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Unsolicited Testimonials from TWiki Users and Administrators

  • A digital consulting company, RemiTurcotte, Montreal, Canada, 2012-07-25: "Turko has now been using TWiki for approximately 5 years now. We use TWiki for managing our internal knowledge base, stocking technical and strategical documentation. Hosted on a intranet environment, this awesome platform is available to all of our employees - which is great because it makes it easy to turn our efforts into collaborative work. The platform is stable and quick and we never had any problems with it - good job!"
  • A Canadian internet services company, ColinWoods, Toronto, Canada, 2011-07-14: "Kanetix uses TWiki as a publishing tool for sharing information internally. Departments define protocols and procedures using TWiki, and the tool is used at an organizational level. We couldn't be happier with the reliability of this tool, and recommend it to our partners in the insurance industry."
  • An internationaly known insurance company, RaymondDenis, Montreal, Canada, 2010-09-30: "Assurances Auto uses TWiki for internal usage such as the documentation of various tools for internal management, information related to internal storage and access, working methods and processes, and finally knowledge transfer tutorials for resources of all levels. We are very pleased with this turnkey platform that is both efficient and stable while being easy to use and manage."
  • A multinational high-tech services company, RobertLeyba, network and firewall specialist, Australia, 2010-01-05: "I use TWiki as a knowledgebase system. One cannot imagine the myriad complex of systems, procedures, links, processes, people contacts and other details that goes on in the day-to-day life of an engineer working in a large IT corporation here in Australia. There are so many things to know and keep tabs on. I must say that the TWiki has been a lifesaver for me. I am totally dependent on it. I have been using it now for almost 3 years and I have NOT found a better tool than this for getting organized."
  • An NGO, Council on Foreign Relations, TomDavey, Director of Web Management and Development, New York, NY, 04 Feb 2007: "TWiki has become indispensable to my organization. We have deployed it as a departmental Knowledgebase, and are evaluating it as a replacement for our existing corporate intranet. My congratulations and thanks to the TWiki community, especially the core developers, for such a fine software application."
  • A consultant, Three Seeds Design and Communication, XochipalaValdez, Owner & Designer, Toronto, Canada, 28 Dec 2006: "Thanks for TWiki. It really is the program I have been looking for for about 10 years. Thanks."
  • A mobile telecommunications provider, KeithBurdis, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, 08 Dec 2006: "Recently I have discovered the power of TWikiApplications and this has opened up a whole new set of opportunities and attracted lots more users. You and your friends have really done something amazing. Thanks."
  • A Perl Contractor, PeterPayne, London, United Kingdom, 12 Oct 2006: "I started using TWiki when I worked at Optus' Internet division in Sydney, Australia. I was so inspired by the productivity gains and accountability it offered that I set up my own TWiki for all my personal notes. The standard plugins offer some amazing functionality, most of all the SpreadSheetPlugin. In addition the CalendarPlugin allows me to keep track of which birthdays are coming up in the next three months as well as which major annual bills are about to hit me. Thank you, all who have contributed to TWiki. It really is an amazing product."
  • An IT support company, (AngusPalmer, support desk manager, Wanstor Network Services), London , United Kingdom, 22 Sep 2006: "I have been using TWiki for our company intranet since April 2006. It has proven to be an extremely flexible tool for collating and presenting various bits and pieces of internal documentation. This flexibility has allowed me to combine the data from some of the applications used by our IT, Sales and Finance departments and present it on the wiki. We now no longer need to maintain a whole range of documents since they are generated on access by the wiki."
  • A provider of grid and utility computing for Web 2.0 companies, (Peter Nickolov, VP Engineering and CTO, 3TERA), California, USA, 27 Apr 2006: "We are deliriously happy with TWiki. We selected it out of a list of 20+ wikis we looked at. Once we started using it, we never thought whether another one could have worked better for us. Congratulations on the amazing troubleshooting installer/configurator in version 4 -- it took me only 15 minutes to set up correctly instead of the whole day of detective work typical for most open source software. Last week I spent a couple of hours to create a scalable twiki appliance for our AppLogic catalog, using TWiki 4. Thanks to your well organized data storage structure and centralized data access, scaling twiki is a breeze."
  • A large fortune 500 company (undisclosed), USA, 22 Mar 2006: "You may be interested to know that we have been using it for over 4 years, have 536 twiki webs, 42567 pages, 27714 attachments and 1410 contributing authors (since we don't make people register just to read I'm not sure how many access it, but I'd guess an order of magnitude more), so as you can see we can certainly say it's been a success here."
  • A pharmaceutical wholesale distributor company (JoeDeal, CIO, Physicians Total Care), Oklahoma, USA, 09 Mar 2006: "I finally got TWiki running like it should! Boy! It works just like I'd hoped. It has definitely created a great deal of enthusiasm here at the office! WOW!"
  • A consulting company for web-based software (RobertInder, Director), Edinburgh, UK, 20 Jan 2006: "Congratulations on TWiki. I've been guddling with it since Christmas, and so far I've found it powerful even though it is easy to set up and use. Good stuff."
  • A leading business magazine (Rob Hof, Main.BusinessWeek, California, 07 Jun 2004: "[Wiki] is infiltrating the corporate world. TWiki [is] as a leading open-source wiki program" (more...)
  • An online travel agency (Joachim Holte, Online marketing manager, Wotif.com), Australia, 12 Mar 2004: "Just wanted to tell you that we've been using TWiki for a while now and it makes collaboration between all the different departments here at Wotif.com very, very streamlined and hassle free. Thanks! :)"
  • An IP telephone systems and solutions provider (Paul Nesbit, Mitel Networks), Canada, 28 Apr 2003: "I'm a system admin at Mitel Networks. For the last three years I've been hearing from users of our open source network server distro, from all over the world: "Thanks for this great software!". I'll bet the TWiki team hears it a lot too. TWiki team, thanks for this great software! I look forward to contributing where and when I can."
  • A computer hardware, software, and services company (Jeff Cheeney, program manager, Sun Microsystems), USA, 14 Feb 2003: "We absolutly love the package. We are using it to help track information about our current development projects."
  • A mathematics summer program (Michael Shulman, system administrator, Mathcamp, USA, 09 Jan 2003: "I love this software. Well-designed, extensible, easy to customize. Keep up the good work! What I like best about TWiki, aside from all the obvious features and advantages, is (1) the use of text files and RCS to store information, instead of a database, so that it can be easily manipulated manually, and (2) the modular system of plugins and templates, which make it easy to add new functionality."
  • An e-business solutions company (Kipp Jones, CTO, nuBridges), USA, 11 Dec 2002: "We have been using TWiki almost since the inception of our company. About 1 month into the creation of our company, we introduced TWiki and have come to rely on the system to help with many tasks within our company. From funny quotes to operational procedures to software design, it touches nearly every aspect of our business in some way. On behalf of the nuBridges team, I'd like to personally thank you for the efforts from you and the other contributors on TWiki."
  • A Linux systems company (WillThomas, Director of Operations, PenguinComputing), USA, 26 Nov 2002: "TWiki is a great aide in facilitating distributed content ownership for web based documents"
  • A Career Matching Web Site (BillCavnar, Research Manager, CareerSite), USA, 25 Sep 2002: "I have been using TWiki for two years now, and I don't know how I got along without it. I have used it at two different employers', I have 3 different private TWiki instances set up on my home machine, and I have been active in a technical discussion group that also uses it. Simply indispensable."
  • A Linux OS distributor (Stefan Seyfried, systems administrator, SuSE Linux AG), Germany, 30 Jul 2002: "TWiki is great. As a systems administrator I hate 2 things: HTML and writing documentation. But with TWiki, documentation is fun."
  • An Federal Government Agency of Canada (DonBooker, Senior Systems Analyst, Public Works and Government Services Canada ), USA, 12 Jul 2002: "TWiki is one of those "gottahaveit" products."
  • An Embedded Software Company (Nathan Tawil, Tech Writer, Wind River, http://windriver.com/ ), USA, 12 Jul 2002: "I've become a big TWiki fan. I was skeptical at first, since I usually don't want to bother with things like "collaboration" software. But TWiki has been genuinely valuable in several projects I've worked on in the past 18 months. TWiki encourages simple, consistent markup using a simple, easy-to-learn markup language. For most purposes, the TWiki markup language has just the right balance of versatility and simplicity. (But TWiki is also flexible. You can put any HTML tag into a TWiki page if you need to, and you can attach documents as well.) I think this is really important. Other TWiki features that I appreciate are the built-in version-control system, intelligent diffs, and automatic e-mail notification of changes. I feel perfectly comfortable posting a document and letting other people edit it, since I can always see what changes were made and by whom."
  • A Broadband Service Provider (Michael Brader, Senior Developer at NTL, http://ntl.com/ ), UK, 28 Jun 2002: "Fourth intranet on third continent that I've infected with Twiki. Looking forward to seeing what's changed in the last two years."
  • A neat quote, USA, 02 Feb 2002: "somebody said this was greater than sliced bread...i kinda like sliced bread so i figured i would look at this."
  • A webmaster of a public community web site, UK, 05 Jan 2002: "Wish I hadn't spent months/ years struggling with different database options"
  • A consulting company (Johnny Mohseni, Senior Software Engineer at Robbins Gioia, LLC., http://www.robbinsgioia.com/ ), USA, , 16 Nov 2001: "This freeware tool greatly increased my knowledge and productivity because of the ease of use and the general collaborative environment it breeds."
  • A computer hardware manufacturer (Mark Dovi, Hewlett-Packard), USA, 17 Oct 2001: "TWiki is very cool! It's been a fantastic tool for facilitating collaboration... and encouraging early documentation."
  • A law enforcement service provider (RogerHayes at GartonWorks, http://www.gartonworks.com/ ), USA, 06 Sep 2001: "I installed TWiki at Keynote Systems and don't want to live without it at my new job."
  • A dot com (Offshore Algorithms Co, http://offshoreCode.com/ ), Internet, 01 Aug 2001: "We are an offshore software development startup, now using TWiki pervasively throughout our business. The most marvellous productivity tool I've ever used!"
  • Anonymous in Wiki:ChoosingaWiki: "TWiki Dec-2000 takes 15 minutes or less - change a few config lines, upload it all if you have to, a bit of permission-setting and....presto! - an instant multi-web TWiki, prepoplulated with helpful pages cloned from twiki.org. Simple, and all you need for a basic TWiki. It's in the options that TWiki set-up can get truly intense - there's so much customization potential built-in, and all so easy to do, it really is near unbelievable. - TS"
  • Comment on CNET Web Building, by Ted Savage, Gearcore.com, 22 May 2001: "You'll find TWiki - the most heavily developed of the 10-15 WikiClones - is totally over the top... Flexible access control, templates, skins, plug-ins, excellent simple TWiki formatting notation AND full HTML & scripting support, lots more... All of it super simple to configure and use. Open Source, too, with a hard-driven core dev crew... Brilliant, really..."
  • A dot com, Denmark, 15 May 2001: "Keep up the amazing work guys :)"
  • An accounting firm, Netherlands, 02 May 2001: "Other use: replacement for Lotus Notes"
  • A consultant, Switzerland, DanielRichli, 10 Apr 2001: "I worked with a commercial web based project collaboration product named eRoom ( http://www.eroom.com/ ). This product has revision control for file attachements but no revision control for text. Although eRoom has some nice editing features, TWiki is over all more useful for collaboration due the links with WikiWords, the revision control and embedded search functions."
  • A major e-commerce company, USA, 30 Mar 2001: "I was enamored by Oracle's WebDB product, but was kinda put off by it bulk in terms of RDBMS dependency. Seems that TWiki has lots of the features we desire of WebDB without all the extra stuff."
  • An IT consulting company, Canada, DavidRenton, 26 Mar 2001: "Thank you for a well built yet simple and effective tool. We had been evaluating a full blown Outlook / Exchange solution but balked at the cost in money for hardware/software and programming resources. So far we are quite happy with TWiki's abilites. One key feature is that it is a pure web browser app which makes it extremely light weight. This results in excellent speed even on some of our older clients."
  • An Internet dot com, Internet, 22 Feb 2000: "i got the dec-2000 twiki and set up a web last year, but only spent time checking it over the last week.
    now, i'm basically up to speed - it's an amazing package!
    i'm a non-programmer, and new to wiki - i've read a lot on c2, and installed usemodwiki 0.88 and 0.90. for me, twiki is supereasy to configure, and the flexibility seems to be practically unlimited.
    what i notice most so far is the way wiki2html conversion is combined with open, "transparent" html support. that makes anything possible; with templates and access control, complex layouts can be combined with 100% open wiki-style pages. it's elegantly simple, excellent, practically perfected as is."
  • An architect of an opens source project, Internet, 15 Jan 2000: "Congrats on twiki -- I had a play with it today and it seems to be a big step ahead of the competitors. Make sure you get it noticed!"
  • A major embedded OS maker, Austria, 12 Dec 2000: "It's great to have integrated version control in TWiki! VC for documents is so important, but many folks don't realize that."
  • A P2P dot com, USA, 07 Dec 2000: "We are really enjoying TWiki! Our development team has really embraced it. As a Perl programmer I am very pleased with the careful and well thoughtout application you have produced. Very readable code."
  • A personal quote, Netherlands, 03 Dec 2000: "I really like TWiki. It is neat and well executed. It is one of a small number of programs (including Zope) that I really admire. I play with Zope quite a bit. Zope's wiki's are a poor substitute for TWiki!"
  • A major investment company, USA, 21 Nov 2000: "It looks awesome I can't wait to try it!"
  • A consultant, Netherlands, 20 Nov 2000: "I just had my first (1-day) experience with TWiki, and I am really impressed by its elegance.
    I appreciate especially the combination of representating state, history and role (access) as readable (!) documents. The aesthetics is also surprising well, considering it is based on deep down on Perl (sorry I prefer Python, but I am not dogmatic, and the Zope guys prove that a nice language is no garantee for producing well structured elegance).
    Autorisation facilities (deny/allow...) are important, they are not a harness against openess, but a way to take care and responsibility for delicate and important values like the beauty of an architecture.
    Being disappointed by Groove earlier I concluded that TWiki basically supports cooperative thinking (!) while a tool like Groove is closer to a safe 'kindergarten'."
  • A software company, USA, 09 Nov 2000: "This looks like an incredible paradigm shift in web management. I'm excited to find such a tool!"
  • A non-profit organization, USA, 31 Oct 2000: "TWiki is great! Since it's written in Perl it's also very easy to extend. For example, I've written a simple interface to allow users to collaborate on DocBook documents within their Wiki web."
  • A government agency, Australia, 24 Oct 2000: "Thanks, and complements on a great system. I am actually a Pythonista, so naturally I looked at ZWiki (the Zope Wiki implementation) first, but TWiki beats it hands down plus it has the audit trail facility we require (so does ZWiki - well, a versioning system - as part of the Zope architecture, but not as nice as TWiki). Another bonus was that TWiki was very easy to install."
  • A .com company, United Kingdom, 13 Oct 2000: "Let me thank you for the work you've put into TWiki - it is, in my opinion, the best of the Perl wikis."
  • A major defense company, United Kingdom, 07 Oct 2000: "We are using your software very successfully in a distributed environment; initial user reactions were 'so what' now it's the most popular tool in our shared data environment!"
  • An online shop, USA, 07 Sep 2000 2000: "I've been a big Wiki believer since I first discovered WikiWikiWeb years ago. It's only now that I've had the reason/opportunity to install it, and your package was so easy, it deployed in just a few hours from download! Thank you *very* much for putting together an easy-to-setup out-of-the-box (well, almost) Wiki implementation."
  • A genomics company, USA, 25 Jul 2000: "TWiki is great! The ability to use html tags and built-in revision control are very nice additions to wiki."
  • A major entertainment company, USA, 02 Jul 2000: "I've decided that TWiki is brilliant!!! It has that organic feel to it that good software should. Reminds me of LambdaMOO for some reason, without the programming aspect."
  • A consulting company, USA, 28 Jun 2000: "I am enthused by the TWiki effort and see it as a significant asset in distributed software development/collaboration."
  • A web-based magazine, USA, 25 Jun 2000: "TWiki is great! It's much more flexible than the WebWebX wiki I was using before."
  • A state government agency, USA, 06 Jun 2000: "It's been a huge help to us in finally building some accurate/current documentation on our internal database structures."
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