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This topic is for including in Release topics to display the ChangeProposals (FeatureRequests, BugReports etc.) Proposed for the release.


Simply include it in a topic:


To test it in this topic on different releases set the INCLUDINGTOPIC variable:

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And this is what the tables will look like:

Change Proposals for DakarRelease still being worked on

Search for topics that still need work:

Priority Proposal Type State Outstanding Issues #
100 WeNeedAHowtoWeb DocRequest UnderInvestigation Someone with ThePower needs to make the web 1
Total: 30 Proposals 6 Issues
  RestructuringWebLeftBarProposal FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
  AuthRealmCantBeTranslatedInDakar CodeRefactor UnderInvestigation   0
  AutomaticAttachments FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation Further Testing 1
  IssuesWithIF FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
  TWikiRcsUser FeatureRequest ConsensusReached Not yet merged into Dakar. Place for solution not specified for Cairo. 1
  BetterVirtualHostSupport FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
  DynamicFormOptionDefinitions FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
  UtfAnchorError BugReport UnderInvestigation   0
  SetMultipleDirsInSetlibDotCfg FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
  AddHeadlinesPluginToPreinstalledPlugins FeatureRequest RejectedProposal   0
  DailyBuildAndSmokeTest DocRequest UnderInvestigation   0
000 FixDakarSpecificBugs BugReport UnderConstruction   0
1 DakarDocumentationModelIsBroken FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
002 DakarReleaseNotes DocRequest UnderConstruction   0
006 PerformanceImprovementsInDakar CodeRefactor UnderConstruction Waiting for Main.CrawfordCurrie 1
030 RobotsBlackList DocRequest ConsensusReached Waiting for Main.PeterThoeny 1
040 UseIncludedFilesForJavaScript FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
80 CairoDakarRegistrationDifference FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
100 MultipleSelectionBox FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
100 InstallHtmlTWiki04x00x00 DocRequest UnderConstruction   0
100 MoveAncientPluginsSomewhere CodeRefactor UnderInvestigation   0
100 TopicTemplatesNeedMetaAbility FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
100 SkinsNeedToBeFactored CodeRefactor UnderInvestigation   0
100 AddTemplatesToBulkRegistration FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
100 GermanUmlauteOnWindowsServer2003AndWindowsXP BugReport UnderInvestigation   0
100 TabCompletionForWikiWords FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
100 RegisterCgiScriptRewrite FeatureRequest UnderConstruction Volunteer needed to fix Develop:Bugs.Item593 1
100 SearchOrderOnFormfieldNoCase FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
100 AllowFileNameChangeForAttachment FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0

Change Proposals for DakarRelease Awaiting Merge

Search for topics Proposed for DakarRelease that are waiting for merge to the MAIN branch:

Priority Proposal Summary Outstanding Issues #
100 StopSpaceTabMunging Resolve space-tab legacy issue   0
Total: 145 Proposals 31 Issues
  BetterPasswordGeneration A 4-digit new automatically generated password is not strong enough   0
  SortOutOopsTemplates Rationalise Oops templates   0
  TWikiPreferencesNeedsGardening Remove unwanted settings from TWiki.TWikiPreferences   0
  PatternSkinMissingVersionInfoForRawText PatternSkin view template is missing the REVARG param in topicaction   0
  HowToMakeATWikiLogoutPage Ideas for a log out mechanism   0
  ShowRevisionsAroundVersion Show a window of revisions either side of the one being displayed   0
  DeprecateExpensiveHandlers Proposal for changes to the plugins handlers Feedback required from developers - both core and plugins 1
  TestWebManagementInDakar Manageing webs documentation may be wrong   0
  RenameWeb     0
  SimplifyPasswordHandling Clean up password handling   0
  SortNumerically Support numerical sorting of field data in search results   0
  ItalicsWrong Adjacent underscores don't work   0
  DiffsFunctionDoesNotAuthenticateProperly Diffs function did not authenticate properly when ALLOWWEBVIEW is set Incomplete implementation and DocsToDo 1
  InvalidHtmlInTOC TOCs are rendered into invalid html   0
  HideTWikiEditTextArea add div section of class="twikiEditTextarea"   0
  RenamePatternSkinClasses     0
  PluginApiForHandlingMetaData Export meta-data to plugins   0
  UserListParserTooGreedy The code that reads TWikiUsers.txt is wrong   0
  HiddenTopicSpecificSettings Allow hidden topic specific (and other) settings   0
  MakeLinkChangesSilent Filter out renamed link changes from WebChanges   0
  ImproveHeaderHandling change the way headers are exposed to plugins   0
  BetterHandlingForLabelsInForms     0
  MovePluginsIntoSVN Move TWikiStandardPackage plugins out of CVS and into subversion   0
  SecurityPatchBreaksSpacesInFilenames spaces in topic names breaks with Florian's security patch.   0
  TimeTravellingTopics ci gets save times confused when repRev is used   0
  SomeBrowsersLoseInitialNewlineInTextArea Some browsers lose initial \n in textarea   0
  TextAreaFieldInFormDoesNotFollowWidth Text area field in form does not follow width setting (CSS error - fix found!)   0
  GetRevisionAtTime add a way to find out a rev at a date in the past   0
  SearchShouldRespectAccessControlsOnWebs Search should only search webs that the user is allowed to VIEW   0
  PersistantGlobalVariablesInPlugins Global variables values persist over SpeedyCGI runs   0
  ErrorHandling Adopt Error.pm exception handling.   0
  ExportNormalizeWebTopicName Publish normalizeWebTopicName via Func interface   0
  TagParameterSpec Clean up attribute parser   0
  ExportMoreRegexes Export more existing REs via Func   0
  TocDoesNotHonourPermissions     0
  RefactorTimeHandling Clean up time handling Should we use a proper time parser module? 1
  WebFastIndex %SEARCH causes internal server error   0
  RESTfulPluginInterface RESTful Interface for Plugins   0
001 WhereAreDocsMasters Need to know where the docs are supposed to go! Waiting for Main.PeterThoeny to agree how we are going to do this 1
001 TWikiCodebaseSecurityAudit TWiki codebase security audit   0
003 UpgradeTWiki Script that supports easy upgrades of TWiki data and site configurations Testing 1
003 UpgradeTWikiDoesNotCopyAllPubFiles Bug: UpgradeTWiki script only copies pub files from the default webs Waiting for Main.SvenDowideit 1
005 SearchEngineIndexOnlyPlainView Search Engines Should Index Only Plain View   0
005 TWikiNonRootInstaller TWikiNonRootInstaller Integration, Improvements 2
007 SingleEntryPointForSystemCalls Security: Single entry point for system calls Waiting for Main.RichardDonkin 1
008 RcsLiteDoesNotWorkCorrectly RcsLite does not work correctly Needs opinions from the community to decide what to do 1
010 TWikiTestInfrastructure Add a test infrastructure to TWiki Not enough testcases! Get generating! 1
020 SaveContentWithoutEditContinued Usage modes of save are not clear, or particularly usable   0
020 LogoCopyright Need to resolve the issues with logos   0
020 MultiLevelWikiWebs define and use webs inside webs (WebOne.Step1.Topic2....) Waiting for Main.PeterNixon 1
022 FormFieldsNamedSameAsParameters Form fields named the same as URL parameters cause mucho confusion   0
025 LocationLocationLocation Move methods into the right places within the core code, and adds documentation. Gives a small (5 AthensMarks) Performance boost.   0
025 EditLosesSkin Chosen skin parameter is lost through form changing cycle Waiting for Main.CrawfordCurrie 1
030 ReleaseLocksOnSave Get rid of the nasty lock timeouts, and handle releasing locks at save time.   0
037 PluginConfigFiles A standard config file per plugin need to implement better in Plugins.BuildContrib 1
040 EncodingOfFormValuesBroken Form values are incorrectly encoded   0
070 SupportFormsForSettingPreferences More userfriendly way of setting preferences   0
075 InconsistentHandlingOfPreferences Inconsistent Handling of Preferences   0
075 TopicAlwaysOverrideUserPref Topic preferences should always override user preferences   0
080 BacklinksSearchDoesNotWork Backlinks search fails for several reasons.   0
080 SidebarProblemWithBadDirectories Sidebar is constructed erroneously when non-web directories are present   0
090 IconSets Make file type icons skin dependent   0
095 UseCssInIndexHtml Use Css to make index.html more professional looking   0
095 AwfulWebHomes The default webhomes are awful need similiar updates to the _default web 1
099 ValidateTestenvAndUseCss Validate testenv against w3c and use css for style   0
100 SplitUpTWikiDotPm TWikiDotPm should has rarely-used stuff split out for faster compilation in the average case Needs someone to try it out and give feedback 1
100 TheRightWayToRedirect clean up url redirection calls   0
100 OutdatedFormFieldsNotRemoved Outdated form fields are not removed   0
100 SettingLocalLibPath Allow setting of lib path without having to change a distributed file   0
100 BacklinksTemplate Backlinks template   0
100 MakeRawTextBoxSameSizeAsEditBox The raw text box is tiny...   0
100 ImproveSandboxWebHome some small changes to make the sandbox front page easier to use   0
100 NOFOLLOWNotExpandedInTemplates The %NOFOLLOW% variable is not expanded in view templates   0
100 UploadFilterIncorrect Upload filter is wrong in TWiki.cfg.   0
100 KernelBuildScriptDev Kernel build script   0
100 RemoveNewTopicLinkStyleFromRenderDotPm Remove the link style of the "new topic" link from Render.pm   0
100 EndlessLoopIncludingPageInWebTopicList DOS vulnerability in WEBTOPICLIST Really need a testcase, in case this vulnerability is really something different to recursive includes (which are tested) 2
100 TWikiDotCfgNeedsGardening TWiki.cfg needs a tidy-up Should we move LocalLib.cfg and LocalSite.cfg to a "conf" directory? 1
100 PasswordsAreMangled Password is mangled after user registration (DEVELOP)   0
100 TocNotFoundNoError eliminate %TOC% "error" messages; return blank/empty TOC instead   0
100 ImproveChangeReporting Improve information quality in WebChanges and change notification   0
100 DifferencesBetweenRevisionsBroken Strange behaviour showing revs   0
100 HttpOneDotOneSupport Take more care over HTTP 1.0 compliance when compiling headers Could really do with a full audit of HTTP1.0 compliance. 1
100 RegistrationEntriesWronglyPlacedInTWikiUsers The user entry is added at the bottom, not in the user list   0
100 LockRemovalProblem $cmd var is overloaded in RcsWrap::_ci, leading to lock problems (fixed)   0
100 NTWikiTestCasesChangesBroken ntwiki changes breaks on TestCases web   0
100 PublishCodeUsingPdoc   install CPAN::Pdoc on ntwiki 1
100 InvalidActionInRegister The register script did not accept registrations created with the old form; it needed an action parameter. Now accepts old form too.   0
100 SkinSearchPath Support search paths for templates   0
100 OopsMoreDoesntRenderNullParameters Null parameters (param1=0) don't render correctly   0
100 MissingTWikiGuestLeftBarInTWikiRelease01Sep2004 Fix: Missing TWikiGuestLeftBar topic in TWiki Release 01-Sep-2004   0
100 TestenvRelockIgnoresPubTWiki     0
100 ManyPluginsDoNotLoad TablePlugin does not load   0
100 RenamingProblems     0
100 SummaryLinesOnTablesFromSearches Fully support summary lines on tables derived from searches   0
100 TestsDoNotCompile Tests don't compile   0
100 WriteLogHasIncorrectWebName Fix: Access log has incorrect Web name when Plugin calls TWiki::Func::saveTopicText()   0
100 FormValuesPassedInURLRequireText Cannot pass form values in URL to bin/edit without also passing text REQUIRE TESTCASE(S) 1
100 FormattedSearchSummaryWithExpandVar FormattedSearchSummaryWithExpandVar DocsToDo 1
100 HeaderAnchorNameWrongWhenLinkInHeader The header anchor name is wrong when a link occurs in the header   0
100 TOCnotWorkingForChineseHeadings headings with all non-alphabetic characters generate broken TOC links   0
100 SitemapDoesntValidate Missing / on img tags in TWiki.SiteMap   0
100 UsingTopicToDefineCSS putting css in a topic to enable editing from a browser   0
100 MetaParentOptionalLengthLimit Add a new optional attribute to the META{"parent" ...} variable to limit number of upstream ancestors   0
100 ModPerlize Eliminate dynamic global variables so that mod_perl works Plugins 1
100 MakeMailnotifyACgiScript let mailnotify be triggered from a browser   0
100 UseMainTWikiPrefs Upgrades are easier if you use MAINWEB%.TWikiPreferences   0
100 BugInfiniteRecursionInSearch Bug with infinite recursion in search   0
100 ViewScriptPartiallyIgnoresTopicPermissions View sometimes ignores topic access permissions Must be re-verified in DEVELOP 1
100 AttachLinkNotStruckOutInPatternSkin   Deal with the many other ways of changing a topic other than edit link and attach link 1
100 TocOfBaseTopicInIncludedPage Waiting for support for a fix from interested parties   0
100 FilterFormFieldForIllegalCharacters Filter form fields for illegal characters   0
100 XHTMLAuditTests TWiki needs automated XHTML compliance tests   0
100 FinishBinScriptRefactoring Finish refactoring of cgi scripts   0
100 MakeMetaDotPmMoreExtensible Make MetaDotPm more extensible   0
100 SeparateWhiteBoardEditFromFormEdit Separate editing the white board from editing the form   0
100 LogoPerWeb     0
100 DowAndWeekNumberInGmTime Adds $dow and $week (number) vars to the GMTIME var   0
100 MailNotifyTmplUsesWrongMIMEType mailnotify.tmpl uses an incorrect multipart/ mime type   0
100 TWikiFormWithHiddenType Provide option to hide certain TWikiForm fields in rendered view.   0
100 ViewPrevRevShowsIncorrectMetaData Fix: Viewing an old revision using r1.21 format causes incorrect meta data to be retrieved. Must be re-verified on DEVELOP head 1
100 RcsWrapDontUseProperQuote Wrong cmdQuote used in RcsWrap   0
100 WhyDoesWebSearchContainASearchQuery A new SEARCH parameter zeroresults suppresses the "Number of hits:0" message   0
100 ForceNewRevisionCheckBox "Force New Revision" check box on the topic editing page Waiting for Main.WillNorris: need test cases 1
100 RegisterFailureInsecureDependencyCygwin Fix: Register Fails with Insecure Dependency on Cygwin Not yet tested on Windows 1
100 PrintviewOfParameterisedSearch Problem: URL parameterised reports cannot print, because CGI params are lost when calling skin=print ... Solution: Proposed smile   0
100 HeaderRenderingWithWikiWordsBroken Headers with WikiWords Render Incorrectly in Dakar   0
100 SortOutErrorHandling Refactor response handling in UI scripts   0
100 KeepRcsFilesUnlocked Don't keep RCS locks on data files   0
100 WikiLogoUrlShouldDefaultToLocalInstallation Change where WIKILOGOIMG points   0
100 RenameAllowsDotInPageName Rename topic allows illegal characters in file names.   0
100 TWikiVersion Introduce TWiki::VERSION to make TWiki Perl package compliant How to combine with TWiki release string standard 1
100 OffMeansOnBug Setting option to off means on   0
100 LoginNamesShouldNotBeWikiNames Login names can now be any string.   0
100 FormattedSearchRegexCountVariable New $count variable in format argument of formatted searches   0
100 DefaultTWikiLibDirectory Provide a working default for $twikiLibPath in bin/setlib.cfg   0
100 SearchInTemplateHangsTWiki TWiki hangs if you add a SEARCH to the WIKIWEBLIST preference setting   0
100 WebChangesCalledFromWebSearchBroken Broken TWiki/WebSearch.txt   0
100 DoubleRegistration Main.TWikiRegistration allows multiple registration for same user none 1
100 RemoveWindRiverCodeFromEditTablePlugin Remove Wind River-specific code from Plugins.EditTablePlugin   0
100 DefaultTemplatesSupportWebNameAsWikiWord     0
100 DelAndInsTagsAfterTopicSave DelAndInsTagsAfterTopicSave   0
100 MakeSaveAvailableOutsideOfUISave Make TWiki::UI::Save::_save available outside of its module   0
100 UserObject Add a User object to simplify user identification and management   0

Change Proposals for DakarRelease Merged to Main SVN Branch

Search for topics Proposed for DakarRelease that have been MergedToCore or ImplementedAsExtension:

Proposal Summary Outstanding Issues #
WrongChangePasswordLinkInNewUserTemplate Fix: ChangePassword link in NewUserTemplate is incorrect   0
Total: 86 Proposals 8 Issues
AccessPermissionsInDakar Access Permissions In Dakar   0
AcknowledgingTWikiContributors Simplify and standardise file header notice and ensure all attributions are correct Need Peter's agreement on the move to standard AUTHORS etc files; the text of the files; and the text of the source file header. 1
AddContribMailerToCore Plugins.MailerContrib should be added to the CorePackage   0
AddEmailToFunc     0
AddExcludeWebParamToSearch Add excludeweb parameter to SEARCH   0
AddGluePluginToCore Add Plugins.GluePlugin functionallity to the Core   0
AddIconToTitle   update TWiki.TWikiVariables (?) docs for FAVICON 1
AddJSCalendarToCore     0
AddNoEncodeParameterToSpacedTopic SPACEOUT{} is a replacement for SPACEDTOPIC   0
AddSearchToFuncInterface Publish a search method via the Func interface   0
AddSessionPluginToKernel Proposal to add Plugins.SessionPlugin to the TWikiKernel. Needs review and testing 1
AddingFormattedTextDuringEdits Document methodology for adding formatted text to edit screens   0
AddingToWindowsInstallCookbook Adding some more ingredients to the windows install cookbook   0
AddonAPI Make more core functionality useable by add-ons   0
AllowBlankTopics Allow saving of empty topics (currently disallowed)   0
AllowDynamicTopicNameCreation   Needs to be documented 1
AllowFormTemplateWithTemplateTopic Permit topictemplate and formtemplate in same save   0
AttachmentVersionsBrokenOnlyShowsLast Fix: Links to version controlled attachments always shows latest only   0
AutomatedPluginsDownload one step of an improved build and installation toolchain   0
BetterAttachmentTableForDakarRelease Small usability changes to attachment tables   0
BugBeforeSaveHandlerBroken beforeSaveHandler doesn't handle meta-data correctly   0
BugInTopicRenaming Rename fixes unrelated topic references   0
CacheControlHeaders Control of proxy and browser caching through HTTP headers Not suitable for Dakar at present 1
CallEarlyInitPlugin earlyInitPlugin is never called   0
CancellingANewPage Cancelling a page create is very unfriendly Waiting for Main.ArthurClemens 1
CannotUseDollarNameInTopicText Unexpected perl variable expansion in text   0
CantReferToFormUsingVariable Can't refer to a form using a variable   0
CantRenameLockedTopic Rename of locked topic Needs to be verified/ignored 1
CaseSensitiveFlagInSearchInconsistent The "casesensitive" flag is handled inconsistently in search   0
CentraliseParsing pull parsing into one place   0
CleanApacheErrorLog Removing warnings from Apache's error_log   0
ContextInTemplatesAndPlugins Add context identifiers so plugins and template know where they are   0
ConvertTWikiPluginsCvsToSvn     0
CreateCancelFail Cancelling a page creation fail in a confusing way   0
CyrillicTopicNameError Creating topic in cyrillic produces Encode::FB_PERLQQ() error   0
DakarAntiSpamMeasures anti-spam features in Dakar   0
DakarFormRelatedProblems Various problems related to forms handling in Dakar   0
DakarMergeModel Dakar merge model problems   0
DakarRcsWrapProblem Problem in RcsWrap on Dakar   0
DakarRedirectBug Bug in redirecting a Url from a plugin in Dakar   0
DakarRevisionRelatedProblems Various problems related to dealing with topic versions in Dakar   0
DakarSkinSimplification     0
DakarTWikiWebBackgroundImage     0
DakarUserListIssues Issues realting to the UserList Form   0
DealingWithRobots Dealing With Robots   0
DebugEnablePlugins Enable specific Plugins with debugenableplugins URL parameter   0
EasierDeleteAttachments Deleting topic attachments is rather tedious   0
EnhancedPluginArchitecture Enhanced Plugin Architecture   0
ExtraNewlinePrefixesTEXT Patch proposal template   0
FinalPreferences Should Main.TWikiPreferences be unaffected by FINALPREFERENCES?   0
FormattedSearchWithNewlineFilter Search: New newline parameter to redefine the newlines within a search hit, complementing the separator parameter   0
FormattedSearchWithSummary Formatted Search with $summary(50, noheader, showvarnames)   0
FormfieldGetsNotShortended Fix: Textarea formfield does not get shortended in $formfield(name, 10, ...) of formatted search   0
GermanUmlauteBreakWikiWords Fix: Wiki words with German umlaut do not get linked even with correct site locale   0
GetPluginPreferencesFlagDoesNotWork Fix: TWiki::Func::getPluginPreferencesFlag does not work   0
GetTopicNamesRunsLikeADog Performance: Improvement of TOPICLIST variable   0
InstalledPluginSettingCausesError if a plugin that is listed in INSTALLEDPLUGINS, the .pm but is not actually in Plugins you get lots of errors in the browser   0
LinkToCreateAnotherWeb UI: Add link to create another web in the web create result screen   0
MechanismToAddContentToHEAD Standard Mechanism to Add Content to the HEAD Section   0
ModernizePatternSkin     0
NamedIncludeSections Allow the selective inclusion of named sections from another topic   0
OopsRenameAccessDeniedHasMainWeb Fix: Incorrect 'Main' web is shown in oops message if a user tries to rename a topic with no permissions   0
ParameterizedIncludes Allow topic INCLUDEs to pass parameters to the included topics   0
PermissionsOfTheWebs An table to easily visualization of the restrictions of reading, writing, renaming and etc of the webs.   0
PluginsRegisteringTheirVariables     0
PrefsPmPerformanceFixes Performance: Simple performance improvements to Prefs.pm   0
RemoveWriteProtectionOfUserHomePages User home pages should not be write-protected   0
RepeatedExtractNameValuePairCallsInefficient Performance: Replace repeated extractNameValuePair calls with more efficient extractParameters call   0
ResetPasswordByEmail reset password by generate a random password and email to user   0
RestrictResetPasswordToAdmin Sending password by mail is ugly   0
SaveButtonsCantBeLocalized Fix: Buttons in edit screen cannot be localized because they use the value-argument as action identifier   0
SaveNotHonoringOnlynewtopicFlag Direct save is not honoring the onlynewtopic and onlwikiname flags   0
ScriptNameVariable ScriptNameVariable   0
SecurityAlertExecuteCommandsWithSearch Security Alert: TWiki search function allows arbitrary shell command execution   0
SomeChineseCharactersBreakWikiLinks GB2312 and related Chinese character encodings break TWiki   0
StrategyToConditionallyIncludeTopic Handle INCLUDE after Plugin handling to support conditional includes based on spreadsheet formula   0
SupportFormBroken Fix: Use default WebTopicEditTemplate in case specified templatetopic does not exist   0
SupportTopicSpecificTemplates Support topic-specific templates   0
TWikiDistribution Distributions of TWiki on different platforms define terminology 1
TestenvChecksLocalSiteCfg Patch proposal template   0
TipOfTheDayFeatureRequest Tip of the day box shown in the TWiki home page   0
TopicCreationByReferencOnly Prevent "dangling" pages by motivating contributors to place the link first and author the page afterwards.   0
UseASubroutineForAllSystemCalls     0
UsingPerlLocalesTheRightWay current use of Perl locales in Dakar is broken   0
WebRssAndEUCJPAndMojibakeCorruption RSS feeds corrupted for non-ISO-8859-1 sites   0

Release State Summary

Change Proposal State Proposals Issues
Still being worked on 30 6
Awaiting Merge 145 31
Merged to Main SVN Branch 86 8
Total 261 45

See also DakarReleaseSummary and DakarReleaseUpgradeGuide

Update History

Created from ReleaseFeatureTable.

-- SamHasler - 04 Dec 2004

Sandbox for testing alternate formats

The tooltips in the table above are truncated by IE and Mozilla. However I wanted to show more information in them than just the summary. The tooptips in the table below are implemented in javascript (the old tooltip should still be there if you have javascript disabled). This is done using the same method as the example on ToolTipPlugin, which is based on the script by Walter Zorn. The plugin isn't activated on TWiki.org so I've just written the javascript myself instead of using the plugin variables.

Change Proposals for DakarRelease Merged to Main SVN Branch

Priority Proposal Type State Outstanding Issues No. of Issues
100 Codev.GetTopicNamesRunsLikeADog CodeRefactor MergedToCore   0
Total: 86 Proposals       8 Issues
  Codev.AcknowledgingTWikiContributors DocRequest MergedToCore Need Peter's agreement on the move to standard AUTHORS etc files; the text of the files; and the text of the source file header. 1
  Codev.DakarUserListIssues BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.DakarSkinSimplification CodeRefactor MergedToCore   0
  Codev.DakarRevisionRelatedProblems BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.DakarRedirectBug BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.DakarRcsWrapProblem BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.DakarMergeModel BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.DakarFormRelatedProblems BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.DakarAntiSpamMeasures FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.CreateCancelFail BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.ConvertTWikiPluginsCvsToSvn CodeRefactor MergedToCore   0
  Codev.ContextInTemplatesAndPlugins FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.NamedIncludeSections FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.CleanApacheErrorLog FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.SupportTopicSpecificTemplates FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.CentraliseParsing CodeRefactor MergedToCore   0
Revision: 5
Last Modified: 2008-09-10 - 05:10 By: TWikiJanitor
Created on: 2005-06-01 - 00:05 By: ThomasWeigert ');"> Codev.CaseSensitiveFlagInSearchInconsistent
BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.CantRenameLockedTopic BugReport MergedToCore Needs to be verified/ignored 1
  Codev.CantReferToFormUsingVariable BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.CannotUseDollarNameInTopicText BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.ParameterizedIncludes FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.CallEarlyInitPlugin BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.CancellingANewPage BugReport MergedToCore Waiting for Main.ArthurClemens 1
  Codev.BugBeforeSaveHandlerBroken BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AllowBlankTopics FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AddSessionPluginToKernel FeatureRequest MergedToCore Needs review and testing 1
  Codev.AddSearchToFuncInterface CodeRefactor MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AddJSCalendarToCore FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AddingToWindowsInstallCookbook DocRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AddExcludeWebParamToSearch FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AddNoEncodeParameterToSpacedTopic FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AddEmailToFunc FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AddContribMailerToCore FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AllowFormTemplateWithTemplateTopic FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AddonAPI FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AddIconToTitle FeatureRequest MergedToCore update TWiki.TWikiVariables (?) docs for FAVICON 1
  Codev.MechanismToAddContentToHEAD FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.EnhancedPluginArchitecture CodeRefactor MergedToCore   0
  Codev.GermanUmlauteBreakWikiWords BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AccessPermissionsInDakar FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.CacheControlHeaders FeatureRequest ImplementedAsExtension Not suitable for Dakar at present 1
  Codev.UsingPerlLocalesTheRightWay BugReport MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.DebugEnablePlugins FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.BugInTopicRenaming BugReport MergedToCore   0
001 Codev.SecurityAlertExecuteCommandsWithSearch FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.FormattedSearchWithNewlineFilter FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.AllowDynamicTopicNameCreation FeatureRequest MergedToCore Needs to be documented 1
100 Codev.BetterAttachmentTableForDakarRelease FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.PermissionsOfTheWebs DocRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.ExtraNewlinePrefixesTEXT BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.TestenvChecksLocalSiteCfg BugReport MergedToCore   0
  Codev.SaveButtonsCantBeLocalized BugReport MergedToCore   0
Revision: 7
Last Modified: 2006-04-17 - 11:30 By: WillNorris
Created on: 2001-02-22 - 11:46 By: DanielKabs ');"> Codev.TopicCreationByReferencOnly
FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
030 Codev.DealingWithRobots DocRequest ImplementedAsExtension   0
  Codev.UseASubroutineForAllSystemCalls FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.EasierDeleteAttachments FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.ModernizePatternSkin FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.FinalPreferences DocRequest MergedToCore   0
  Codev.PluginsRegisteringTheirVariables FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
20 Codev.RemoveWriteProtectionOfUserHomePages FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.DakarTWikiWebBackgroundImage FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.RestrictResetPasswordToAdmin FeatureRequest ImplementedAsExtension   0
100 Codev.StrategyToConditionallyIncludeTopic FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.AddGluePluginToCore FeatureRequest ImplementedAsExtension   0
100 Codev.TipOfTheDayFeatureRequest FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
004 Codev.TWikiDistribution DocRequest ImplementedAsExtension define terminology 1
075 Codev.AddingFormattedTextDuringEdits DocRequest ImplementedAsExtension   0
100 Codev.AttachmentVersionsBrokenOnlyShowsLast BugReport MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.AutomatedPluginsDownload FeatureRequest ImplementedAsExtension   0
  Codev.ResetPasswordByEmail FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.ScriptNameVariable FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.WrongChangePasswordLinkInNewUserTemplate BugReport MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.WebRssAndEUCJPAndMojibakeCorruption BugReport MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.SupportFormBroken BugReport MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.FormfieldGetsNotShortended BugReport MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.SomeChineseCharactersBreakWikiLinks BugReport MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.CyrillicTopicNameError BugReport MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.GetPluginPreferencesFlagDoesNotWork FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.SaveNotHonoringOnlynewtopicFlag BugReport MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.OopsRenameAccessDeniedHasMainWeb BugReport MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.InstalledPluginSettingCausesError BugReport MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.LinkToCreateAnotherWeb FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.FormattedSearchWithSummary FeatureRequest MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.RepeatedExtractNameValuePairCallsInefficient CodeRefactor MergedToCore   0
100 Codev.PrefsPmPerformanceFixes CodeRefactor MergedToCore   0

Change Proposals for DakarRelease Awaiting Merge

Priority Proposal Type State Outstanding Issues No. of Issues
100 Codev.StopSpaceTabMunging CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
Total: 175 Proposals       37 Issues
  Codev.TWikiPreferencesNeedsGardening CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.SortOutOopsTemplates CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.BetterPasswordGeneration FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.PatternSkinMissingVersionInfoForRawText BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.HowToMakeATWikiLogoutPage FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.DeprecateExpensiveHandlers FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge Feedback required from developers - both core and plugins 1
  Codev.SimplifyPasswordHandling CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.RenamePatternSkinClasses FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.RestructuringWebLeftBarProposal FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
  Codev.PluginApiForHandlingMetaData FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.MakeLinkChangesSilent FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.BetterHandlingForLabelsInForms FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.MovePluginsIntoSVN CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.SecurityPatchBreaksSpacesInFilenames FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.AuthRealmCantBeTranslatedInDakar CodeRefactor UnderInvestigation   0
  Codev.AutomaticAttachments FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation Further Testing 1
  Codev.SearchShouldRespectAccessControlsOnWebs BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.IssuesWithIF FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
  Codev.PersistantGlobalVariablesInPlugins BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.TWikiRcsUser FeatureRequest ConsensusReached Not yet merged into Dakar. Place for solution not specified for Cairo. 1
  Codev.BetterVirtualHostSupport FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
  Codev.ExportNormalizeWebTopicName CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.RefactorTimeHandling CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge Should we use a proper time parser module? 1
  RESTful Interface for Plugins" onmouseover=" this.title=''; this.T_ABOVE = true; this.T_OFFSETX = -140;; return escape(' TopicSummary: RESTful Interface for Plugins<br /> TWikiContributers:
Revision: 26
Last Modified: 2010-12-20 - 16:14 By: PeterThoeny
Created on: 2005-07-05 - 17:18 By: RafaelAlvarez ');"> Codev.RESTfulPluginInterface
FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.DynamicFormOptionDefinitions FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
  Codev.ShowRevisionsAroundVersion FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.TestWebManagementInDakar BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.RenameWeb FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.SortNumerically FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.DiffsFunctionDoesNotAuthenticateProperly BugReport ReadyForMerge Incomplete implementation and DocsToDo 1
  Codev.ItalicsWrong BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
Revision: 8
Last Modified: 2005-05-02 - 03:44 By: ThomasWeigert
Created on: 2005-05-01 - 11:48 By: SvenDowideit ');"> Codev.HideTWikiEditTextArea
FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.InvalidHtmlInTOC FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.UserListParserTooGreedy FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.HiddenTopicSpecificSettings FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.UtfAnchorError BugReport UnderInvestigation   0
  Codev.ImproveHeaderHandling FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.TimeTravellingTopics BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.SomeBrowsersLoseInitialNewlineInTextArea BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.SetMultipleDirsInSetlibDotCfg FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
  Codev.TextAreaFieldInFormDoesNotFollowWidth FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.GetRevisionAtTime FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.ErrorHandling CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.TagParameterSpec CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.ExportMoreRegexes DocRequest ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.TocDoesNotHonourPermissions BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.WebFastIndex BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
  Codev.AddHeadlinesPluginToPreinstalledPlugins FeatureRequest RejectedProposal   0
  Codev.DailyBuildAndSmokeTest DocRequest UnderInvestigation   0
000 Codev.FixDakarSpecificBugs BugReport UnderConstruction   0
1 Codev.DakarDocumentationModelIsBroken FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
001 Codev.WhereAreDocsMasters DocRequest ReadyForMerge Waiting for Main.PeterThoeny to agree how we are going to do this 1
001 Codev.TWikiCodebaseSecurityAudit CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
002 Codev.DakarReleaseNotes DocRequest UnderConstruction   0
003 Codev.UpgradeTWiki FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge Testing 1
003 Codev.UpgradeTWikiDoesNotCopyAllPubFiles BugReport ReadyForMerge Waiting for Main.SvenDowideit 1
005 Codev.SearchEngineIndexOnlyPlainView FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
005 Codev.TWikiNonRootInstaller FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge Integration, Improvements 2
006 Codev.PerformanceImprovementsInDakar CodeRefactor UnderConstruction Waiting for Main.CrawfordCurrie 1
007 Codev.SingleEntryPointForSystemCalls CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge Waiting for Main.RichardDonkin 1
008 Codev.RcsLiteDoesNotWorkCorrectly BugReport ReadyForMerge Needs opinions from the community to decide what to do 1
010 Codev.TWikiTestInfrastructure FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge Not enough testcases! Get generating! 1
020 Codev.LogoCopyright BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
020 Codev.MultiLevelWikiWebs FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge Waiting for Main.PeterNixon 1
020 Codev.SaveContentWithoutEditContinued FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
022 Codev.FormFieldsNamedSameAsParameters BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
025 Codev.EditLosesSkin BugReport ReadyForMerge Waiting for Main.CrawfordCurrie 1
025 Codev.LocationLocationLocation CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
030 Codev.RobotsBlackList DocRequest ConsensusReached Waiting for Main.PeterThoeny 1
030 Codev.ReleaseLocksOnSave FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
037 Codev.PluginConfigFiles FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge need to implement better in Plugins.BuildContrib 1
040 Codev.EncodingOfFormValuesBroken BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
040 Codev.UseIncludedFilesForJavaScript FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
070 Codev.SupportFormsForSettingPreferences FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
075 Codev.InconsistentHandlingOfPreferences BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
075 Codev.TopicAlwaysOverrideUserPref FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
080 Codev.BacklinksSearchDoesNotWork BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
080 Codev.SidebarProblemWithBadDirectories BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
80 Codev.CairoDakarRegistrationDifference FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
090 Codev.IconSets FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
095 Codev.UseCssInIndexHtml CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
095 Codev.AwfulWebHomes DocRequest ReadyForMerge need similiar updates to the _default web 1
099 Codev.ValidateTestenvAndUseCss CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.MultipleSelectionBox FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
100 Codev.SplitUpTWikiDotPm CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge Needs someone to try it out and give feedback 1
100 Codev.OutdatedFormFieldsNotRemoved BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.SettingLocalLibPath CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.BacklinksTemplate FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.ImproveSandboxWebHome FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.UploadFilterIncorrect BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.TWikiDotCfgNeedsGardening CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge Should we move LocalLib.cfg and LocalSite.cfg to a "conf" directory? 1
100 Codev.PasswordsAreMangled BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 TWikiContributers:
Revision: 11
Last Modified: 2005-01-18 - 07:30 By: WillNorris
Created on: 2004-08-03 - 23:42 By: WillNorris ');"> Codev.TocNotFoundNoError
FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.ImproveChangeReporting FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.DifferencesBetweenRevisionsBroken BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.HttpOneDotOneSupport BugReport ReadyForMerge Could really do with a full audit of HTTP1.0 compliance. 1
100 Codev.RegistrationEntriesWronglyPlacedInTWikiUsers BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.NTWikiTestCasesChangesBroken BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.InstallHtmlTWiki04x00x00 DocRequest UnderConstruction   0
100 Codev.SkinSearchPath FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.OopsMoreDoesntRenderNullParameters BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.MoveAncientPluginsSomewhere CodeRefactor UnderInvestigation   0
100 Codev.TopicTemplatesNeedMetaAbility FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
100 Codev.MissingTWikiGuestLeftBarInTWikiRelease01Sep2004 BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.TestenvRelockIgnoresPubTWiki BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.SkinsNeedToBeFactored CodeRefactor UnderInvestigation   0
100 Codev.FormattedSearchSummaryWithExpandVar FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge DocsToDo 1
100 Codev.HeaderAnchorNameWrongWhenLinkInHeader BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.TOCnotWorkingForChineseHeadings BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 TWikiContributers:
Revision: 1
Last Modified: 2005-03-08 - 16:11 By: OrrBernstein
Created on: 2005-03-08 - 16:11 By: OrrBernstein ');"> Codev.MetaParentOptionalLengthLimit
FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.ModPerlize FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge Plugins 1
100 Codev.UseMainTWikiPrefs FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.BugInfiniteRecursionInSearch FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.FilterFormFieldForIllegalCharacters BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.MakeMetaDotPmMoreExtensible FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.SeparateWhiteBoardEditFromFormEdit FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.LogoPerWeb FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 TWikiForm fields in rendered view." onmouseover=" this.title=''; this.T_ABOVE = true; this.T_OFFSETX = -140;; return escape(' TopicSummary: Provide option to hide certain TWikiForm fields in rendered view.<br /> TWikiContributers:
Revision: 17
Last Modified: 2005-06-23 - 12:37 By: SvenDowideit
Created on: 2005-06-02 - 16:43 By: LynnwoodBrown ');"> Codev.TWikiFormWithHiddenType
FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.ViewPrevRevShowsIncorrectMetaData BugReport ReadyForMerge Must be re-verified on DEVELOP head 1
100 Codev.RegisterFailureInsecureDependencyCygwin BugReport ReadyForMerge Not yet tested on Windows 1
100 Codev.AddTemplatesToBulkRegistration FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
100 Codev.SortOutErrorHandling CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.GermanUmlauteOnWindowsServer2003AndWindowsXP BugReport UnderInvestigation   0
100 Codev.OffMeansOnBug BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.DefaultTWikiLibDirectory FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.SearchInTemplateHangsTWiki BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.WebChangesCalledFromWebSearchBroken BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.DoubleRegistration FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge none 1
100 Codev.RemoveWindRiverCodeFromEditTablePlugin BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.UserObject CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.TheRightWayToRedirect CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.MakeRawTextBoxSameSizeAsEditBox FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.NOFOLLOWNotExpandedInTemplates BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.KernelBuildScriptDev FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 TWikiContributers:
Revision: 12
Last Modified: 2005-04-24 - 20:17 By: MartinCleaver
Created on: 2005-04-16 - 19:53 By: ArthurClemens ');"> Codev.RemoveNewTopicLinkStyleFromRenderDotPm
FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.EndlessLoopIncludingPageInWebTopicList BugReport ReadyForMerge Really need a testcase, in case this vulnerability is really something different to recursive includes (which are tested) 2
100 Codev.TabCompletionForWikiWords FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
100 Codev.RegisterCgiScriptRewrite FeatureRequest UnderConstruction Volunteer needed to fix Develop:Bugs.Item593 1
100 Codev.LockRemovalProblem BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.PublishCodeUsingPdoc DocRequest ReadyForMerge install CPAN::Pdoc on ntwiki 1
100 Codev.SearchOrderOnFormfieldNoCase FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
100 Codev.InvalidActionInRegister BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.ManyPluginsDoNotLoad BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.RenamingProblems CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.SummaryLinesOnTablesFromSearches FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.TestsDoNotCompile BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.WriteLogHasIncorrectWebName BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.FormValuesPassedInURLRequireText BugReport ReadyForMerge REQUIRE TESTCASE(S) 1
100 Codev.SitemapDoesntValidate BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.UsingTopicToDefineCSS FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.MakeMailnotifyACgiScript FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.ViewScriptPartiallyIgnoresTopicPermissions BugReport ReadyForMerge Must be re-verified in DEVELOP 1
100 Codev.AttachLinkNotStruckOutInPatternSkin BugReport ReadyForMerge Deal with the many other ways of changing a topic other than edit link and attach link 1
100 Codev.TocOfBaseTopicInIncludedPage BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.XHTMLAuditTests FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.FinishBinScriptRefactoring FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.DowAndWeekNumberInGmTime FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.MailNotifyTmplUsesWrongMIMEType FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.RcsWrapDontUseProperQuote BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 TWikiContributers:
Revision: 16
Last Modified: 2005-09-04 - 19:22 By: ArthurClemens
Created on: 2005-04-01 - 14:06 By: ArthurClemens ');"> Codev.WhyDoesWebSearchContainASearchQuery
FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 TWikiContributers:
Revision: 31
Last Modified: 2005-05-25 - 11:29 By: WillNorris
Created on: 2004-03-25 - 21:10 By: JeffreyLaughlin ');"> Codev.ForceNewRevisionCheckBox
FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge Waiting for Main.WillNorris: need test cases 1
100 " onmouseover=" this.title=''; this.T_ABOVE = true; this.T_OFFSETX = -140;; return escape(' TopicSummary: Problem: URL parameterised reports cannot print, because CGI params are lost when calling skin=print ... Solution: Proposed smile
Revision: 11
Last Modified: 2006-10-22 - 22:22 By: ThomasWeigert
Created on: 2004-11-14 - 15:07 By: NielsKoldso ');"> Codev.PrintviewOfParameterisedSearch
FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.HeaderRenderingWithWikiWordsBroken BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.KeepRcsFilesUnlocked FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.WikiLogoUrlShouldDefaultToLocalInstallation DocRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.RenameAllowsDotInPageName BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.TWikiVersion CodeRefactor ReadyForMerge How to combine with TWiki release string standard 1
100 Codev.LoginNamesShouldNotBeWikiNames FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.AllowFileNameChangeForAttachment FeatureRequest UnderInvestigation   0
100 Codev.FormattedSearchRegexCountVariable FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.WeNeedAHowtoWeb DocRequest UnderInvestigation Someone with ThePower needs to make the web 1
100 Codev.DefaultTemplatesSupportWebNameAsWikiWord BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.DelAndInsTagsAfterTopicSave BugReport ReadyForMerge   0
100 Codev.MakeSaveAvailableOutsideOfUISave FeatureRequest ReadyForMerge   0

The only problem with this is it will break if field values contain WikiWords (and we want them to). It also isn't playing nice with the spreadsheet formulas

Fixed! I stuck noautolink tags around the table, this solves all the problems and should mean that WikiWords in form fields won't break the table.

-- SamHasler - 08 Dec 2004

But it still breaks with fields containing quote characters. frown

-- SamHasler - 05 Feb 2005

nop'ed these searches for now to make editing easier while we're waiting for the new server.

-- SamHasler - 01 Jun 2005


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Topic revision: r26 - 2006-01-07 - SamHasler
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