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TWiki syndicates WebChanges of some webs using RSS. Use the following URLs:

Web: Topic: RSS Syndication:
Main WebRss http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Main/WebRss
TWiki WebRss http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/TWiki/WebRss
Codev WebRss http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/WebRss
Plugins WebRss http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/WebRss
Support WebRss http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Support/WebRss
Sandbox WebRss http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Sandbox/WebRss

All of the above topics include the TWiki.WebRssBase topic.

You can create a custom feed with a search supplied by a search parameter. For example, to get a feed on "mod_perl" in the Codev web, do this: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/WebRss?skin=rss&search=mod_perl&contenttype=text/plain (For real feed omit contenttype). This requires the latest TWikiAlphaRelease with the default"" parameter in URLPARAM.

Aggregators such as Meerkat and UserLand may be used to aggregate this information with other RSS feeds you may be interested in.

The counterpart to the syndication of WebChanges is Plugins.HeadlinesPlugin, the plugin allows you to display RSS feeds in TWiki topics.

See examples of, and validate RSS feeds at http://www.syndic8.com/

RSS feed validator at http://feedvalidator.org/

-- PeterThoeny - 08 Jan 2002

There's an interesting new development called RSS Autodiscovery - the idea is that websites that have RSS feeds can advertise them in a standardised way by using a special <link> element. It's been implemented by several WebLogs - see the DMoz category for more information.

I've started a new topic at RSSAutoDiscovery to cover how this can be implemented on TWiki.

-- RichardDonkin - 16 Jun 2002

Nice to know: TWiki passes the conformance test of the RSS Validator: http://feeds.archive.org/validator/check?url=http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Main/WebRss?skin=rss&contenttype=text/xml

-- PeterKlausner - 23 Oct 2002

By the way: it took me quite some time to realize, why FeedReader would not reliably display all changes: it will show only one change per topic after adding a TWiki feed. I changed the WebRss topic to include $rev in the item's title. This way, the title per change will be unique and show up again.

I don't know, whether this is a FeedReader or a TWiki problem. Probably depends on the definition of "new". New title or changed attribute of existing title?

-- PeterKlausner - 16 Jan 2003

I copied this from Support.SharingRSSKnowHow. AFAICT (without ever having tried to make RSS work on a TWiki) it gives the essence of the reminder type instructions I'd like to make available on WikiLearn (in addition to the newbie / detailed instructions). I.e.,:

How to Activate RSS on TWiki

Basically, copy TWiki.WebRssBase into your own TWiki, and copy TWiki.WebRss into each web you have. Those topics are included in TWikiRelease01Feb2003.

-- PeterThoeny - 26 Feb 2003

Oh, and maybe it would go on to say something like: the top of this page has some URLs that "tap into" the RSS feeds from particular webs on TWiki (i.e., they can serve as examples).

Maybe there is a better page to put this summary / overview / reminder? (I'd put it at the top of whatever documentation is provided for installing / activating an RSS feed on TWiki.)

Hmm, I guess I almost know what an RSS feed and enough to start a WikiLearn page. First I'll try some of those URLs. I sense that there is a way to get that information to scroll across your browser -- I imagine it takes a browser that has "RSS capability".

-- RandyKramer - 27 Feb 2003

Most web browsers don't seem to act as 'RSS readers' - you can either render the RSS feeds into a web page on the server side (see HeadlinesPlugin) or use a special RSS reader tool such as FeedReader. See RichSiteSummary for more links on readers, I found NewzCrawler wasn't bad.

RSS readers should really be plugins for email programs - then people could check their RSS feeds at same time as email. Big problem is info overload if you subscribe to lots of feeds, but RSS is great as a gateway into updates on diverse enterprise systems, e.g. mailing lists, WebLogs, NewsGroups, Wikis, or even CRM/ERP apps.

-- RichardDonkin - 28 Feb 2003

Thanks Richard!

I'll explore some of the links on RichSiteSummary, but I think I'm getting the idea. Presumably there are RSS readers for Linux (although I'm not really sure I want one -- I have enough distractions -- I think I'm better off checking WebChanges once a day.

-- RandyKramer - 28 Feb 2003

> RSS readers should really be plugins for email programs

Why "plug-in" when you can just put RSS feeds to your email/news server! nntp solves the RSS "distribution" problem inherent to popular feeds.

  • rss2email - put your RSS into pop/imap/web mail
  • fetchrss similar
  • rss/nntp - put your RSS to nntp (news reader)
  • HEP - convert RSS to anything?

-- DanDees - 18 Jun 2003

There apppears to be a cross-product of notification techniques that applies to email, RSS, etc. - I attempt to taxonomize them on the linked to page.

I tend to suspect that DanDees is correct - RSS looks like it should be a general solution to the problem of "notification". However, it does add potentially a level of indirection. If RSS were the only notification mechanism TWiki supported, people wishing to register their interest in a topic or web would have to go, either to an RSS aggregator, or to their own RSS reader/filter. Lots of people would find this too annnoying - a button on the wiki page is more convenient.

It might be worth asking what levels of integration between a wiki like TWiki and RSS agggregators/readers may be desirable. E.g.

  • a button on the wiki page that says "add this (page,web) to my personal list of RSS feeds
  • a button that says "add this (page,web) to the RSS feed specified
  • a "send now" (or, rather, demarcate change now) feature for the benefit of RSS.

-- AndyGlew - 24 Jun 2003

Added custom search to RSS feeds, which is possible with the latest UrlParamWithDefaultValue feature. See TWiki.WebRssBase for details.

-- PeterThoeny - 03 Sep 2003

The RSS feeds of the Codev, Main, Plugins, Sandbox, Support and TWiki webs are now cached. See CacheWebRssFeedForSpeed for details.

-- PeterThoeny - 22 Sep 2005

Any plans for allowing RSS readers to supply authentication in a standard way to read secured (for reading) TWiki site?

-- DavidGreen - 05 Apr 2007

If your site uses basic authentication you should be able to do that already if your RSS reader supports it. I am not sure how this can be done for template login. You could CacheWebRssFeedForSpeed and make it available without auth (security issue) or with basic auth.

-- PeterThoeny - 05 Apr 2007

I have installed Twiki 4.2.0 and try to use the RSSfeed which is not working. I installed Twiki on a corporate server (not seen from outside the company). I normally use google reader for reading my RSS feeds. So, when I add the link to google reader ( Nothing gets updated. Looks like this is not working. Anything I should set? Any of you using google reader for twiki Rss feeds?

-- RealMongrain - 06 Mar 2008

To allow users fine-tune news feed descriptions:-

Suggest default file: =WebRss uses

Suggest default file: =WebAtom uses

Rather than generic text: ="TWiki web The Documentation Web of TWiki. TWiki is an Enterprise Collaboration Platform."

-- MatWitts - 2010-11-21

Thanks for the suggestion Mat.

SITEMAPUSETO is no longer used since TWiki-5.0, but SITEMAPWHAT is. We could use SITEMAPWHAT, but we need to watch out for unsupported content. For example, what happens if the SITEMAPWHAT has links and other HTML? OK with RSS, OK with ATOM?

-- PeterThoeny - 2010-11-21

Sure - but most install packages ship with default content for SITEMAPWHAT in twiki prefs topic? - my other suggestion is for each WebRss topic to use a custom WebRssBase rather than (if I remember) it is templated to use the default WebRssBase topic - included in each WebRss topic from TWIki web. This would allow some webs to produce RSS feeds based on different search parameters - eg. reverse sort on created rather than modified.

-- MatWitts - 2011-01-21

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