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Bug: Apache snips a chunk out of the oopsmore and prevents topic reparenting

Reported as reparenting topics failed due to the select list only containing a portion of the topics in the web. Upon further inspection it appears that the output of oops is being altered by apache.

Test case

Click on "more topic actions" in a web with many topics. Observe to see if the "select topic parent" input contains all options and if the page renders correctly.


TWiki version: TWikiRelease02Sep2004
TWiki plugins: DefaultPlugin, TopicVarsPlugin, CalendarPlugin, SpreadSheetPlugin, CommentPlugin, EditTablePlugin, HeadlinesPlugin, InterwikiPlugin, RenderListPlugin, SlideShowPlugin, SmiliesPlugin, TablePlugin
Server OS: Production: Fedora 1r3 2.4.23; Test: Fedora 2r2 2.6.9
Web server: Production: Apache 2.0.50; Test: Apache 2.0.51
Perl version: Production: 5.8.3; Test: 5.8.3
Client OS: Fedora 2r2 2.6.9
Web Browser: wget 1.9

-- BradDixon - 13 Jan 2005

Follow up

Based on the user's comments I started checking into this. The web that exibits the problem has 1583 topics. Loading the oopsmore template via the oops script results in the contents of the parent select input being incompletely populated and the page rendering incorrectly. The HTML from the test case ends with:

<option value="blah">blah</option></select></li></ul></li></ul></form></div></div></div></body></html>


  1. Trying the same operation in a web that has far less topics (a few hundred) does not reproduce the error.
  2. Trying the same operation under TWikiRelease01Dec2001 with the same testcase does not reproduce the error.
  3. This is not a browser rendering issue. wget and Firefox fetch the same HTML and in both cases it is flawed.

Next I started trying to triage this into a browser, apache, or TWiki issue. I switched to wget with identical results. I then created this modification to oops:

--- lib/TWiki/UI/Oops.pm.orig   2005-01-13 15:36:40.624310520 -0500
+++ lib/TWiki/UI/Oops.pm        2005-01-13 15:36:48.524109568 -0500
@@ -68,6 +68,11 @@
   $tmplData = &TWiki::Render::getRenderedVersion( $tmplData );
   $tmplData =~ s/( ?) *<\/?(nop|noautolink)\/?>\n?/$1/gois;   # remove <nop> and <noautolink> tags
+  TWiki::writeDebug("oopsrename writing " . length($tmplData) . " bytes");
+  open TEMPDEBUG, ">/tmp/oops.out";
+  print TEMPDEBUG $tmplData;
+  close TEMPDEBUG;
   TWiki::writeHeader( $query );
   print $tmplData;

Now I could isolate Apache from TWiki. Here's what happens:

[bdixon@bd-pc tmp]$ wget -O oops_apache.out 'http://localhost/thebazaar2/bin/oops/Web/TestTopic?template=oopsmore&param1=1.8&param2=1.8' ;wc oops*
--16:05:03--  http://localhost/thebazaar2/bin/oops/Web/TestTopic?template=oopsmore&param1=1.8&param2=1.8
           => `oops_apache.out'
Resolving localhost...
Connecting to localhost[]:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: unspecified [text/html]
    [ <=>                                 ] 40,021        --.--K/s
16:05:04 (102.88 MB/s) - `oops_apache.out' saved [40,021]
   149   1535  40021 oops_apache.out
   151   3544 105557 oops.out
   300   5079 145578 total

As you can see oops_apache.out is much shorter then oops.out. frown

Diff the two files and it appears that these lines of the HTML output are deleted:

-        <select name="topicparent" size="10">
-        <option value="none">none (remove topic parent)</option>
the huge long line listing all the option values for the web's topic list

Everything else on the page is fine.

As a further test I deleted the %TOPICLIST{}% line from oopsmore.tmpl. This "fixes" the issue but of course breaks the function.

I'm scratching my head now since this appears to be an issue that depends on the length output returned by %TOPICLIST{}% but the actual flaw is in Apache. Any help would be appreciated.

-- BradDixon - 13 Jan 2005

A couple days ago a long standing though seldom noticed bug with the content_length header was fixed in the DEVELOP branch. What you're seeing might be a facet of this now fixed bug. http://koala.ilog.fr/twikiirc/bin/irclogger_log_search/twiki?search=content%3Blength&action=search&error=0

-- MattWilkie - 14 Jan 2005

What Matt is alluding to is the fact that sending a content-length header of 0 is not the same as not sending a content-length header at all. Try modifying the code (TWiki.pm; function writeHeaderFull) to never send a content-length, but always terminate text/html content with a \n, and let use know if that helps. Oh, and you might try adding the line

$| = 1;
in the same function to switch off output buffering as well.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 14 Jan 2005

Hmmm... based on CrawfordCurrie's advice I hacked this up:

Index: thebazaar2/bin/oops
--- thebazaar2.orig/bin/oops
+++ thebazaar2/bin/oops
@@ -45,3 +45,4 @@
 TWiki::UI::Oops::oops_cgi( $web, $topic, $user, $query );
+print "\n";
Index: thebazaar2/lib/TWiki.pm
--- thebazaar2.orig/lib/TWiki.pm
+++ thebazaar2/lib/TWiki.pm
@@ -823,6 +823,8 @@
     # of other types of page, with expiry time driven by page type.
     my( $pluginHeaders, $coreHeaders );
+    # disable output buffering
+    #$| = 1;
     $contentType .= "; charset=$siteCharset";
@@ -844,7 +846,6 @@
        # is cached until required expiry time.
        $coreHeaders = $query->header(
                            -content_type => $contentType,
-                           -content_length => $contentLength,
                            -last_modified => $lastModifiedString,
                            -expires => "+${expireHours}h",
                            -cache_control => "max-age=$expireSeconds",
@@ -893,7 +894,7 @@
     $finalHeaders .= "\r\n" if ( $finalHeaders);
-    ##writeDebug( "===== Final Headers are:\n$finalHeaders" );
+    writeDebug( "===== Final Headers are:\n$finalHeaders" );
     print $finalHeaders;

I hope that was what you meant. It didn't really seem to have an impact upon the symptoms. What is really vexing is that the results seem so random. Running the same URL 20 times produces 20 different results:

# loopit "wget -O oops_apache_LOOP.out http://localhost/thebazaar2/bin/oops/Web/TestTopic?template=oopsmore&param1=1.8&param2=1.8" 1

<snip out 20 wget sessions>

# wc oops*
    94   2543  77777 oops_apache_10.out
   141   1372  35719 oops_apache_11.out
   141   1376  35719 oops_apache_12.out
   141   1359  35719 oops_apache_13.out
    94    449   8145 oops_apache_14.out
   141   1517  39815 oops_apache_15.out
    94    881  24529 oops_apache_16.out
   141   1376  35719 oops_apache_17.out
   141   1369  35719 oops_apache_18.out
   141   1508  39815 oops_apache_19.out
   141   1370  35719 oops_apache_1.out
   141   1196  31623 oops_apache_20.out
    94   1062  28625 oops_apache_2.out
    94    753  20433 oops_apache_3.out
   141   1204  31623 oops_apache_4.out
   141   1296  31623 oops_apache_5.out
   141   1372  35719 oops_apache_6.out
   141   1372  35719 oops_apache_7.out
    94   1051  28625 oops_apache_8.out
   141   1505  39815 oops_apache_9.out
  2538  25931 688200 total

The headers look like this (from debug.log):

14 Jan 2005 - 08:49 ===== Final Headers are:
Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1

TWiki seems to be producing consistent data but it gets bungled between TWiki and Apache.

-- BradDixon 14 Jan 2005

Yes, that's what I meant. Shame. Only other thing I can suggest is to try the reverse, and force buffering on i.e. $| = 0;

Sounds to me very much like a problem with buffering.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 14 Jan 2005

Perhaps this is an Apache 2.x specific issue... Maybe you could try the latest Apache version (2.0.52), or 1.3.33? If you do the former, you could report this as an Apache bug if you get a simple test case.

-- RichardDonkin - 14 Jan 2005

I think I fired off at Apache too soon. Take a look at this:

# rm /tmp/oops.out; ./oops '/Engineering/TestBug9774?template=oopsmore&param1=1.1&param2=1.1'| tee stdout.out | wc; wc /tmp/oops.out
     96     453    8192
    140    3517  105225 /tmp/oops.out

So Apache clearly is vindicated since it isn't even involved in this testcase. Guess I'll have to rename this topic. smile

I tried $| = 0 to no avail. Right now I'm going to try backing out local changes to see if I broke something.

It looks like this local patch I applied breaks everything:

Index: thebazaar2/bin/oops
--- thebazaar2.orig/bin/oops
+++ thebazaar2/bin/oops
@@ -31,6 +31,9 @@
 use TWiki;
 use TWiki::UI::Oops;
+# From http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/HangsSavingLargePages
+use IO::Handle; STDOUT->blocking(0);
 my $query = new CGI;
 my $thePathInfo = $query->path_info();
 my $theRemoteUser = $query->remote_user();

The IT staff patched Apache so I don't think I need this anymore. Let's back that off!

-- BradDixon 14 Jan 2005

That was the problem. It is now fixed. I guess I'll close this as a (l)user bug.

Fix record

Brad - Thanks for the details. Could you confirm which Apache version fixed this, presumably 2.0.52? Or was it an Apache patch, in which case which version was base and what was the patch.

Assuming you got the above patch from TWikiOnApache2dot0Hangs (via HangsSavingLargePages), the fix recommended there is to upgrade to at least 2.0.50, which fixes the hang issue. Interesting if the initially recommended patch there causes a problem though.

I'm keeping this as BugAssigned for the moment.

-- RichardDonkin - 17 Jan 2005

I'm having this problem, and I'm running apache 2.0.52, perl 5.8.5, Cario 02Sep2004. I'm looking into if the fix posted above (settings STDOUT non-blocking) is working, but it's doesn't happen predictably. Everything else about the problem (from it being the oops script, to strace showing blocking on STDOUT) matches.

-- AndyBakun - 16 Feb 2005

I have a web with 811 topics (and growing fast). I get the "oopsmore" problem when, like BradDixon, I have the line

use IO::Handle; STDOUT->blocking(0);

as a fix for large pages that take a very long time to save. Using Apache 2.0.40-21.16 legacy, on Red Hat 9. (There doesn't seem to be a newer version, unless I go to Apache directly. The Red Hat version is still being patched by the Fedora Legacy project.)

Addendum: I am using the 02Sept2004 version.

-- RobertEchlin - 15 Jun 2005

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