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Twiki, Inc.

Twiki, Inc.

TWIKI.NET (now Twiki, Inc.) was founded in April 2007 to act as the primary commercial entity supporting the TWiki project. Both Twiki Inc and the TWiki open source project (TWiki.org) were founded by Peter Thoeny.

Twiki Inc provides reference distributions of the core TWiki engine with key plug-ins and applications, hosted TWiki platforms, and support services. Over time, the company seeks to increase its contributions and support of the open source community to ensure that TWiki retains its status as the number one wiki platform for large scale enterprise deployment.

Twiki Inc has recently announced an expanded vision (in conjunction with expanding the vision of the open source project): our intent is to deliver the world's leading enterprise Web 2.0 collaboration platform based on open source technology.

We believe that TWiki is already the number one enterprise collaboration platform in terms of both technology and installed base. To extend this leadership position, we are developing plans in conjunction with the open source community to ensure that we deliver:

  • the best enterprise infrastructure: security model, data model, database architecture, and APIs to traditional enterprise applications
  • the best enterprise social networking platform, including compatibility with OpenSocial and other leading consumer social networking technologies and APIs
  • the best suite of Web 2.0 applications (in partnership with other commercial and open source entities): blogging, discussion groups, RSS feeds, podcasting, mashups, etc.
  • the best core wiki platform
  • the best seamlessly integrated structured platform for user-developed applications
  • the best user interface and experience for both technical and non-technical user

Twiki Inc is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is in the process of securing venture capital financing.

-- TomBarton - 07 Jul 2008

Personal Statement by Peter Thoeny - 22 Jul 2007

For quite some time I have been thinking how we can grow the popularity of TWiki and how I personally can bring more value to the TWikiCommunity.

In August 2005 I left Wind River and started to write the WikisInTheWorkplaceBook and later started StructuredWikis LLC consulting company. At that time I wanted to switch gears, and largely executed on my personal goals to:

Fast forward, in November 2006 my goal was to get OneThousandDownloadsPerDay by Februray 2007. That is, a three fold increase of downloads within three month. This did not materialize, although we are still at an excellent rate of 10,000+ downloads a month. We did not reach the more aggressive goal because we did not have the resources to move forward with new initiatives suggested at that time:

  1. Create press releases in regular intervals
  2. Write case studies of TWiki getting used at the workplace
  3. Write papers on TWiki and wikis for conferences
  4. Talk in more conferences
  5. Write articles for magazines
  6. Get more well known corporations to write TWikiSuccessStories
  7. Get one/several corporate sponsor(s) to:
    • Channel press releases and case studies through the pricy PR channels
    • Sponsor work, and have it publicized (it is a fact that the press pays more attention to commercial entities than open source projects)
    • Sponsor talks at conferences
  8. Build up relationship with reporters of important magazines, news papers, online news sites
  9. Get more awareness of TWiki in blogosphere:
    • Write blogs that talk about TWiki
    • Get them indexed by blog search engines such as Technorati
    • Write entries on other blogs that (where relevant) mention TWiki
  10. Form a PublicRelationsTeam that coordinates all this

These are all good ideas waiting to be executed on. I believe, the biggest impact is to get help from a corporate sponsor and to get a PublicRelationsTeam established. I have been working towards these goals for some time now, and here is the news:

I have co-founded a new company called TWIKI.NET together with RodBeckstrom. Rod has fallen in love with the capabilities of TWiki and is excited to work with the community on building a fantastic open source product. I respect him greatly and trust and appreciate his reputation for integrity, as well as his success in numerous high tech start-ups including CATS Software which he took public. He is also the co-author of the recent bestseller The Starfish and The Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations, which discusses the miracle of how people organize and collaborate in open, decentralized systems (http://www.beckstrom.com).

Our goal is to create a certified and supported version of TWiki, tailored to business and enterprise needs at organizations of all sizes. Customers will get a supported TWiki version under a standard service agreement. This is similar to the Linux and RedHat model. We secured an initial funding, which has allowed us to hire a talented core team and a network of consultants. I have discontinued my other consulting activities so that I can focus 100% on TWIKI.NET and twiki.org.

It is my sincerest hope to have your support. Members of the TWiki CoreTeam I discussed this 1-on-1 have been highly supportive and we would appreciate yours too. Working together we can make sure that TWiki gains in it's role as the leading wiki deployed in enterprises worldwide. We already have some four million users. Working together we should be able to grow that to ten million, twenty million and beyond. As you all know, I am totally commited to FOSS. Rod and I are committed to building an open source friendly company and to adding value to the community of developers and users. By serving as an active part of the TWikiCommunity we will be able to reach the goal of 1000 downloads per day and beyond, which will strengthen TWiki in the marketplace, and which in turn will bring more resources & support to the community. Our ultimate goal is to see "TWiki everywhere."

I would like to ask the community: How can TWIKI.NET bring most value to the community? Here are some ideas, just for brainstorming:

  • Help provide resources to improve the performance of the twiki.org website
  • Foster more communication and networking within the broader TWiki and open source communities
  • Sponsor enhancements to open source TWiki software:
  • Help on TWiki PR:
    • Help create more TWikiSuccessStories
    • Channel press releases of new open source releases and case studies through pricey PR channels
    • Help create TWiki articles for magazines
    • Sponsor talks at conferences
  • Help organize more TWiki events and subgroups
  • Channel consulting work to TWiki consultants
  • Offer a Certified and Supported TWIKI to customers who want it - this will encourage more companies and traditional IT groups to adopt with TWiki
  • Develop and offer various product extensions over time

We are also curious to hear how you think we can add value to the community while building a successful business.

We envision a rich and flourishing ecosystem of TWiki developers, consultants, users and related businesses. TWiki is an inside secret that the four million of us who use it need to share with the world. We will be taking steps to help make that happen.

I have dedicated the last nine years of my life to building and helping to steer the evolution of our amazing TWiki product and community. I have given it my best and I hope you will give me your support in this crucial new venture.

I would like to state that I do not intend to ask to change anything with the current TWikiRelease04x01Process. We have a solid process, and the TWiki project needs to be owned by the community. Having said that, TWIKI.NET representatives will actively engage as members and contributors to that community.

With this I believe we will have a win-win situation between:

  • TWiki contributors who are employed & TWIKI.NET:
    • Contributor will see a better open source product
  • TWiki contributors who are consultants & TWIKI.NET:
    • Consultant will see a better open source product that helps sell services
    • Consultant will see more referrals
  • TWiki customers who will have more choices
    • Now they will have an option to have standard product packaging and support

I realize that we might not get the support from all contributors, but I sincerely hope we get the support from most.

Now, how shall we roll out the news? Any suggestions in this regard? Rod and I believe that we should first work with the community, and let the community help spread the word. TWIKI.NET is currently in stealth mode. In two weeks we will launch the company at LinuxWorld where we will have a small booth. We will have a press release with some quotes by well known companies. We also sponsor the first TWiki community summit in Rome in mid August.

Please help spread the word with bloggers. If you talk to the press, please ask them not write about this until 07 Aug when we officially announce the company at LinuxWorld.

Sincerely yours,

-- PeterThoeny - 22 Jul 2007

TWIKI.NET Update - 20 Mar 2008

Dear TWikiCommunity:

If you google the news on "twiki" you will see a lot of press coverage today: http://news.google.com/news?um=1&scoring=n&hl=en&q=twiki

Rod Beckstrom accepted a high level position within the US government. He was appointed to run the newly created National Cyber Security Center, which will operate within the Department of Homeland Security. I can't express in words how much I appreciate Rod's engagement with the company and with the community. A true leader.

I am thrilled to announce that we appointed Tom Barton as the new Chairman and interim CEO of TWIKI.NET (press release). He is very much execution focused and has an excellent track record in developing vibrant open source communities. Tom was the Interim CEO of Cygnus Solutions, which was acquired by Red Hat Software in 1999. At Red Hat, he continued as Senior VP of Client Services. More recently, he was CEO at Rackable Systems, the company he made public.

Tom asked me to convey this message to the community:

I am very excited about joining TWIKI.NET and the TWiki community more broadly. We used TWiki extensively at my last company - Rackable Systems - and I saw the difference it made in our efficiency by improving departmental and cross functional collaboration, not just as a tool use by engineers to manage projects. TWiki was used throughout the organization. It virtually replaced our traditional IT managed intranet. For example, our TWiki based intranet contained all HR information, our quality system, manufacturing instructions and other business critical information.

My experience was that the software is extremely reliable. In the 4 years I was with the company, the only time the server failed was due to a hardware fault, so obviously the team has done some excellent coding. It is clearly the best enterprise wiki out there and has the most active and vibrant open source community. I am committed to making TWiki.org a success as much as I am committed to making TWIKI.NET a success. When I was at Cygnus Solutions, we had a very positive relationships with the GNU project, and through our efforts as a commercial company, we were able to fund a substantial portion of the development of core technologies like gcc, gdb, and glibc. I hope to help do the same with TWiki.

I asked Tom to participate in our upcoming release meeting on 31 Mar 2008. He can't participate this coming Monday since he will be out of the office all next week.

With Tom on board we will continue with the mission we stated last year here on this page. I believe TWIKI.NET executed well so far along the commitments:

  • Fund enhancements to open source project via consultants (editors, skins)
  • Organize and sponsor TWikiCommunitySummits (including Larry Wall)
  • Organize and sponsor TWikiMeetUps
  • Secured expensive Sun hardware for twiki.org
  • Fund half a rack of hosting for twiki.org
  • Help publicize TWiki (such as TWiki's position in Gartner's magic quadrant)
  • Initiated TWiki merchandise (T-shirts)
  • Organize TWiki YouTube contest with $2000 prize
  • Refer consulting work to consultants

Please let me know if you have suggestions on how TWIKI.NET can bring more value to the TWiki community in a most effective way. Please provide feedback on this page.

-- PeterThoeny - 20 Mar 2008

TWIKI.NET Update - 07 Jul 2008

I am happy to report that TWIKI.NET is making great progress along a number of fronts:

1- New releases. We have recently released new versions of our products that offer significant improvements in installation, administration, and usability. This applies across the board to our JumpStart product, our Certified TWiki Virtual Appliance (CTVA) platform, and our hosted platforms (shared and enterprise).

2- New entry level product offering. We recently launched our JumpStart product which allows users to get started with TWIKI.NET at a very attractive price point - $95 -- to expand the availability and attractiveness of TWIKI to those who are not yet ready to sign up to an enterprise support contract.

3- New customers -- within the last several months, we have secured some great new customer wins such as General Dynamics, Oracle, NYU, and the Financial Times.

4- Expanded vision for the company and for the open source project. As you can see from the new material on both the .org and the .NET, we have announced a very exciting expanded vision to create the world’s first true enterprise Web 2.0 collaboration platform based on open source technology.

5- Great new team adds – including Sopan Shewale in engineering, an expanded role from Chris Lahti, and the hiring of Arrielle Mali in our sales function.

We are also making great headway in our efforts to secure additional financing for the company -- more on that during our next update!

-- TomBarton - 07 Jul 2008

TWIKI.NET Update - 02 Sep 2008

I wanted to provide a quick update before the developer summit. I know that not everyone was happy with the process, but I must say that I am happy to report that the migration of the TWiki.org server to the newly provided Sun hardware has been completed. Sun Microsystems generously agreed to a press release in support of the open source project [http://www.twiki.net/news_2008-08-28.html], which is a win for the open source project no matter how you look at it. This improved visibility should benefit all members of the community.

At TWIKI.NET we are seeing increased interest in our commercial TWiki offerings. We are in the process of revamping our website to better reflect our product and service offerings.

Because of our heavy workload, as much as Peter might like to, he will be unable to participate in the upcoming developer summit in person. He is a bit over committed in the near term on customer and company commitments and we felt it was impossible to dedicate 1.5 weeks to TWiki dev summit and WikiSym 2008 so he will not be attending either one unfortunately. Don't take this as any lack of enthusiasm on Peter's part, he would really like to be there but he is sacrificing his personal interest in order to make headway with TWIKI.NET.

We are currently working on CTVA based on TWiki 4.2.2 and expect to release it at the end of September.

-- Contributors: PeterThoeny, TomBarton


I invite all of you to join a discussion on #twiki IRC on Mon, 2007-07-22, 20:00 GMT (same time as the #twiki_release meetings.)

-- PeterThoeny - 22 Jul 2007

Why not simply join forces with WikiRing? TWiki won't be what it is without their work. And why .NET? That's a real terrible joice cause of its similarity to MS 'products'.

-- FranzJosefGigler - 23 Jul 2007

What I'd like to see is some kind of an TWikiUsabilityProcess to ensure that we really meet and not just talk about the KISS part form the TWikiMission.

-- CarloSchulz - 23 Jul 2007

Franz: Agreed, TWiki won't be what it is without the support of Crawford, Michael, Sven, Lynnwood and Will. We are already engaging some WikiRing members as consultants through their individual consulting companies. WikiRing is a brand, not a funded company.

On name, although there might be an association, FOOBAR.NET is not .NET. One investor gave us the strong feedback to use the TWiki brand in the name because of the name recognition. I agree.

Carlo: TWiki usability process, absolutley! Anyone in the community can take the initiative. TWiki will be a killer app if we solve some usability issues, such as editor, user homepage navigation, etc.

-- PeterThoeny - 23 Jul 2007

-- PeterThoeny - 23 Jul 2007

Peter, thanks for posting the #twiki IRC logs here. Please continue to do so. After reading this page, I immediately feared a future with multiple commercial twiki distributions (one from TWikiDotNet and another from WikiRing and another from YXZ Twiki Corp). Each supporting a competing distro. Our community is not yet large enough to support this type of fracture.

Still, if done correctly, I think we would all welcome any TWikiDotNet help in bringing twiki up & out of the current eier-legende-wollmilchsau-ness

As I read through the above IRC logs, these are the comments that resonate with me :

  • ALERT! [13:34] ktwilight: IMHO there isn't a need to have a new organisation or new company, we just need a new movement to solve those things that most have raised
  • ALERT! [13:36] ktwilight: what i'm afraid is, by having a .net company, it'll deviate from the current issues. sprouting out the attitude of "you gotta pay to get it right"
  • DONE [13:51] Rod: I dream of growing the TWiki community from 4 million users to 8 million to 16, 32 to 100 million over 7 years
  • DONE [14:12] PeterThoeny: i have seen how wind river transformed as a company from e-mail centric communication to wiki centric communication
  • DONE [14:13] PeterThoeny: my mission is to repeat that, in all types of organizations, all over the world!

So the big question is, how will this play out ? At the moment, we're all still "fuzzy on the purpose" and even "fuzzier on the process". I only beg that you do this correctly and for the benefit of everyone and do not allow TWikiDotNet to become a source of friction.

-- KeithHelfrich - 24 Jul 2007

First of all congratulations to TWIKI.NET for founding the company!!!

But let me get to my point quickly. I am afraid that, from a marketing perspective, TWIKI.NET will be much more of a spider than a starfish, referring to Rod's terminology.

Just imagine, TWIKI.NET failed. Then this will do a lot of harm to anybody's business based on TWiki (like mine), even if it is not related to TWIKI.NET directly. And for now, TWIKI.NET has to prove that it has the capability not to fail, and take off, not only for the benefit of TWIKI.NET itself but for the benefit of TWiki.org and thus for all. I very much hope that TWIKI.NET will be a big success. This, however, means that it either needs a massive community backup, i.e. by hiring marketing, sales, coders, designers and usability people under one roof, that is paying them. If it was not money why not do the same teamup without a company using TWiki.org or WikiRing and just get that project managed correctly.

It is TWiki. org, not TWIKI.NET, that desperately needs a overhaul. And actually I am not expecting TWIKI.NET to hire members currently active in the community. Most of us do have a job already. What I personally would expect from TWiki - and I'd prefer this to happen on .org, not .net, is: relaunch of TWiki.org to better sell its product. Have a look at the competitors please, e.g. http://mindtouch.com. Sorry for not providing other/better examples, just visited them this morning, so... They really do good on their site. Note, that I am not talking about technology. They do press a lot of my buttons and not only mine.

It is TWiki. org, that needs decent marketing and public relation and arrive in the era of modern web business. Maybe TWiki. net can bring in the needed force, as people who can do so are not much in open source. As such, I see TWIKI.NET's value in being more of a public relation frontier to TWiki.org than anything else.

-- MichaelDaum - 25 Jul 2007

Call me ignorant but personally I appreciate work actually done at .org (like e.g. that on MsWordToTWikiMLAddOn) more than any words said about any .net initiative. Hope my natural pessimism about 'commercialization' won't hold.

-- FranzJosefGigler - 25 Jul 2007

Just for the record, ktwilight is me. smile

I agree with Michael there. We can have fantastic figures and forecasts. But in the end, it's just a forecast. Rather than look at what there is tomorrow, we should look at what is now. Tomorrow will come naturally due to our work now. Simple as that.

Looking at competitors is the best way to grow. Hence the common phrase of "healthy competition".

If there'll be fresh blood coming in to take care of various areas to drive TWiki forward, then great! But I seriously do not see any need of a .NET. I see the need of action with productive and constructive discussions.

-- KwangErnLiew - 27 Jul 2007

As a wiki consultant, I perceive TWIKI.NET as a positive. I get a lot of my business from TWiki users, and growth for TWIKI.NET means more penetration of TWiki, ultimately leading to more business for me. I don't think advertising is the only thing they have to do, though. TWiki is rapidly losing ground in the marketplace because of its perceived complexity and user unfriendliness when compared against solutions like Confluence. TWIKI.NET has the opportunity to put a polish on the face of TWiki, and reduce this perceived complexity to restore its competitive position.

As the grunt who does most of the coding in the TWiki core, I welcome any help I can get in maintaining the code. Remember, I don't get paid for 95% of the work I do on core TWiki, any more than you do. There is far too much for one person to do, and I am rather fed up with swimming like a frog in treacle. So any commercial enterprise gets my vote from this angle too. It's up to the community to make sure that enterprise doesn't unfairly monopolise the codebase.

On TWiki.org. Three or four years ago I recall several discussions in which TWiki.org was described as the "worst possible advert for TWiki". Since then there has been a lot of talk, a few false starts, but really we are no better off. TWiki.org has been screaming for an overhaul for all that time. If it requires a commercial sponsor to make an overhaul happen, I think that is far better than for it to not happen at all. But I also think it is critical that the community (if you are reading this I include you in that term) exercises control. If you don't, then TWiki.org will simply become an advertising site for TWIKI.NET - and who could blame them.

The remarks above are all very well, but until people actually put their contributions where their mouths are, it's all just hot air. I don't see any of the above comments as actually kick-starting that overhaul process. Come on, people, I'm challenging you.....

-- CrawfordCurrie - 28 Jul 2007

So are there plans by TWIKI.NET to sponsor an overhaul of TWiki.org? If so I'd welcome it heartfully.

True, there have been numerous petitions and hints, that TWiki.org needs an overhaul. This all vaporized and did not result into actions because people did not agree that this is needed.

-- MichaelDaum - 28 Jul 2007

Keith: Multiple commercial TWiki distributions would stretch the TWiki community, I think we should try to avoid it. TWIKI.NET intends to create one certified version and partner with companies and consultants to jointly market and sell subscriptions to organizations who opt to pay for TWiki. A win-win for all.

On still fuzzy on the purpose" and even "fuzzier on the process": I invite you to participate in our community event where we can jointly work on the best solution for all.

Michael: On "spider vs. starfish", I think TWIKI.NET will be a hybrid (the book talks about eBay being a hybrid company.) Internally, TWIKI.NET will lean more towards spider, externally more like a starfish. First, we are building up TWIKI.NET as an open source friendly networking company (see theme of logo.) Our intent is to build up a business relationship with many partners and consultants. Second, we are already engaging with consultants to improve the open source TWiki (skin, editor, more to come).

On TWIKI.NET success or failure, failure is not an option smile The likelihood of success is high: We are assembling an amazing team and we are building up good relationships with community members, investors, PR folks and clients. The most important question I have is: How can we all pull together to make TWiki an even better TWiki for businesses and organizations? That is ultimately the test for success. There are open source communities/companies that work quite well. Just look at MySQL, Ubuntu/Canonical, Fedora/Red Hat, etc.

Michael/Crawford: On TWiki.org overhaul, I agree that more needs to be done, but I see the glass half full. The Documentation Focus Group made great progress last year: Improve the TWiki web (three categories of documents), Plugins web (made it easier to find extensions), and Support web (better support flow.) Due to missing resources we have not followed through in restructuring the homepage and creating content tailored to the needs of new visitors (CTOs/VPs, managers, geeks, press). Do you think we can find volunteers to do this, or should TWIKI.NET perhaps help? TWIKI.NET does not have resources free to allocate to this right now, but if the community would like to get help here, TWIKI.NET will see what can be done in the future. Perhaps a joint company/community effort would be best? A low hanging fruit approach is to resurrect the DocumentationFocusGroup and to create content in the TWiki web tailored to new visitors, devided up by personas.

Kwang: I understand the "show me" sentiment. TWIKI.NET is already making investments to improve TWiki. For example, a new slick skin in under development, and everyone who has seen it seems to like it. After full testing and cleaning and deployment with some customers, TWIKI.NET intends to post the skin on the TWiki.org website in the near future.

TWIKI.NET is also making investments in marketing and PR to promote the TWiki brand as well as TWIKI.NET. Many members of the community have been asking for more PR activity around TWiki for years. This should be a boost for the community. A boost that is needed to bring TWiki to the next level of popularity!

Franz: TWIKI.NET is just beginning, stay tuned. I invite you to participate in the community summit in Rome (not too far from Austria!) where you can participate in the twiki.org strategy and roadmap discussions.

-- PeterThoeny - 28 Jul 2007

We can make twiki.org the most cool and beautiful and easily navigated web site on the whole world wide web but that will not solve the real problem for TWiki which has already been mentioned above several times.

TWiki needs to become a better program for the end user. It needs to be more user friendly when it comes to EDITING so not inly nerds and geeks can use it. Fail on that and TWiki will die because other Wikis are working on Wysiwyg and are already further than we are.

Twiki.org is slow. Painfully slow. Why? That is TWiki's 2nd problem. Performance. In a small department it is fine. It meets the expectations for performance. But a TWiki growing in number of topics and users over many years will come to a halt. TWiki needs scalability. And that requires basic changes in the way topics are stored. No cache or other patches can fix this.

And finally - TWiki needs to be easier to install so people do not give up in advance.

All this requires many staff years of designing, coding and testing. I see TWIKI.NET as a possibility to inject resources into TWiki as a product. For anyone that wants to make a living from working with things related to TWiki - inside or outside of TWIKI.NET - the success of TWiki is essential.

And to the users and volunteer contributors what we get is a better TWiki. And that cannot be bad.

But for the community to stay in control it is important that the community participates in the release process. This most of all means showing up at the release meetings and give your vote. The release process has been designed exactly to enable community control hand in hand with commercial interests. I know it is summer now and that means low participation from everyone incl myself and it has been like this every year. So when the vacation time is over - take part in the release process. It takes a few hours per 14 days to be part of the important decisions.

-- KennethLavrsen - 29 Jul 2007

I had a brainstorm just now thanks to a conversation earlier in the TWikiIRC#Logs. Peter, you asked for hairbrained ideas .. or at least: you should have smile So what does everyone think about HackAndSlashTWikiDotOrg ?

-- KeithHelfrich - 01 Aug 2007

See CommunityBuildingExampleTypo3 for more information about the Typo3 community and the way they are organizing thier community (the idea for this topic started on #twiki IRC on Mon, 2007-07-22, 20:00 GMT - see the attachment for more info).

-- CarloSchulz - 02 Aug 2007

Have just visited http://twiki.net the first time. Spooky. How did they implement those sexy features: Automated Installation, Automated Software Updates, LDAP Integration and Certified Plugins? wink Good luck (have you seen the prices)!

-- FranzJosefGigler - 07 Aug 2007

To me this is how twiki.org should be represented. Clean and polished. If I were an evaluater - and had a look at both homepages - I wouldn't think twice and pick http://twiki.net. Compared to TWiki.Net twiki.org looks like a Trabant (a car from the former (east) german democratic rebublic mostly made of plastic) while Twiki.Net is a brand new mercedes benz... Good work guys!

"TWIKI.NET will provide premium support to a tested, reliable and secure version of TWiki. ... organizations of all sizes can feel safe, supported and secure while also accessing the innovation and flexibility of the TWiki solution"

... does that mean a TWiki from twiki.org isn't safe and secure? Not a good ad for twiki.org.

"... TWiki.org will simply become an advertising site for TWIKI.NET - and who could blame them"

This was what i felt while checking out TWiki.Net. Nearly all quotes on Twiki.Net are quotes from twiki.org. Another thing that made me anxious is the existence of the support web on twiki.net. The whole thing looks like it has the potential to draw a lot attention away from twiki.org.

My inital reaction regarding Twiki.Net was quiet positive but it's not that poisitive any more... I hope this is without any reason.

I think what Crafword said is true, this is a challenge for twiki.org. We can't just count on Twiki.Net to do the work for twiki.org

-- CarloSchulz - 08 Aug 2007

Isn't the web site of TWIKI.NET an amazing example of what can be done based on TWiki software? We read here that TWiki.org was described as the "worst possible advert for TWiki" and _"... TWiki.org will simply become an advertising site for TWIKI.NET". But what I see at the moment is that, quite on the contrary, it is TWIKI.NET which is an advertising site for TWiki!

Not only will, in my vision, both teams work together, but also both web sites, by demonstrating the enormous bandwidth of TWiki software. You say twiki.org is a mess? Well, compare it to any documentation system after you've allowed hundreds of totally uncoordinated authors from all over the world, many of them developers (read: nerds), to contribute whatever just is running through their minds. I know documentation systems with far more formalisms which have become far more useless over time, simply because they lack the wealth of features for structuring "a posteriori".

I guess that many possible TWiki customers will regard themselves to be much more similar to the owners of TWIKI.NET, than to the owners of twiki.org (whoever that is). Isn't it fine to demonstrate that TWiki can be run their way, too?

TWIKI.NET and twiki.org can be independent arms of the starfish, but only if TWIKI.NET manages to get "arm strength". Let's hope it does. It will still be very far from having a chance to monopolize TWiki. If only because my office time may be 9 to 5, but definitely not "Pacific Time".

-- HaraldJoerg - 08 Aug 2007

Is the Certified TWiki EULA compatible with the GPL? Which plugins are certified, which are not? There's no info what I get for my money. What LDAP integration do they have? Is it the one I wrote? I registered at support.twiki.net to download the royalty-free certified twiki distro but did not receive it. I received the typical registration confirmation but with my password in plain text, probably cc'ed to their twiki admin.

-- MichaelDaum - 08 Aug 2007

Well Harald, now my concern is, after reading TWiki.net's EULA and support agreement is that any amendments/changes/modifications of twiki or plugin codes have done by TWiki.net possible stronghold will not be contributed back to twiki.org's community; i.e. no obligation to do so. So what then?

I don't mind if both twiki.net and .org work closely together and be great partners. But the way I see it now is, lots have been done with little communication or concern to the community at large.

-- KwangErnLiew - 08 Aug 2007

We just finished day two at LinuxWorld, and it is a blast. Congratulation TWikiCommunity, so many people we talk too say that they use and love the open source TWiki product! You did it! Even the competition came to us and said, "we were wondering when this was going to happen. Congratulations!"

Thank you Michael for bringing up the question on licensing. TWIKI.NET is contributing back to the open source community as you have seen already with the NatEditContrib. We plan to release the new skin, and will fund more projects as well. On the EULA question, TWIKI.NET is shipping its own distribution, the "Certified TWiki". It is 98% open source and contains a very small part that is proprietary, such as InstallAnywhere based installer. The EULA covers licenses of all products that ship with the distribution, such as TWiki, Apache, Perl, CentOS and other. The TWiki GPL code is referenced in the license page, http://www.twiki.net/licenses.html. TWIKI.NET follows the model of other open source stack vendors, such as SpikeSource.

TWIKI.NET does not fork the code, it is simply a new distribution of TWiki, such as the Debian one or TWikiForWindowsPersonal.

On download, TWIKI.NET is doing currently a limited beta of the Certified TWiki distributions. People filling out the download form will be informed when GA is available. Any active TWikiCommunity member can get a copy ahead of time, please send an e-mail to support@twikiPLEASENOSPAM.net.

-- PeterThoeny - 09 Aug 2007

What is a wiki? What is TWiki? Updating TWiki from iPhone. Interview at LinuxWorld conference with Peter Thoeny by People-OntheGo:

-- PeterThoeny - 13 Aug 2007

See #StatusUpdate2008x03x20

-- PeterThoeny - 20 Mar 2008

Welcome to the TWikiCommunity, Tom Barton. Looking forward to meet you.

-- MichaelDaum - 21 Mar 2008

Great news! Cygnus Solutions contributed enormously to GCC and hence to the whole open source movement (GCC is most likely used by every project listed under OpenSource) - so it's great to see some experience here on how to build a company that's based on and contributes to OpenSource projects.

-- RichardDonkin - 24 Mar 2008

This sounds like a step in the right direction. I too welcome Tom and look forward to hearing his views on the way in which CommerceAndCommunity can work together synergistically.

-- MichaelCorbett - 24 Mar 2008

Welcome, Tom! I look forward to the new energy I am sure you will bring to the TWiki development community. I hope we will get a chance to meet soon. And congratulations, Rod, on your new role!

-- CrawfordCurrie - 26 Mar 2008

Welcome Tom!

-- MartinSeibert - 26 Mar 2008

See new #CompanyIntroduction and #StatusUpdate2008x07x07 by TomBarton

-- PeterThoeny - 20 Mar 2008

Tom: Do I get it right, that Peter will not be present and that not he himself but you announced that? Which workload is more important than TWikiCommunitySummitBerlin2008Q3 especially for a company, that is completely tied to TWiki?

-- MartinSeibert - 02 Sep 2008

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