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Duplicates of other Bugs

Note: With the new ChangeProposals workflow there is no duplicate state. Duplicate topics should be merged and removed.

This is a list of TWiki bugs that are duplicates and tracked elsewhere.

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Last Author:
Last Change - Version:
AccessControlMainTopic: Bug: ALLOWWEBVIEW not working for Main Web Is this a bug or a feature?. Basically I have a huge web and several smaller webs. I would like to force some users to... MichaelThomas -
2005-08-26 - 18:43 - 4 - Diffs
AttachmentCommentBug: Bug: Attachment Comment Bug A user reported the following error when attempting to upload an attachment. By changing their comment from Webb ECR to Webb , the... MartyBacke -
2002-08-19 - 15:04 - 5 - Diffs
BccEmailsToWebNotifyList: If you include your name on any of the WebNotify lists, a list of changes is sent to you daily (which is great !). However, all the recipients` email addresses are... RossC -
2002-10-24 - 08:39 - 2 - Diffs
CairoPerformanceIssues: Bug: Cairo Performance Issues I am evaluating TWiki for use at work. And so far it is thumbs down because TWiki is too slow. And it is getting worse and worse. Here... KennethLavrsen -
2004-09-28 - 03:16 - 16 - Diffs
ChangeAccessDeniedOkButton: Bug: Broken link for OK button on oopsaccesschange page On oopsaccesschange page, OK button always refers to Main web. Test case Try to edit a page (not on Main web... AndrasSzell -
2004-12-17 - 07:20 - 4 - Diffs
ChunkedTransferEncodingOnInclude: Problems with Transfer Encoding: chunked ? I had some problems due to the fact that our Apache (1.3.26) server delivers content with Transfer Encoding: chunked when... NorbertGawor -
2003-07-20 - 02:26 - 4 - Diffs
CoffeeBreakBroken: The CoffeeBreak page seems to be broken. It shows up in changes as 20 Nov 2001 19:39 r1.64 , yet when I go to the page it is empty and previous revisions are... MattWilkie -
2001-11-23 - 08:54 - 6 - Diffs
DiffsRevertsToOneError: Bug: Diffs Reverts to 1 Error Diffs fails on newly installed system with useRcsDir 1 . System tries to compare versions `` and `1.1`. Test case Install new... DavidKing -
2003-09-02 - 02:42 - 5 - Diffs
EmptyStringIsValidVariable: Bug: Empty string is a valid variable name You can `Set` an empty string, and then use the value: Set EMPTY %% gives: Set EMPTY %% The answer is trivial... CrawfordCurrie -
2004-10-21 - 05:04 - 2 - Diffs
FixedWithSharpFailsInHeading: Bug: Trying to use a fixed text containing a # fails in headers If you create a header (I don`t think it matters what level) containing a # in fixed text, like this... PaulSmith -
2002-01-12 - 07:50 - 2 - Diffs
FormattingBug01: I am using the Twiki Beta date 2001 07 20 CVS updates. I would like to report the following formatting bug: As I understand it, the verbatim tag should prevent... GuidoOstkamp -
2002-02-17 - 08:56 - 2 - Diffs
FullHierarchyPathInTOCAnchors: Bug: Full Hiearchy Paths in Table of Contents Anchors Autogenerated TOC`s cannot distinguish between identically named section nodes in different parts of the document... BrettLevin -
2002-11-10 - 08:52 - 3 - Diffs
GetEmailNotifyListReturnsBadValue: Bug: Function getEmailNotifyList returns bad value The function getEmailNotifyList() can return undef which mailnotify does not know how to deal with. This... TaitCyrus -
2001-12-01 - 02:16 - 2 - Diffs
GetPluginPreferencesFlagDoesNotWorkInMyPlugin: Bug: getPluginPreferencesFlag can not get the correct setting of DEBUG flag in my plugin $debug getPluginPreferencesFlag( `DEBUG` ) can not get the correct setting... MarkusKolb -
2004-10-21 - 07:00 - 6 - Diffs
GetPluginPreferencesValueBroken: TWiki::Func::getPluginPreferencesValue makes an unreasonable assumption, namely that it will always be called from a package named the same as the plugin. It uses... CrawfordCurrie -
2004-10-21 - 07:00 - 3 - Diffs
IncludeDoesNotSendHostHeader: Bug: IncludeDoesNotSendHostHeader In TWiki::Net.pm the host header is not being sent. This breaks when trying to INCLUDE a page where the IP address is insufficient... MartinCleaver -
2002-05-01 - 07:15 - 2 - Diffs
IncludeDoesntWorkWithTwikiDraw: Bug: Include and plugins I have installed TwikiDrawPlugin (which is super cool) and have created some drawings in different topics. When I create a `master document... TWikiGuest -
2002-07-07 - 06:59 - 2 - Diffs
IncludeFailing: Bug: include functionality fails in some cases We`re getting an odd message `HTTP/1.1 404 Object Not Found` when including certain URLs. Test case: Please see... PaulReiber -
2003-07-20 - 02:34 - 3 - Diffs
InfiniteLoopInSearchInPatternSkinToolbars: Bug: Putting a search in a pattern skin toolbar results in an infinite loop Putting a % SEARCH% in the left bar of the pattern skin results in an infinite recursive... JoePorter -
2005-08-29 - 09:40 - 3 - Diffs
LinksDontDifferentiateIdenticalHeadings: Bug: Links Don`t Differentiate Identical Headings Identical strings in % TOC% resolve to first matching header in document. Test case Click the two TWiki Variables... DavidKing -
2003-08-27 - 05:59 - 2 - Diffs
MailHostCatch22: Just installed the July Beta. Aside from none of the rcs or ls/grep/fgrep stuff working per usual on windows, i`ve run into just a wee minor problem which might... DavidLeBlanc -
2001-12-04 - 06:49 - 3 - Diffs
MisleadingWebChanges: When someone renames a page, then all pages that refer to that page will usually be touched, to change the link. Each of these touches appears in WebChanges, making... CrawfordCurrie -
2004-07-20 - 09:11 - 2 - Diffs
MissingRequestUri: Bug: Missing REQUEST URI causes bad link Running TWiki on an ISP (BSDOS) the links on the main webhome page all have the file path int the URL as in: http://www... GaroldJohnson -
2004-02-19 - 17:30 - 3 - Diffs
MonthOutOfRange: Bug: MonthOutOfRange When trying to save an edited page, I receive an error: Month ` 1` out of range 0..11 at ../lib/TWiki.pm line 1023 This doesn`t happen every time... TWikiGuest -
2003-06-01 - 10:05 - 2 - Diffs
ParentsBrokenIfDashesIncluded: Bug: Parent List Broken if Dashes Included in Topic Name (of a parent) If a topic includes a dash, e.g. `How toDocuments`, the parents list doesn`t create a link to... FredMannby -
2002-06-20 - 06:54 - 2 - Diffs
ProxyUsing: Bug: PROXYHOST, PROXYPORT I have defined in TWikiPreferences: Set PROXYHOST www cache.tu chemnitz.de Set PROXYPORT 8080 This doesn`t work. As I see in... GuentherFischer -
2003-07-20 - 02:13 - 2 - Diffs
RenameMainTopicWithAttachments: Bug: User of attachment is `Main.Main.JonReid` after topic move This looks like a bug, but I`m not sure how to create a properly formed bug report. I began to use... JonReid -
2003-09-02 - 03:01 - 3 - Diffs
RenameTaintErrorOnTWikiOrg: Bug: Rename gave taint error on TWiki.org I renamed Support.ErrorWhenEditOddChineseCharacterWikiName to SomeChineseCharactersBreakWikiLinks yesterday and did... RichardDonkin -
2005-01-23 - 08:01 - 2 - Diffs
RenameTopicAllowsSpaces: Bug: RenameTopicAllowsSpaces It is possible to rename a page to a name with spaces without warning. This topic will break most everything afterwards, since the spaces... StefanLindmark -
2002-02-03 - 07:41 - 2 - Diffs
SaveDoesNotSave: Bug: Save Does Not Save On our TWiki at work, periodically (actually quite frequently) when you edit a topic and go through the preview/save cycle, you will find that... ThomasWeigert -
2002-09-01 - 08:00 - 5 - Diffs
SearchDotPmInvokesGrepUnsafely: Bug: from http://bugs.debian.org/cgi bin/bugreport.cgi?bug 152515 For upstream. This may be fixed, but I can`t make any sense of their bugtracking system. If one... SvenDowideit -
2003-09-14 - 23:46 - 3 - Diffs
TOCDoesntHonourScriptSuffix: Bug: TOC Doesnt Honour $scriptSuffix The title says it all Test case Kinda hard to do: need an unpatched TWiki with scriptsuffix set! Environment TWiki version... MartinGregory -
2004-04-10 - 23:17 - 3 - Diffs
TOCDoesntRender: Bug: Enter bug title here See also: IncorrectWhitespaceParsingInTOC A heading such as Title with embeded words in code format renders correctly in the topic... AntonAylward -
2003-08-29 - 05:39 - 3 - Diffs
TocBreaksOnIdenticallyNamedSections: Bug: The TOC links don`t work if two sections have the same name If a topic has many identical sections, then the links made for those sections in the TOC will all... AndrewMoise -
2005-02-02 - 22:48 - 6 - Diffs
VerbatimFailsToEscapeAmp: Bug: and inside verbatim tags are not escaped properly in sub putBackVerbatim in lib/TWiki.pm, this code: $val ~ s// /g; (please view the raw text... OwenNichols -
2004-08-28 - 05:47 - 3 - Diffs
WhyDoLinesComeOutDoubleSpaced: Question I thought this was an RCS problem (RCSProblemsOnWindows), but I am not convinced now. The symptom is that when I put the following: 1 2 3 4 5 MartinCleaver... MartinCleaver -
2001-11-23 - 18:15 - 17 - Diffs
WikiNamesAreNotInternational: Bug: Wiki names do not support non ascii letters Currently with wiki names `letter` is defined to mean a zA Z. While correct for English speaking countries, this fails... PetriWessman -
2002-07-17 - 05:45 - 2 - Diffs
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-- PeterThoeny - 04 Aug 2001

reverted search by EyalHertzog which broke linking to topic name on topics which don't have TopicSummary filled out (most of them). Nice idea though. See rev1.4.

%SEARCH{ "[T]opicClassification.*(td..td|value\=).*[B]ugDuplicate" casesensitive="on" regex="on" nosearch="on" format="| *[[$topic][$formfield(TopicSummary)]]*: $summary | $pattern(.*?\s\-\-\s(Main.[a-zA-Z0-9]*).*) | $wikiusername - $date - $rev - [[%SCRIPTURL%/rdiff%SCRIPTSUFFIX%/$web/$topic][Diffs]] |"}%

-- MattWilkie - 04 Jan 2005

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