package: DirectedGraphPlugin
twiki-directedgraphwebmapplugin - TWiki Package: DirectedGraphWebMapPlugin
twiki-distributioncontrib - TWiki Package: DistributionContrib
twiki-doxygenplugin - TWiki Package: DoxygenPlugin
twiki-dpsyntaxhighlighterplugin - TWiki Package: DpSyntaxHighlighterPlugin
twiki-easytimelineplugin - TWiki Package: EasyTimelinePlugin
twiki-editchapterplugin - TWiki Package: EditChapterPlugin
twiki-editcontrib - TWiki Package: EditContrib
twiki-edithiddentableplugin - TWiki Package: EditHiddenTablePlugin
twiki-editrowplugin - TWiki Package: EditRowPlugin
twiki-edittableplugin - TWiki Package: EditTablePlugin
twiki-edittablerowplugin - TWiki Package: EditTablerowPlugin
twiki-embedflashplugin - TWiki Package: EmbedFlashPlugin
twiki-embedplugin - TWiki Package: EmbedPlugin
twiki-excelimportexportplugin - TWiki Package: ExcelImportExportPlugin
twiki-executercontrib - TWiki Package: ExecuterContrib
twiki-explicitnumberingplugin - TWiki Package: ExplicitNumberingPlugin
twiki-extendedselectplugin - TWiki Package: ExtendedSelectPlugin
twiki-externallinkplugin - TWiki Package: ExternalLinkPlugin
twiki-famfamfamcontrib - TWiki Package: FamFamFamContrib
twiki-familytreeplugin - TWiki Package: FamilyTreePlugin
twiki-filelistplugin - TWiki Package: FileListPlugin
twiki-fileuploadplugin - TWiki Package: FileUploadPlugin
twiki-filterplugin - TWiki Package: FilterPlugin
twiki-findelsewhereplugin - TWiki Package: FindElsewherePlugin
twiki-firebugliteplugin - TWiki Package: FirebugLitePlugin
twiki-flexweblistplugin - TWiki Package: FlexWebListPlugin
twiki-flowchartplugin - TWiki Package: FlowchartPlugin
twiki-formfieldlistplugin - TWiki Package: FormFieldListPlugin
twiki-formplugin - TWiki Package: FormPlugin
twiki-formqueryplugin - TWiki Package: FormQueryPlugin
twiki-formsaddon - TWiki Package: FormsAddOn
twiki-foruserlanguagesplugin - TWiki Package: ForUserLanguagesPlugin
twiki-funcuserscontrib - TWiki Package: FuncUsersContrib
twiki-fundraisingplugin - TWiki Package: FundraisingPlugin
twiki-generatesearchplugin - TWiki Package: GenerateSearchPlugin
twiki-genpdfaddon - TWiki Package: GenPDFAddOn
twiki-genpdflatexaddon - TWiki Package: GenPDFLatexAddOn
twiki-getawebaddon - TWiki Package: GetAWebAddOn
twiki-getawebplugin - TWiki Package: GetAWebPlugin
twiki-glueplugin - TWiki Package: GluePlugin
twiki-gnuplotplugin - TWiki Package: GnuPlotPlugin
twiki-googleajaxsearchplugin - TWiki Package: GoogleAjaxSearchPlugin
twiki-googleanalyticsplugin - TWiki Package: GoogleAnalyticsPlugin
twiki-headlinesplugin - TWiki Package: HeadlinesPlugin
twiki-historyplugin - TWiki Package: HistoryPlugin
twiki-holidaylistplugin - TWiki Package: HolidaylistPlugin
twiki-hostnameplugin - TWiki Package: HostnamePlugin
twiki-htmlformsplugin - TWiki Package: HtmlFormsPlugin
twiki-httpduseradmincontrib - TWiki Package: HTTPDUserAdminContrib
twiki-ifdefinedplugin - TWiki Package: IfDefinedPlugin
twiki-imagegalleryplugin - TWiki Package: ImageGalleryPlugin
twiki-imageplugin - TWiki Package: ImagePlugin
twiki-imgplugin - TWiki Package: ImgPlugin
twiki-immediatenotifyplugin - TWiki Package: ImmediateNotifyPlugin
twiki-joomlauserscontrib - TWiki Package: JoomlaUsersContrib
twiki-jquerydevplugin - TWiki Package: JQueryDevPlugin
twiki-jqueryplugin - TWiki Package: JQueryPlugin
twiki-jquerytwistyplugin - TWiki Package: JQueryTwistyPlugin
twiki-jscalendarcontrib - TWiki Package: JSCalendarContrib
twiki-jspopupplugin - TWiki Package: JSPopupPlugin
twiki-jsunitcontrib - TWiki Package: JSUnitContrib
twiki-kupucontrib - TWiki Package: KupuContrib
twiki-kupueditoraddon - TWiki Package: KupuEditorAddOn
twiki-latexmodeplugin - TWiki Package: LatexModePlugin
twiki-ldapcontrib - TWiki Package: LdapContrib
twiki-ldapngplugin - TWiki Package: LdapNgPlugin
twiki-lightboxplugin - TWiki Package: LightboxPlugin
twiki-linkoptionsplugin - TWiki Package: LinkOptionsPlugin
twiki-localtimeplugin - TWiki Package: LocalTimePlugin
twiki-macrosplugin - TWiki Package: MacrosPlugin
twiki-mailercontrib - TWiki Package: MailerContrib
twiki-mailincontrib - TWiki Package: MailInContrib
twiki-mailpageaddon - TWiki Package: MailPageAddOn
twiki-masonplugin - TWiki Package: MasonPlugin
twiki-mathmodeplugin - TWiki Package: MathModePlugin
twiki-mediawikitableplugin - TWiki Package: MediaWikiTablePlugin
twiki-mediawikitotwikiaddon - TWiki Package: MediaWikiToTWikiAddOn
twiki-meetingbingoplugin - TWiki Package: MeetingBingoPlugin
twiki-metaworkflowplugin - TWiki Package: MetaWorkflowPlugin
twiki-morefunccontrib - TWiki Package: MoreFuncContrib
twiki-moveabletypeskin - TWiki Package: MoveableTypeSkin
twiki-multieditplugin - TWiki Package: MultiEditPlugin
twiki-nateditcontrib - TWiki Package: NatEditContrib
twiki-nativesearchcontrib - TWiki Package: NativeSearchContrib
twiki-natskin - TWiki Package: NatSkin
twiki-natskinplugin - TWiki Package: NatSkinPlugin
twiki-newsplugin - TWiki Package: NewsPlugin
twiki-newuserplugin - TWiki Package: NewUserPlugin
twiki-notificationplugin - TWiki Package: NotificationPlugin
twiki-openidusercontrib - TWiki Package: OpenIDUserContrib
twiki-orphansplugin - TWiki Package: OrphansPlugin
twiki-patternskin - TWiki Package: PatternSkin
twiki-perforceplugin - TWiki Package: PerforcePlugin
twiki-personalinfoaddon - TWiki Package: PersonalInfoAddOn
twiki-photoarchiveplugin - TWiki Package: PhotoarchivePlugin
twiki-ploticusplugin - TWiki Package: PloticusPlugin
twiki-podplugin - TWiki Package: PodPlugin
twiki-preferencesplugin - TWiki Package: PreferencesPlugin
twiki-publishaddon - TWiki Package: PublishAddOn
twiki-publishcontrib - TWiki Package: PublishContrib
twiki-quickcalendarplugin - TWiki Package: QuickCalendarPlugin
twiki-quickmenuskin - TWiki Package: QuickMenuSkin
twiki-quizplugin - TWiki Package: QuizPlugin
twiki-randomtopicplugin - TWiki Package: RandomTopicPlugin
twiki-ratingcontrib - TWiki Package: RatingContrib
twiki-recursiverenderplugin - TWiki Package: RecursiveRenderPlugin
twiki-reddotplugin - TWiki Package: RedDotPlugin
twiki-redirectplugin - TWiki Package: RedirectPlugin
twiki-renderlistplugin - TWiki Package: RenderListPlugin
twiki-renderplugin - TWiki Package: RenderPlugin
twiki-rendertabledataplugin - TWiki Package: RenderTableDataPlugin
twiki-restplugin - TWiki Package: RestPlugin
twiki-revcommentplugin - TWiki Package: RevCommentPlugin
twiki-revisionlinkplugin - TWiki Package: RevisionLinkPlugin
twiki-safewikiplugin - TWiki Package: SafeWikiPlugin
twiki-searchenginekinosearchaddon - TWiki Package: SearchEngineKinoSearchAddOn
twiki-searchsummaryplugin - TWiki Package: SearchSummaryPlugin
twiki-sectionaleditplugin - TWiki Package: SectionalEditPlugin
twiki-sendemailplugin - TWiki Package: SendEmailPlugin
twiki-sessionplugin - TWiki Package: SessionPlugin
twiki-signatureplugin - TWiki Package: SignaturePlugin
twiki-skillsplugin - TWiki Package: SkillsPlugin
twiki-slideshowplugin - TWiki Package: SlideShowPlugin
twiki-slidyplugin - TWiki Package: SlidyPlugin
twiki-smarteditplugin - TWiki Package: SmartEditPlugin
twiki-smiliesplugin - TWiki Package: SmiliesPlugin
twiki-snazzyroundedcornerscontrib - TWiki Package: SnazzyRoundedCornersContrib
twiki-soapclientplugin - TWiki Package: SoapClientPlugin
twiki-spacedwikiwordplugin - TWiki Package: SpacedWikiWordPlugin
twiki-spreadsheetplugin - TWiki Package: SpreadSheetPlugin
twiki-styleplugin - TWiki Package: StylePlugin
twiki-subscribeplugin - TWiki Package: SubscribePlugin
twiki-tableplugin - TWiki Package: TablePlugin
twiki-tagcloudplugin - TWiki Package: TagCloudPlugin
twiki-tagmeplugin - TWiki Package: TagMePlugin
twiki-talkcontrib - TWiki Package: TalkContrib
twiki-taskexecontrib - TWiki Package: TaskExeContrib
twiki-taskexeplugin - TWiki Package: TaskExePlugin
twiki-taskplugin - TWiki Package: TaskPlugin
twiki-tdbcontrib - TWiki Package: TdbContrib
twiki-templatetoolkitplugin - TWiki Package: TemplateToolkitPlugin
twiki-timelineplugin - TWiki Package: TimelinePlugin
twiki-timesinceplugin - TWiki Package: TimeSincePlugin
twiki-tinymcecontrib - TWiki Package: TinyMCEContrib
twiki-tinymceplugin - TWiki Package: TinyMCEPlugin
twiki-tipscontrib - TWiki Package: TipsContrib
twiki-tocplugin - TWiki Package: TocPlugin
twiki-tooltipplugin - TWiki Package: ToolTipPlugin
twiki-topicclassificationaddon - TWiki Package: TopicClassificationAddOn
twiki-topiccreateplugin - TWiki Package: TopicCreatePlugin
twiki-topicreadersplugin - TWiki Package: TopicReadersPlugin
twiki-topicreferenceplugin - TWiki Package: TopicReferencePlugin
twiki-tracontwikicontrib - TWiki Package: TracOnTWikiContrib
twiki-tracqueryplugin - TWiki Package: TracQueryPlugin
twiki-treebrowserplugin - TWiki Package: TreeBrowserPlugin
twiki-treeplugin - TWiki Package: TreePlugin
twiki-twikiajaxcontrib - TWiki Package: TWikiAjaxContrib
twiki-twikiajaxplugin - TWiki Package: TWikiAjaxPlugin
twiki-twikidrawplugin - TWiki Package: TWikiDrawPlugin
twiki-twikinetskin - TWiki Package: TWikiNetSkin
twiki-twikinetskinplugin - TWiki Package: TWikiNetSkinPlugin
twiki-twikireleasetrackerplugin - TWiki Package: TWikiReleaseTrackerPlugin
twiki-twikishellcontrib - TWiki Package: TWikiShellContrib
twiki-twistycontrib - TWiki Package: TwistyContrib
twiki-twistyplugin - TWiki Package: TwistyPlugin
twiki-updateattachmentsplugin - TWiki Package: UpdateAttachmentsPlugin
twiki-updateinfoplugin - TWiki Package: UpdateInfoPlugin
twiki-uploadtotwikiaddon - TWiki Package: UploadToTWikiAddOn
twiki-userinfoplugin - TWiki Package: UserInfoPlugin
twiki-voteplugin - TWiki Package: VotePlugin
twiki-webdavplugin - TWiki Package: WebDAVPlugin
twiki-webpermissionsplugin - TWiki Package: WebPermissionsPlugin
twiki-wikiringcontrib - TWiki Package: WikiRingContrib
twiki-wikiwygcontrib - TWiki Package: WikiwygContrib
twiki-workflowplugin - TWiki Package: WorkflowPlugin
twiki-workflowreportscontrib - TWiki Package: WorkflowReportsContrib
twiki-wysiwygplugin - TWiki Package: WysiwygPlugin
twiki-xmlrpccontrib - TWiki Package: XmlRpcContrib
twiki-xmlxslplugin - TWiki Package: XmlXslPlugin
twiki-xptrackerplugin - TWiki Package: XpTrackerPlugin
twiki-yahoouserinterfacecontrib - TWiki Package: YahooUserInterfaceContrib
twiki-yetanotherdbcachecontrib - TWiki Package: YetAnotherDBCacheContrib
twiki-yetanotherformqueryplugin - TWiki Package: YetAnotherFormQueryPlugin
twiki-yetanotherxptrackerplugin - TWiki Package: YetAnotherXpTrackerPlugin
etch:~# apt-cache search twiki | wc
    228    1147   12753

-- SvenDowideit - 18 Aug 2008

FYI, I have packaged LdapContrib which is in Debian's NEW queue at the moment, and so may enter Debian any time soon as twiki-ldapcontrib. More details here : http://bugs.debian.org/444448

-- OlivierBerger - 20 Aug 2008

Also, I filed an ITP for a potential package for CasLoginContrib too. More details here : http://bugs.debian.org/495428

-- OlivierBerger - 20 Aug 2008

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