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Known Issues of TWiki 4.0.x Production Releases

These are known issues of TWiki-4.0.0, TWiki-4.0.1, TWiki-4.0.2, TWiki-4.0.3, TWiki-4.0.4, and TWiki-4.0.5 code named DakarRelease.

The latest TWiki release is available at DownloadTWiki.

Security Alerts

Release TWiki-4.0.5

Major issues

Fixed in Description

Minor issues

Fixed in Description

Release TWiki-4.0.4


Major issues

Fixed in Description
Hotfix 4.0.4-4 Bugs:Item2859 - Attachments are being named the full path name instead of the filename only when uploading from Internet Explorer (introduced by Hotfix 3)
Hotfix 4.0.4-3 Bugs:Item2806 - SecurityAlert-CVE-2006-4294 - viewfile doesn't follow rules for mapping attachment names
Hotfix 4.0.4-3 Bugs:Item2714 TWiki-4.0.0 added the ability to add settings in "More topic actions > Edit Settings" including ALLOWTOPICVIEW and ALLOWTOPICCHANGE settings. It has recently been discovered that a simple formatted search can reveal the entire content of a topic protected by ALLOWTOPICVIEW in "Edit Settings". If a topic is protected against viewing in the good old way by having Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW in the topic text itself, the formatted search feature cannot reveal the content of the protected topic unless you have access to reading the topic alreadyl. It is OK to hide the setting inside HTML comments. This issue is now resolved in Hotfix 3
TWiki Access Control Bugs:Item2631 - The TWikiAccessControl document describes Apache rewrite rules for securing attachments which are easy to bypass. An update document with better rewrite rules are now available on TWikiAccessControl
Hotfix 4.0.4-3 Bugs:Item2631 - Reset Password does not work when $TWiki::cfg{MapUserToWikiName} = 0.
Hotfix 4.0.4-2 Bugs:Item2594 - Hierarchical webs and WEBLIST can make things excruciatingly slow
Hotfix 4.0.4-2 Bugs:Item2669 - Configure robustness update
Hotfix 4.0.4-1 Bugs:Item2595 - Emails are not stored in user topic when TWiki setup in a corporate environment

Minor issues

Fixed in Description
TWiki-4.0.5 Bugs:Item2980 - TWiki::Func::checkAccessPermission issue with '' vs. undef
TWiki-4.0.5 Bugs:Item2928 - Mailto links in brackets contain visible when text is upper case
TWiki-4.0.5 Bugs:Item2884 - EditTablePlugin does not honour ALLOWTOPICCHANGE after upgrading to 4.0.4-3
Hotfix 4.0.4-4 Bugs:Item2721 - Newly created topics have wrong version number when using RcsLite
Hotfix 4.0.4-4 Bugs:Item2856 - Make "TWikiForms defined in another web clickable in "changeform"
Hotfix 4.0.4-4 Bugs:Item2746 - Disable tag parameter issue in preview
Hotfix 4.0.4-4 Bugs:Item2859 - Attachments are being named the full path name instead of the filename only
Hotfix 4.0.4-4 Bugs:Item2625 - %SEARCH% does not work when non-wikiword used in topic="" parameter
Hotfix 4.0.4-3 Bugs:Item2829 - EditTablePlugin select drops selected item if cell has whitespace
Hotfix 4.0.4-3 Bugs:Item2823 - SMTP recipient name format issue
Hotfix 4.0.4-3 Bugs:Item2780 - Rename to non wikiword name gives empty message
Hotfix 4.0.4-3 Bugs:Item2684 - EditTablePlugin Don't complain on lock taken if taken by one self
Hotfix 4.0.4-2 Bugs:Item2607 - Crash TWiki with IF variable.
Hotfix 4.0.4-2 Bugs:Item2619 - TOC Link URI References are not Relative
Hotfix 4.0.4-2 Bugs:Item2322 - Incomplete fix for Comment box should have ability to be disabled by skin template
Hotfix 4.0.4-2 Bugs:Item2666 - Javascript errors caused by twiki.js
Hotfix 4.0.4-1 Bugs:Item2595 - Emails are not stored in user topic when TWiki setup in a corporate environment
Hotfix 4.0.4-1 Bugs:Item2609 - Func.pm API function wikiToEmail has a coding error. This is currently only important if you need to use an updated version of actionnotify in ActionTrackerPlugin
Hotfix 4.0.4-1 Bugs:Item2602 - AfterEditHandler only called by preview, not save. This fixes a problem for some plugins.
Hotfix 4.0.4-1 Bugs:Item2573 - %META{"formfield" name="formfieldname"}% broken (returns nothing)
Hotfix 4.0.4-1 Bugs:Item2518 - INCLUDE from external url with filename breaks relative links of included content

Release TWiki-4.0.3

Major issues

Fixed in Description

Minor Issues

Fixed in Description
TWiki-4.0.4 Cosmetic Issue: Twisty links (such as "Show attachments" link) are shown underlined which does not match the rest of the PatternSkin graphical design. Updated PatternSkin's CSS file style.css is available for download. Replaces old file in directory /pub/TWiki/PatternSkin/
TWiki-4.0.4 Distributed LocalSite.cfg.txt file uses incorrect variable syntax. This file is normally never used for anything. When you run configure the first time a LocalSite.cfg will be created. For those that cannot run configure, you can download a corrected file from the bug report Bugs:Item2558. Do not mistake this file from the bin/LocalLib.cfg.txt which you copy to bin/LocalLib.cfg and edit as part of the installation. This file is OK.
TWiki-4.0.4 Fix potential script error when attachment twisty is removed. Bugs:Item2568

Release TWiki-4.0.2

Major issues

Fixed in Description
TWiki-4.0.3 E-mail address in form field is not turned into mailto link. Reported and fixed in Bugs:Item2010, SVN 9648. Fix available for download from the 4.0.2 e-mail patch Topic . Issue is resolved in TWiki-4.0.3
TWiki-4.0.3 E-mail addresses are not properly padded. Reported and fixed in Bugs:Item2009, SVN 9649. Fix available for download from the 4.0.2 e-mail patch Topic. Issue is resolved in TWiki-4.0.3
TWiki-4.0.3 When TWiki is used with BlackListPlugin adding attachment clears topic content. See Support/LatestBlackListPluginCausesFileAttachmentToErasePageContent which has a fix. Problem is solved in TWiki-4.0.3

Release TWiki-4.0.1

Major issues

Fixed in Description
TWiki-4.0.2 Label form field content destroyed in edit-save cycle. Fixed in SVN 8770, Bugs:Item1619
TWiki-4.0.2 E-mail notification (WebNotify) not working. Reported and fixed in Bugs:Item1654, SVN8808
TWiki-4.0.2 Configure script corrupts NameFilter (Unmatched Bracket in Regex). Reported and fixed in Bugs:Item1610, SVN 9162
TWiki-4.0.2 In PatternSkin, verbatim text and large images makes everything wider than the screen. Reported in Bugs:Item1634 and resolved with Bugs:Item1672, SVN 9055
TWiki-4.0.2 TWikiJavascripts prototype.js causes crash on Internet Explorer. Reported and fixed in Bugs:Item1649, SVN 8866
TWiki-4.0.2 Move/rename attachments not possible, FILENAME AND FILEPATH not showing the file name with non-alpha characters. Reported and fixed in Bugs:Item1724, SVN 9093
TWiki-4.0.2 Simultaneous edit feature is not at all reliable. Reported and fixed in Bugs:Item1897 and Bugs:Item1921, SVN 9417.
TWiki-4.0.2 "History" (rdiff) and WebChanges (changes) bypasses access restrictions. Reported and fixed in Bugs:Item1925, SVN 9420.
TWiki-4.0.2 preview and rename bypasses access restrictions. Reported and fixed in Bugs:Item1925 and Bugs:Item1935, SVN 9451.

Minor Issues

Fixed in Description
TWiki-4.0.2 "Create new topic" does not work ("WebTopicEditTemplate topic does not exist") Bugs:Item1654, SVN 8901
TWiki-4.0.2 WebTopicCreator disallows non-alphabetic characters in topic names, Bugs:Item1595, SVN 8996
TWiki-4.0.2 Select/Deselect in "delete topic" does not work Bugs:Item1598, SVN 8743
TWiki-4.0.2 Windows Explorer 5.5 loads the print stylesheet on view pages. SVN 8799
TWiki-4.0.2 INCLUDE of a topic of a specific revision is not backwards compatible. Reported and fixed in Bugs:Item1583, SVN 8741

Release TWiki-4.0.0

Major issues

Fixed in Description
TWiki-4.0.1 Slow performance. Fix available in PerformanceIssueOfTWiki04x00x00
TWiki-4.0.1 Topic parents are removed in edit-save cycle. Fixed in SVN 8700, Bugs:Item1590
TWiki-4.0.1 TWiki:Plugins.CommentPlugin filename clashes (Windows only) Fixed in SVN 8787, Bugs:Item1573

Bug reports

Please visit Bugs:WebHome to review and report bugs

-- Contributors: PeterThoeny - 30 Jan 2006


EricHanson asked for this topic to be updated for release 4.0.5.

It is updated. The number of fixes on DownloadTWiki is since 4.0.4!

I had counted the number of minor fixes as 23. There are only 21 because the same issues have been fixed twice in two cases.

-- KennethLavrsen - 01 Dec 2006

I untarred TWiki-4.0.5.tgz and horror of horrors, it had no single root in its directory. Its the first tarball to do this to me in years, and I think its bad form. Better to give instructions on copying the distribution to the right place, than to risk dumping the distro into a directory not meant for it.

-- AndrewKirkpatrick - 02 Jan 2007

Tracked in Bugs:Item3379

-- CrawfordCurrie - 03 Jan 2007

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