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Investigation in progress

Pure MS tools only install

  • TODO: Perl from WindowsServicesForUnix 3.5 - it seems that IIS passes windows paths (to the cgi scripts) to SFU Perl, which can't cope (I hope theres a way around this)
  • NOTE: SFU also comes with Apache 1 & 2 - but I currently work on ASP.NET so I'd rather use IIS


  1. follow the instructions at http://www.visualwin.com/Perl/ (cached in attachment)
  2. unzip twiki install into ?:\inetpub\twiki
  3. make links to twiki bin files
    • cd ?:\inetpub\cgi-bin
    • run
      FOR %I IN (..\twiki\bin\*) DO ln %I %~nI.pl
      • there are some files to delete (setlib.pl, .htaccess.pl, .pl)
    • ln ..\twiki\bin\setlib.cfg setlib.cfg
    • i may need to reconsider this frown soft and hard links a broken in windows
  4. edit ?:\inetpub\cgi-bin\Setlib.cfg
    • $twikiLibPath = '../twiki/lib';
  5. the url http://localhost/cgi-bin/testenv.pl should now work
  6. TODO: create a virtual IIS dir for twiki/pub
  7. edit ?:\inetpub\twiki\TWiki.cfg
    • set normal site parameters
    • $scriptSuffix = ".pl";
    • local file paths should use "/"
    • set $safeEnvPath to use the Windows Path
    • set $rcsDir to c:\sfu\usr\contrib\bin
    • $lsCmd = "c:/sfu/bin/ls";
    • $egrepCmd = "c:/sfu/bin/egrep";
    • $fgrepCmd = "c:/sfu/bin/fgrep";
    • hunt down and kill the .exe extension on exe (SFU does not use it)
    • TODO: need to improve the path settings of ls, egrep, fgrep etc
    • initially set $htpasswdFormatFamily = "none";
  8. poop have to edit scripts? to change perl path
    • Too late for "-T" option at view.pl line 1.
    • and when you remove it, there are lots of errors (missing Digest::SHA (set $htpasswdFormatFamily = "none"), SpreadSheetPlugin.pm (remove it from the INSTALLEDPLUGINS in TWikiPreferences) (as i'm testing from cvs, but using beta topics)
    • fix it by adding -T to the IIS configuration extensions in step 1

mmm, view seems to work now (2 hours investigation)

extra config stuff (as i play around

  • you can set your default content page for cgi-bin to "view.pl?topic=Sandbox.SvenTest1" (or something smile )

Bugs / problems

  • RcsWrap is busted (interix do not use GNU) - using RcsLite for now
    • rcs error: unknown option: -kb rcs usage: rcs -{ae}logins -Afile -{blu}[rev] -cstring -{iLU} -{nNs}name[:rev] -orange -t[file] -Vn file ...
  • Does anyone know where the perl cgi errors that you would normally see in the apache errors.log file might go?

possible advice

There's lots of painfully gathered experience of installing on IIS at CookbookWindowsIISSetup and Google:TWiki+IIS, but Apache is usually simpler to get working even without CygWin / Apache expertise. Presumably your site has a mandate to use Microsoft tools as far as possible?

-- RichardDonkin - 20 Dec 2004

yes, several

  1. i've done this several times, generally with few problems
  2. Its fantastic at shaking out bugs
  3. when i did it with great success at unisys (its still running there) everthing ran smoothly
  4. other than the rcs issue, i don't know of any problems that aren't solveable.
  5. at my last job i used this setup as my test system, and then i'd move things to the FreeBSD server afterwards -

its my test site at work, though yes, they are a bit MS naive too -

and on top of that, I enjoy using the native components of a system wherever I can, as it means I learn more about the target system, and often kill some bugs in configs that should work, but are not the simpler method.


-- SvenDowideit - 20 Dec 2004

Always a good idea to try out new platforms, that's partly why I use TWikiOnWindows for development. (ActivePerl is horribly difficult to get working with fork/exec but is good otherwise).

There's an interesting PerlMonks node that deals with the issue of Perl scripts taking too much CPU time and hanging the whole IIS server. Apparently PHP has a default CPU time limit, but Perl of course doesn't - may be worth looking at this as a plugin or patch, since IIS doesn't apparently handle this (hard to believe there's not an option already for it, though).

-- RichardDonkin - 20 Dec 2004

Finally I got TWiki working on Windows 2003/IIS 6 with the above instructions. To get rid of the "The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers." message I had to comment out the first line of each script (the path). Now I get Webhome displayed but the variables are all not expanded (but they are with testenv.pl)! Any help? Thank you

-- StefanHunziker - 20 Apr 2005

I am having a lots of problems setting up TWIKI on IIS 6 & Windows 2003. I keep getting this "The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers." I have set the grep command paths correctly. Having absolutely no knowledge on PERL or UNIX makes this job even more frustrating. i am almost on the brink giving up. I would be very grateful if any of you could help me on this.

Thanks Senthil. S

-- SenthilKumarS - 22 Jun 2005

Sorry, for bothering you guys here... I dont konw y but I was not able to post a question in the support area... So, I am adding a new comment here... To add some more info: The testenv.pl seems to work fine, though it reports some issues shown below: 1. Note: Optional module 'Unicode::MapUTF8' not installed - check TWiki documentation to see if your configuration needs this module. Note: Optional module 'Unicode::Map' not installed - check TWiki documentation to see if your configuration needs this module. Note: Optional module 'Unicode::Map8' not installed - check TWiki documentation to see if your configuration needs this module. Note: Optional module 'Jcode' not installed - check TWiki documentation to see if your configuration needs this module. 2. Warning: Since your CGI script is not running as user nobody, you need to change the locks in the *,v RCS files of the TWiki distribution from nobody to 'windowsuser'. Otherwise, changes to topics will not be logged by RCS. 3. Warning: Security issue: This directory should not be writable by the 'windowsuser' user. 4. Warning: RCS program c:\sfu\usr\contrib\bin/ci not found. Check $rcsDir setting in TWiki.cfg. TWiki will not work (unless you are using TWiki's built-in RCS implementation, RcsLite).

I would like to know if the above warnings are the reason for my TWIKI installation not working correctly.

I am have installed Activeperl, Cygwin, Windows Services for Unix on the machine. I have even enabled the RCS lite configuration on the TWIKI.CFG file. I have no clue how to make this work. But I like this TWIKI very much and want it installed on my server here. Thanks in advance...

-- SenthilKumarS - 23 Jun 2005

i'm not sure at all what the problems might be - but have you removed the #!/usr/bin/perl line from the top of all your .pl files in the bin dir?

-- SvenDowideit - 23 Jun 2005

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