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There are currently some isses with Perl 5.8. Please post workarounds and fixes here.

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Number of topics: 92

-- PeterThoeny - 02 Feb 2003

Support Topics matching "Perl 5.8" - many issues may not be related to Perl 5.8, but this may help identify clusters of issues:
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Attachment upload problems on Cygwin 5.8.0

See AttachmentFails for a problem with CygWin Perl 5.8.0 on Windows, solved by upgrading the CGI.pm module to 2.90 or higher. I've updated WindowsInstallCookbook to recommend that Perl 5.8 is avoided for now, since this involves an extra step in an installation process that is already quite complex. This problem will occur with CGI.pm versions 2.81 to 2.89 inclusive, on Cygwin at least. Version 2.81 works fine on Linux in my experience.

I've also updated testenv in TWikiAlphaRelease to recommend this CGI.pm upgrade on Cygwin Perl 5.8.0 - downloadable from CVSget:bin/testenv and can be used with any TWiki release.

  • NOTE: If anyone is still running Perl 5.8.0 on Cygwin, just upgrade it using Cygwin Setup - the current CGI.pm version including in Cygwin Perl 5.8.5 doesn't have this problem.

-- RichardDonkin - 30 Apr 2003

Using Windows authentication for TWiki

This is not a standard feature of TWiki, and requires some setup, but it is very useful - GettingWindowsLoginPassedToTwiki indicates that this works OK with Cygwin Perl 5.6.1 but not with 5.8.0.

-- RichardDonkin - 06 May 2003

Making Perl 5.8 officially supported

There are now quite a lot of TWiki sites running OK on Perl 5.8, including a test TWiki that I used quite a lot for InternationalisationUTF8 - the problems seemed to have come from the default Unicode setup on Red Hat 8.0 (now superseded), an old version of CGI.pm on Windows (now also superseded) and Windows authentication. Since the latter is not a standard feature of TWiki, I proposed that we declare Perl 5.8 is supported.

Topics to update include TWikiSystemRequirements, WindowsInstallCookbook and others.

This will avoid putting people off - Perl 5.8 was released in 2002 so TWiki looks out of date if we recommend not using it.

-- RichardDonkin - 14 Oct 2004

Agreed. I've been running it for over a year now, and not uncovered any new issues.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 14 Oct 2004

Funny, just before Richard put up his comment, I'd had a converation on #perl. I was wanting to do a Unicode translation using the CPAN:Encode module when available. As you can see, they were somewhat scornful of the idea of using 5.6.1 and even when I did figure out the require if idiom I was caught out by a hex literal that is not available in 5.6.1.

(18:52:51) MartinCleaver: i.e. use Encode only if we are running 5.7.3 
 (18:53:01) Roderick: There's not much point in doing a "use" conditionally.  Do you really want the things imported?  Normally you'd:  require Module if $] > 5.6.1;
 (18:53:03) integral: MartinCleaver: you still run 5.7?!
 (18:53:23) MartinCleaver: no. I've got a 5.6.1 on my hosting provider
 (18:53:42) dookers: MartinCleaver: ouch :(
 (18:53:43) MartinCleaver: and Unicode stuff doesn't work under 5.6.1.
 (18:53:47) MartinCleaver: y. I know
 (18:53:55) dookers: MartinCleaver: install it in you rhome dir.
 (18:57:09) MartinCleaver: fair point.
 (18:57:31) MartinCleaver: but as I write stuff for others, and we work to a Lowest common denominator...
 (18:57:55) integral: raise it
 (18:58:20) integral: 5.6.1 is over three-years old
 (19:02:12) MartinCleaver: ok, so require Encode if ($^V > 5.6.1);
 (19:02:15) MartinCleaver: ?
 (19:04:57) MartinCleaver: pfff
 (19:05:00) MartinCleaver: Invalid [] range "}-\x" before HERE mark in regex m/[^\x{00}-\x << HERE {7f}]/
 (19:05:19) integral: you can put curlies after a \x?
 (19:05:37) MartinCleaver: I cut and paste the code from http://xrl.us/dggx
 (19:05:44) MartinCleaver: is it wrong?
 (19:06:01) integral: so?  that doesn't mean they actually tested it.
 (19:06:10) MartinCleaver: it worked on 5.8
 (19:06:12) tag: omg I have a headache
 (19:06:35) integral: MartinCleaver: there you go, they changed it :-)  That's why they change minor version numbers...
 (19:06:54) dookers left the room (quit: "omgwtftty :(").
 (19:07:53) MartinCleaver: sure, so how do I protect against loading? stick the sub in a string and eval?
 (19:08:26) integral: tag: I'd say 5.5 was better, even though 5.6 is smaller than 5.8, 5.5 is smaller still
 (19:08:54) tag: integral: but 5.6 was generally faster than 5.8
 (19:09:21) tag: shouldn't one be using 5.6.2 now?
 (19:10:04) ***MartinCleaver comments out the offending hex range
 (19:12:48) integral: tag: probably.  5.6 fixes a lot of nastiness. and 5.8 introduces a lot with unicode

However... is GettingWindowsLoginPassedToTwiki now working on 5.8?

-- MartinCleaver - 14 Oct 2004

Not sure about GettingWindowsLoginPassedToTwiki but it shouldn't stand in way of supporting 5.8 - we can always recommend 5.6.x for that case only.

5.8 is also a better default platform for I18N - no need to install the Unicode::MapUTF8 just to get EncodeURLsWithUTF8 working, and of course it has somewhat usable UTF-8 support (although it's quite hairy getting it to work and there's a 2-3 times performance hit, as I found earlier this year.)

-- RichardDonkin - 14 Oct 2004

TWiki.WindowsInstallCookbook now updated to recommend Perl 5.8, since 5.6 is not easily found on Cygwin mirrors, as someone had already mentioned there.

-- RichardDonkin - 10 Dec 2004

I had a strange hang on FormattedSearch. It is Win32 with ActivePerl See TimeLocalHangsOnPerl5dot8dot6.

-- KaoruMaeda - 23 Jun 2005

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